Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A day out at Gillman Barracks + Dinner at Hokkaido Ya.

Recently, I've discovered that the vibrant art scene in Singapore is getting much better! I visited the latest Art Installation, the 'Disini Visual Art Festival' which is currently being held at Gillman Barracks. It is on-going from now till the 30th of September 2018, and no admission fee is required!

The most eye-catching exhibit was the Nenas Estate, DISINI Pavilion by MASH-UP, as it was the first exhibit I spotted while entering Gillman Barracks from the main road.

I really love the pastel pavillion, which is inspired by the various Singapore playgrounds of the 70s/80s.

A short distance walk away from the Pineapple-shaped pavilion, was the 'Chromodynamica' exhibit, by Artist Felipe Pantone.

I love the colours used to paint the wall, as it stood out immediately against the other monotone areas.

I took some random OOTDS against the 'Orkibal' exhibit, by Artist Hati Dan Perassan, which I felt was a striking and bold mural.

There is no better time to visit the Gillman Barracks for Disini Festival, as this festival curates art installations by visual artists. by visual artists. Regardless of whether you should visit for the art festival, you should still go down to the place for a visit as it is quite the photogenic place by itself. The lush greenery with rich cultural surroundings and conserved British colonial architecture is bound to be a 'Insta-worthy' hit!

After we were done with our 'Artsy' tour, we went to the Creamier for an Ice-cream fix to cool ourselves down from the scorching weather! I strongly recommended you guys to try out their Waffles with Ice-cream. Naturally, the Creamier is best known for their creamy and smooth ice-cream! There were many different flavors to choose from. The waffles were crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside! I really enjoyed it very much, and it is probably one of the best waffles I have ever eaten before. 

After a long hiatus, I finally met up with my good girlfriend, Samantha for a dinner date! While we are constantly in touch with each other via WhatsApp, meeting up in person is also absolutely essential too! We settled for a meal at the newly opened eatery place at VivoCity, Hokkaido Ya. 

We had a good time chatting and catching up with each other on the happenings in our lives! I am glad that our paths crossed about half a decade ago! . Thanks for being there for me always! 
I end my post with the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair which I recently redeemed at the Aveda Experience Centre. After using it, I really feel the difference in my hair texture, and it really gave me positive hair results!

Lastly, I was recently at East Coast Park's Coffee Bean with CK and my Malaysian Blogger friend Sherlyn, who was in singapore for a visit! We ordered a slice of Gula Melaka Cake to share among us, and to our surprise, it tasted pretty decent! We enjoyed our chit-chat over an afternoon coffee/tea session. Thanks CK for the sweet treat! 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Product review - JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion + KMS Hairmazing+ Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Pop-up

I was glad that the company 'Japalang' sent me the JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion! It helps to eliminate stubborn acne on our body.

Living in a humid country such as Singapore, one will tend to sweat a lot! If you have annoying acne that occurs on your body, especially on the back, fret not! JSOOP BioPiel Petit Ato Body Lotion is here to rectify our problems! It is the #1 Best-selling body lotion for back-acne in Korea and it has quickly become a MUST-HAVE product for anyone who is suffering from back-acne.  It has received many rave reviews, and it has quickly become a MUST-HAVE product for anyone who is suffering from back acne. 

The presence of Cypress oil extract is found in JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion, and this ingredient has a powerful antiseptic property, as well as oil control properties that will help to relief over-active sebum glands which speed up on the healing time when the skin is inflammed. The combination of the wonders of Ceramide NP and Hyaluronic Acid also helps to protect the skin from external irritation, and to also enhance the moisture levels in our skin. This combination also helps to maintain a healthy balance of oil and water levels within one's skin, so that the skin can be healthier, and works better as an effective skin barrier. 

The Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body lotion is suitable for our climate, as we are facing summer all year round in Singapore, and it features a light-weight and soft texture that is fast-absorbing without leaving any sticky feeling after application. I love this product very much, as I felt my skin became suppler, and it helped to tame down my itchiness too! Do apply the product straight after a shower, as it helps to retain the moisturising effects better for a longer duration! I am glad that it is now available in Singapore. Looks like we have found an effective solution for 'bacne'!

Try it out for yourself today! It is available at SGD59.90 (400ml) at Sasa, Guardian and online at www.beautycarousel.com
Lastly, thanks Japalang for the product! I hope my review post can help you readers understand the product better! Quote of the day: SHARING IS CARING!

Meryl and I attended the KMS Hairmazing Event which was organised by KMS Singapore, and the event was held at Bugis Square. It was a pretty interesting event, as we were given the opportunity to share with the stylists that were present on our hair woes! Apart from the advice given to us, we also obtained a door gift!

 I got myself a Thermal Shape 2-in-1 Hair Spray, and I was told that it will keep my hair in shape for a longer duration after ironing with a straightener! I was pretty surprised to receive a full-sized/retail product which was worth at least SGD40.

I dropped by Bugis Junction to visit the Perfect Beauty Pop-up by Moist Diane. I was glad that I went, as i discovered which shampoo product suites me the best. At the same time, I was impressed by their new look and formulation within their products! The new and improved Moist Diane PERFECT BEAUTY comes in six customised solutions clinically tested to solve the most common hair concerns faced by Asian ladies, and that explains why 1 million bottles were sold within just 10 days of launching in Japan! 

