Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Back-dated) My loots from AX... Thx my Baby

Being a card-member of Isetan, Baby received a mailer from Isetan regarding about their Private Sales... Both of us love shopping... Baby picked me up from work.. and we make our way there....

There was this massive bazaar sales from Armani Exchange (AX) going on in Isetan till the 18/Mar... sales up to 70% + additional 3% for Isetan credit-card holders... Baby got himself 2 working shirts @ SGD40 each + 1 pair of working pants @ SGD50.

Baby got me 2 items from AX too.. Muacks Baby... 1 pair of demin stretch jeans & 1 pair of deep purple semi-demin pants... both @ SGD50 each... Fruitful buys indeed...
Love shopping with Baby... Muacks, love you baby hubby

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