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[food review] Ice Bucket at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

On a random weekend, I met up with my Malaysia-based Blogger friend, Shirley in KL during my short weekend getaway. As usual, she picked me at Uncle Mike’s place, and from there we drove for another 30mins to IOI City Mall which is located at Putrajaya for a tasting session. This was my first time to the mall, hence I took the opportunity to wander around for some shopping before heading to our tasting event. Apart from doing my favorite thing, 'SHOPPING', we also refreshed ourselves with a cup of fresh juice from BOOST JUICE! Each cup cost RM14.
Thanks girl, for helping me to get the adorable Hello SanrioTeacup, and I love it very much!
The tasting session took place at the 'Ice Bucket'. I was all ready to try out the scrumptious food laid out for us!
We started off our tasting session with an order of Blended Dragon fruit and Lemon Juice, which were served individually in a metal bucket full of ice! The Ice Bucket is a hit in Malaysia that has captured many hearts o…

[random] Essential Oil Workshop + Savourworld's Oktoberfest 2017

I got 2 entry tickets to Savourworld's first Oktoberfest party and we had German Beer, authentic German sausages and chicken wings!

We had great quality night spent together on this date, at Savourworld's Oktoberfest 2017!

During my recent visit to Kim Gary which is located at VivoCity, I redeemed the monthly offer, hot dessert for our dining indulgence. 

I had my favorite Mushroom Rice with Honey-glazed Spare Ribs. Being a member, I was entitled to a weekday 10% discount off the total bill. This naturally eased up on my dinner damage!
I spend my weekends at Baby's place, and on a random Sunday evening, we had dinner at Aston's Specialty which is located at a Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC). We had an affordable dinner there! 
Recently, I attended the Essential Oil Workshop by Young Living. During the workshop, I got to understand the benefits of essential oils. What I enjoyed most about this event was that I managed to learn how to make a DIY Mozzie repellent by using esse…

I love AnnaBella Patisserie

Macarons from AnnaBella Patisserie are hand-crafted, freshly baked and proudly produced in Singapore. These macarons are handmade using both a combination of French and Japanese techniques! I was invited to visit one of their pop-up stores that had set up shop at Causeway Point, in order to try out their creations! AnnaBella Patisserie offers an array selected classic and premium macarons. I loved the Lavender flavor from the 'Classic Range', and the Crème Brulee and Pistache flavors from the 'Premium Range'. For people who enjoy alcohol-infused treats, I strongly recommend the Bailey's flavor! Lastly, do also give the 'Bubblegum' flavor a try, as it is very unique. I quite enjoyed it too. These days, I try to be more health conscious, especially on my diet. Macarons are nice, but they are very sweet desserts and to over indulge in them may result in gaining of unwanted extra pounds! However, the Macarons from AnnaBella Patisserie were very good, and I allowed…

[launch event] Latest iPhone cases by Otterbox and LifeProof

Otterbox is the No.1 Smartphone Case seller in the U.S, and they have set a standard in the industry for protection of every generation of iPhone that has been released. They have now offered a full line-up of cases for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and as well as for the upcoming iPhone X. Since the very first iPhone hit the scene in 2007, Otterbox has been specializing on the iPhone, hence they have very good in-depth knowledge and experience on how best to protect the iPhone!  They have innovated 26 different case styles over the past decade, and the case designs have evolved to be sleeker, as well as to accommodate ever-increasing features of the phone. However, one thing has remained the same : Trusted Protection. Each case design undergoes a minimum of 24 tests across more than 238 hours to earn the OtterBox Certified Drop + Protection seal. This guarantee ensures lasting protection from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. I personally love the fashionable Symmetry Serie…

[random] Dinner at Suki-Ya + Étude House - #shutupandkissme Workshop

Both Baby and I are Shabu Shabu lovers, and we love to dine at Suki-Ya which offers unlimited servings of thinly sliced meat. We settled for a dinner at the outlet which is located at Marina Square. Apart from the unlimited fresh meat serving, you can also find a wide selection of vegetables and standard food items that are normally found at steamboat dinners at Suki-Ya's buffet counter. Don't forget, the various dipping sauces can also be found there too! We had a delightful steamboat dinner! Thanks Baby for the treat!
More of our travelogue photos were found in Baby's room, so sweet of him!
I attended the #shutupandkissme Workshop by Étude House as they recently launched their 'Dear My Matte Tinting Lips-Talk'. It was conducted at Bugis Junction. I picked up an item during the workshop, which was the 'Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker'. I love this dual eye-shadow stick as it is hassle-free during application!
Each attendee was given a random goodie bag after the wor…