I found my perfect beauty product from Moist Diane, EXTRA MOIST & SHINE with Organic Argan Oil x Platinum Keratin formulated. It helps to deeply moisturise and restore radiance to dry and dull hair. It is also Silicone-free, Sulphate-free, Paraben-free and Color-safe. I brought home a deluxe sample kit from the pop-up store, all thanks Moist Diane Singapore! 
Lastly, I end my post with my random lunch at PasarBella, Suntec City. I really love poke-bowls, as they taste good, yet are healthy. I ordered an Aloha Poke Bowl, and nothing beats having a nice meal with my lunch kakis! 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Vocal EXPRESSWAY™ Media Launch

Hark Music is the first-ever music school that offers a guaranteed improvement after one lesson, or a money-back guarantee!

Hark Music has more than 19 years of experience in the music education industry, and Amos Teo, the founder of Hark Music learned the ropes of music on his own since a young age. Both Amos Teo and Yoong Xin Yun have been performing at various music venues since the early 90s. In 1999, they started Hark Music School of Pop to share their experiences and knowledge with more music-lovers. They have also contributed their expertise as the judges for numerous national singing competitions organised by SAFRA, NUS & NTU.

Mediacorp Artiste and Best Actor in Star Awards 2018, Desmond Tan and veteran music producer Jack Lim are both celebrity investors in the music school.

 Actor Desmond Tan has also benefited tremendously from the vocal training courses in his transition to singing as well. 

  Amos Teo developed his own unique technique of learning music in a fun and efficient way! He has undergone a revolutionary method of learning music, which spans from learning the guitar, piano and even vocal training. The EXPRESSWAY™ Method utilizes a powerful S.K.T (Sense, Knowledge, Technicality) teaching model that simplifies and demystifies the complexities of learning music.

Hark Music’s signature EXPRESSWAY™ method is also endorsed by Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore’s King of Swing & Cultural Medallion Recipient. The method guarantees that your music learning journey will be fun, productive, inspiring and most of all, you will achieve your desired results in the shortest time. 

 I am pretty impressed with the Hark Music EXPRESSWAY™ method, as we were told that many students and even celebrities have improved and achieved success in a short amount of time.

For a demonstration of the results of the EXPRESSWAY™ method, feel free to take a look at the video here.

Hark Music also has a line-up of notable coaches such as local singer Chriz Tong 湯薇恩, Celeste Syn 冼佩瑾 (Artiste of Jay Chou’s Record Label JVR) as well as other singing coaches, Bryan Toro 黄家万  and Khim Ng 黄韵琴 , who have participated in renowned singing competitions such as Sing! China and The Voice .

 After 2 decades of dedication in the music education industry, Amos and Xinyun have built a strong team of 40 coaches who are currently teaching and inspiring over 600 active students. All coaches have to go through a demanding audition process before being signed exclusively as a Hark Music coach. 

Hark Music lessons are offered at very competitive prices starting at only SGD165 per month. On top of that, the SkillsFuture credit is applicable for their 1-Day Vocal JumpStart course.

Hark Music Branches: 

 Hark@Prinsep Address
62, Prinsep Street (opposite POMO) Singapore 188660 
 Contact: 6333 0733 

 Hark@Kallang Address
2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub, #05-10, Singapore 339407
Contact: 6904 8350

Instagram: @harkmusic

Thursday, July 19, 2018

[JB's cafe-hopping] The Hot Cafe + Vintage Beans

Crossing over the causeway into JB to spend the weekends are a very popular pastime with most Singaporeans, and we are no different! We love to do cafe-hopping in JB.

We settled our lunch at The Hot Cafe which is located at Danga Utama, which is situated along the Skudai Area.
We started off our meal with the popular Butterfly Pea Yuzu Drinks for the both of us

 Baby had Stewed Pork Ribs with Yam, which came along with white rice. I ordered the Braised Pork Belly Steamed Buns, and they tasted good! Baby enjoyed his lunch too. The total damage was RM50 and and I loved the spacious dining area which gave me a pleasurable experience.

I met up with my fellow JB Blogger Friends - Kim, Jiayi, Sherlyn and Alice for dinner around Danga Utama.  We took Jiayi's suggestion to try out the cafe 'The Vintage Beans 瓊香'.
Upon entering the premises, you will find yourself being transported back into the 70's! Per the eatery's namesake, the cafe bears a strong resemblance to that hip era, and will surely give most adults in their late 40's and onwards a flash back to their good old days! Quite the nostalgic trip!

We enjoyed our mains, and most of the signatures consists of variations of 'Omurice'. There are at least 8 variants to choose from the menu.
Baby ordered the Unagi Omurice, while I had Teriyaki Pork Belly Don. The Yam Roll tasted great too! 

Jiayi suggested this place, mainly because she wanted to try out the cafe's best-selling Hello Kitty Chocolate Fondue.

We took many random photos before we tucked in. The fondue is good for 3-4pax, and it cost RM59.90. 

We had a delightful gathering and I am glad that I have made more friends from our neighbouring country. Do keep in touch! Let me know when you girls come over to SG, and I will be happy to host you and bring you around for a food tour or a cafe hopping experience in Singapore!

Lastly, I visited the Korean Excellent Firm Fair which was held at North Atrium of Suntec City. I picked up some complimentary facial mask sheets from SSG's booth!