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Fossil Friends & Family Sales

Pampering yourself with luxurious products in an afforable prices... Happy hauling!

New Asience samples!

Try out the NEW ASIENCE! Made for Asian Hair...
To get your free samples... Just click the link - https:/ Just fill up your particulars... and try it out for yourself now...

Concluding my BKK trip

Last day of our trip... due to the rally, we were told to go to the airport earlier than usual to avoid road block by the protest-ers... Did our last min packing before checking out the hotel @ 1400hrs.... See our buys...Fruitful shopping As our flight is scheduled @ 1925hrs... The transfer picked us up from the hotel @ 14.30hrs... We reached airport before 1600hrs... OMG!! We had 3hrs to brush off our time @ the airport...Check in 2 pcs of luggages... Both of our luggages were over-weight.... exceeded by 6kg (total of 46kg for 2pcs).... therefore the other 2 hand-held bags have to bring them on board...'So Ma fan'! After we did our check-in... went for some bites @ Burger King & The Pizza Company...
Waiting @ the boarding gate....
My shopping desires has been fulfilled... Love shopping @ BKK...

Shopping Galore in BKK

My Buys in BKK exclude garments (dresses, tops, skirts & shorts) In total... I got myself 24pcs of garments... 1 skirt / 3 shorts / 4 dresses / 16 tops... Got one Gold Buckle Belt @ 150Baht (SGD6.50) and other ladies' best friend - Sofy Ultra-Slim with Wings... Haha got 3 packs there soooo cheap @ 49Baht (SGD2). -------------------------------------------------------------------- Instant Noodles @ 5Baht each (SGD0.25) Chewing Gums from Fisherman's Friend @ 12Baht each (SGD0.50), Clorets & Wrigley's Doublemint @ 10Baht each (SGD0.40) 1kg of doggy treats for Coco @ 250Baht (SGD11) Essential Hair Treatment (pink tube) @ 79Baht (SGD3.50), Essential Hair Mask @ 179Baht (SGD8) and the Pantene 3-minute Intensive Hair Treatment @ 59Baht (SGD2.50).

All shades @ 100Baht each (SGD4.50)
My SHOES loots.... Foot-wear Galore... haha Flatties @ 199Baht (SGD9)

Kitten Heels @ 179Baht (SGD8)

Sequins Flip Flop @ 120Baht (SGD5)

100Baht (SGD4.50)

Above @ 100Baht each (SGD4.50)


I'M INVITED to the Beauty Credit 3rd Anniversary Party

Received a e-mailer from Beauty Credit... for 3rd Anniversary event on Sunday @ 313 Somerset... RSVP the event... Wendy will be coming with me.... Our preferred slot - 3pm... The branch was crowded... respond was good too... Nice refreshment spread + friendly staffs.... Up to 50% Storewide for all guests. Indeed a nice & successful event... Thanks Beauty Credit for the invite. Bot a Coenzyme Q10 Cleansing Water - 280ml @ SGD39.90... was given 20% off for the item... Was said to contains Coenzyme Q10 liposome. Vit E. Edelweiss Extract. A complete water-type cleansing water. No trace of oil >>>> no sticky feeling at all... Best-selling product - Coenzyme Q10 Cleansing Water Generous Goodie Bag for all RSVP guests... Thanks once again... looking forward for more future events from BEAUTY CREDIT

Food Galore @ BKK

Got this from CentralWorld Super-Mart.. Microwave heated up food - Chicken with Gravy Over Rice @ 65Baht (SGD2.80) ... As we were staying in the suite room... We can made use of the microwave provided in the room to heat up our food... Gravy taste pretty good... But the rice was soaky...

Our drinks @ Chatuchak Market (Weekend Market)

Staying on the 23rd level....ABF inclusive for us... Lovely spread...

Our ABF from the spread

Swensen's in BKK is soooo cheap...Frosted Chocolate Crunch @ 89Baht (SGD3.90)

Monster Pen from Swensen's - 49Baht (SGD2.10)My fave haunt for food - Platinum Mall Food Centre...
Phad Thai @ 40Baht (SGD1.75) - All time Fave
Hoy Tod (Fried Oyster) @ 75Baht (SGD2.30) - OMG! Taste heavenly Good... Fishball Glass Noodles @ 35Baht (SGD1.50) - Taste pretty decent