[product review] KUNDAL HONEY & MACADAMIA

Korea's No. 1 beauty brand, KUNDAL shower/hair products are now available in Singapore, and I am honored to try out their full series of shampoo, treatment, body wash and hair serum which includes a special gift from them - Bath Bombs!

KUNDAL offers natural hair/bodycare products that have the perfect blend of plant extracts. Their products are comfortably referred to as green products due to their biodegradable and non-toxic components.

What I love about the KUNDAL HONEY & MACADAMIA range is that they use honey and macadamia extracts as their main ingredients. They are also infused with a specific scent - such as Pink Grapefruit, White Musk or Cherry Blossom, or the most popular floral scent, Baby Powder. The scent still lingering in the bathroom for hours and it smells pleasant as well as not being over-powering. I love how my hair feels smooth after using each of the products.

I tried the White Musk shampoo and Cherry Blossom treatment, and I was so impressed by the products. They lathered quickly and provided a silky soft effect, which lasted till the next day. The scent was long lasting as well, as it lingered on for hours! 

The treatment is so gentle that I can use it as part of my hair-care regime daily as it replaces the role of hair conditioner. 

I ended my hair-care regime with the use of hair serum. It removes the fizziness from my hair as well as making my hair look healthier, especially on the hair ends!

After using the 3 main hair products (shampoo, treatment and serum), my hair condition improved significantly! My hair is smoother, and my scalp feels less greasy than before. 

I love using the Pink Grapefruit body wash too as the citrus scent refreshed my senses! 

KUNDAL HONEY & MACADAMIA range is a green product recommended for everyone for everyday use. It offers abilities that are essential to maintain shiny long hair which can be referred to as a lifesaver as it rejuvenates dilapidating hair types.  

As everybody knows that travelling is impossible for this year, so I am forward to a weekend staycation, so i can use the bath bomb! Do stay tuned, as I will share more on my bath bomb experience once I get the chance to use it for my beauty shower! 

I am impressed by the results which I obtained from the KUNDAL products. This explains very well why they are so popular in Korea. Lastly, thanks for sending the products over!


If I vcan be a honest i dont know this brand.

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