Thursday, April 30, 2015

[United States holiday] A day trip to Brooklyn, NY

New York City is composed of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.

I started my day at the Brooklyn Bridge, and it was simple to get there. Just take the A or C trains from Pennsylvania Station to Fulton Street Station, and the Brooklyn Bridge is just walking distance away from the station.

Brooklyn Bridge is accessible 24 hours a day, and it is a sight behold, beautiful to view at any time of day, but it is gorgeous at sunset. It was very cold and chilly up on the bridge and I regretted wearing too little. Do remember to wear a thicker sweater or at least bring a proper coldwear sweater/jacket with you, especially during winter, fall and even spring.

There was a large collection of 'love locks' as couples left their padlocks on the bridge and throw their keys into the river to show their everlasting love. Do bring a lock with you if you are heading to Brooklyn Bridge with your loved ones.

We walked around the Brooklyn town, and we were amazed by the iPad Mini vending machine which was available at Macy's.

We did some shopping at NORDSTROM RACK, and I got a sling bag from Steve Madden at USD37.

Apart from NORDSTROM RACK, we went to the Banana Republic Factory Outlet and GAP Factory Outlet. I picked up a top from Banana Republic at USD17 and 2 items (top & skorts) from GAP at USD40.

After shopping, we walked over to DUMBO (which the locals affectionately call 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass'). It is a tiny neighbourhood with a spectacular view of the Manhattan Skyline. DUMBO is also home to the famous pizzeria, Grimaldi's.

We went to this popular eatery place for lunch and they are known for its use of coal brick-ovens. You cannot buy a single slice just for tasting, as the restaurant has a policy of only selling the whole pies and not single slices.

At Grimaldi's, pizza is the only main course available, and each patron get to choose from a great selection of quality toppings on your pizza.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria is an American pizzeria chain in New York, but the most well-known restaurant is located in Brooklyn, NY.


We ordered the small pizza with 6 slices, and it cost USD12. Do note that they only accept cash! 

The pizza tasted delicious and the crust was pretty good too! The pizza was moist and juicy, and it was worth my thumbs up. 

After the meal, we explored and walked around the beautiful Brooklyn Promenade.

Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn


We left Brooklyn and took the subway back to Manhattan. We went to Peanut Butter & Co to purchase some peanut butter for our indulgence back in our homeland, Singapore.

I picked up the 'Smooth Operator' squeeze packs of 10 at USD10 and Baby bought the 6-jar gift pack at USD30.  

I end my post with my shopping loots from Victoria's Secret as they were having Easter and Clearance Sales on selected fragrance/body-care items, and sleep-wears / causal fittings from PINK!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[shout-out] Singapore’s Mizuno Ekiden 2015

Good news for all Marathon lovers and Team Relay Race lovers, as Mizuno is introducing their first fully -fledged Ekiden race in Singapore, and they are targeting at least 5,000 participants. This inaugural race will be held on the 18 July 2015 at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay.
The Mizuno Ekiden 2015 focuses on Japanese values such as teamwork, performance and perseverance, and it will showcase the concept of relay running that has stemmed from Japan and has been incredibly popular since its inception. Ekiden is a term referring to a long-distance relay running race in the Japanese culture. Although the concept is not new in Singapore, it will be the first time a race in Singapore features only Ekiden-based categories, namely the Open Category (42.195km), Corporate and Schools Category (21.1km).
The first runner from all categories will start from The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay donning the traditional tasuki sash and race along a scenic route, passing landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Marina Barrage. Once they have reached the end of their relay leg, they will change-over at the transition point by passing on the tasuki sash to the next team mate who will continue the race. This will be repeated right up to the last runner. While waiting for the last team member to race through the finish line, runners are able to enjoy Japanese cultural activities planned in the Matsuri Race Village and thereafter proceed to the Finish Line to be warmly welcomed their team mates. 

Racing in teams of four, the participants will be entitled to compete in their respective categories for a prize purse of $1,600 and $600 worth of Mizuno products, along with the honour and prestige that comes with winning the inaugural Mizuno Ekiden 2015 Race. Running in an Ekiden race allows participants to experience the importance of a team working in sync with one another, whereby encouraging each other to carry on when the going gets tough.

The whole race experience follows the Japanese cultural element, and runners can expect to be flagged off in grandeur with taiko drummers, an ancient Japanese form of percussion. On top of competing in the relay race, runners will be welcomed to a Matsuri Race Village, also known as a Japanese-themed race village after crossing the finishing line. Matsuri, commonly known in Japan as a festival or holiday, is widely celebrated and Mizuno Ekiden 2015 plans to bring just that to all participants.
In the Matsuri Race Village, runners can anticipate Japanese gourmet foods such as ramen and sushi, artisan desserts and delectable drinks. There will be Japanese cultural performances and activities for each and everybody. Mizuno Ekiden 2015 aims to provide an all rounded Japanese experience for both the leisure and serious runners.
For more information and to register, please visit or

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Svenson Summer Hair Enrichment Workshop

Meryl and I attended the Svenson Summer Hair Enrichment Workshop at the MonoChrome Fusion Bistro. The interior setting of the restaurant is in Black and White.

Svenson is the leading expert in solutions for hair and scalp problems presented their 3 best-selling haircare treatments - Folligro, Micro-Transdermal Therapy (MTT) and PLGA Total Solution. These customized treatments have been proven desired results for both men and women.

Refreshing coconut drinks were served to us upon being seated.

Folligro treatment delivers a potent mix of oxygen and rich nutrients deep into the roots and stimulates greater cell regeneration and collagen production for significant results. This treatment helps to promote hair growth, and as well as de-generated old collagen in order to give way t neew and strong ones. The Folligro treatment takes about 45 minutes and is pain-free.

Micro-Transdermal Therapy (MTT) is a common treatment for male and female baldness problems, such as male front-parietal alopecia, diffused hair loss and post-pregnancy alopecia. For clients who undergo this treatment, they should avoid swimming and vigorous activities for two days, and as well as to avoid excessive heat exposure, tanning under the sun, spicy food, alcohol and going to the sauna.

Svenson's Consulting UK Trichologist, Mr Mark Birch, gave us a useful and informative talk on hair and scalp care.

Lastly, Svenson's PLGA Total Solution is a breakthrough Do-It-Yourself home treatment. It is an effective treatment for people who suffer from thinning hair. It contains herbal extract that encourages better blood circulation.

Apply daily after hair wash by using a light head massage method on the problem areas. I love this convenient home treatment!

Shampoo daily and use the appropriate shampoo for your hair and scalp type. Do avoid styling products contacting the scalp. When blow-drying, avoid direct strong heat, thus it is recommend to keep the blow-dryer in a motion.

Lastly, do practice the daily scalp care by doing the Svenson's 5-Step head massage as shown.

Apart from learning useful tips at the workshop, we were treated to 5-course dinner too.

 After the presentation, dinner was served. I enjoyed the MonoChrome Chicken Meatballs. Well-seasoned minced chicken meat is perfectly deep fried and coated with Black & White sesame seeds.

My favorite item has got to be the MonoChrome Aglio Olio, a combination of ordinary and squid ink spaghetti that were also served with prawns and mushrooms. The pasta was well coated with olive oil as the fried garlic enhanced the whole flavors of the dish.


Thanks for all the tips in taking care of scalp, I enjoyed the dinner very much. Lastly, but not least, thanks for the lovely haircare products!