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Refa Carat by MTG

ReFa CARAT is a popular beauty tool in Japan, where it is ranked top in '' and received an award for 'Best Cosmetic Beauty Equipment'. It has also featured as one of the official gifts for the Grammy Awards in 2011. Daily treatment with roller on the surface of the skin will improve skin texture and make the appearance look suppler and firmer. In Japan, it is widely used on the face and neck for lymphatic drainage and also used on the body for eliminating cellulite and tightening the skin.

I was invited to the MTG launch party, and during the launch event, there was a presentation on the products.

 One of the bloggers was invited to try out the product at the event. The speech presenters performed a LIVE demo, and we saw her skin was being lifted up within just minutes. At the event, we indulged ourselves with delicious food, drink and Christmas candies. We had fun at the event! <

[launch event] First-ever LPG Endermospa in Singapore

LPG has been the world leader in cell stimulation for nearly 30 years, and it offers efficient skin-friendly beauty treatments that have no side effects. LPG is honored to have the lifestyle partner of the stars at Cannes Film Festival for five running years, where Hollywood's top A-listers are advocates of its red carpet Endermospa treatment.
Mary Chia is pleased to announce the opening of the first Endermospa in Singapore, and they ensure the customers that all treatment sessions will be performed by elite handpicked therapists.
Meryl and I were pleased to attend the opening ceremony of Singapore's first LPG Endermospa from France, and is known for its exclusive 100% natural and non-invasive slimming and anti-aging technology.
Restoring a youthful appearance is now no longer something that requires great cost as LPG Endermospa has proven to the world that they are using an all-natural approach to achieve beauty in a 100% safe and effective manner. In short, you are guaranteed …

[mini office celebration] CP Office Party Platters

Recently, I was selected for the giveaway of CP Office Party Platters, and thanks Sharmin, for delivery of the CP office party trays to my company!
Each food tray can serve to 30 pax, and they are freshly prepared! The food which CP Foods prepared for us tasted awesome even without dipping into the sauces provided. The food trays are very useful for office parties/celebrations or simply catering for any occasions/functions at any locations. Kudos to CP Food, which I can summarize in praise as 3 'C's! They are, Convenient, Cost-Low and Comfort food!

CP Jumbo Bologna (SGD2.20)
The flavorful slices of ham was used to make the yummy sandwiches, and we love them very much. I love the newly launch CP Crispy Chicken with Korean Hot & Spicy Sauce (SGD6.50)
All of us simply can't get enough of the fried mid joint wings coated in authentic Korean hot & spicy sauce.

CP Chicken Cake (SGD4.60)
A delicious bite snack!