Monday, October 2, 2017

[random] Saborino Morning Mask + Palladio Workshop

I received some samples from Aromatic for my trial use! The items included a deluxe trial sized Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser which was a perfect organic cleanser for oily skin!

Apart from the cleanser, I was given some sachets under the Rose Absolute – Brightening and Anti-Aging range which is suitable for dry, dull and sensitive skin types. Rose Absolute First Serum is a highly concentrated organic toner + serum and Rose Absolute Vital Fluid is a super brightening and lightweight hydrating emulsion.

Thanks Aromatic for the try out, and these will surely come in handy for me when I go for a short vacation!

I got to try out a very popular facial mask from Saborino all thanks to a visit to Japan Beautiful Life Event which was held at the Sands Expo, Marina Bay Sands.

Currently, this facial mask is very popular in Japan. This mask is unique due to it being made for morning usage as part of the usual beauty regime. It is an all in one morning face mask. For a simple explanation, this mask requires no cleaning after application on the face. It acts as a skin cleanser, skin treatment and moisturising base all in a single step!

Saborino Morning Mask is the perfect solution for busy 'or perhaps, lazy women like me!', who usually need to rush our morning skincare regime before heading to work, and this can be quite a time consuming process. With this 
mask, one can really save a lot of time and even gives that extra bonus of snoozing/sleep in order to wake up slightly later!

Baby and I had cravings for zi char fare on a random weekday, so Baby drove down to our usual food haunt, Sum Kee Food which is located at Yeo’s Building. Yes, we had a filling and delightful dinner, as Sum Kee never fails to impress us with the food they serve. This dinner was a small treat for him for being the nicest and most caring person who showers me with the utmost love and concern at all times!

My weekday lunch with Sweetie at OKG Express, which is located at Chinatown Point. I had the OKG Signature's Mee Sua. It tasted pretty decent and was affordable! 

Lastly, I end my post with pictures of my new love, this cool Beauty Blender which I received from the Palladio Workshop which was held at Guardian Plus, Takashimaya! 

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