Friday, October 27, 2017

I love AnnaBella Patisserie

Macarons from AnnaBella Patisserie are hand-crafted, freshly baked and proudly produced in Singapore. These macarons are handmade using both a combination of French and Japanese techniques!
I was invited to visit one of their pop-up stores that had set up shop at Causeway Point, in order to try out their creations! 
AnnaBella Patisserie offers an array selected classic and premium macarons. I loved the Lavender flavor from the 'Classic Range', and the Crème Brulee and Pistache flavors from the 'Premium Range'. For people who enjoy alcohol-infused treats, I strongly recommend the Bailey's flavor! Lastly, do also give the 'Bubblegum' flavor a try, as it is very unique. I quite enjoyed it too.
These days, I try to be more health conscious, especially on my diet. Macarons are nice, but they are very sweet desserts and to over indulge in them may result in gaining of unwanted extra pounds! However, the Macarons from AnnaBella Patisserie were very good, and I allowed myself a 'cheat-meal' as a reward for the jogging regime I have been maintaining lately. The macaron's fillings were well-spread, and I think less sugar was also used. The shell of the macaron itself was very tasty and crunchy, but most importantly, the texture of the shell was not overly brittle, and did not cause a mess during eating!
I ate them with Baby on the day we received them! OMG! MY love for AnnaBella Patisserie grows deeper, as I am very impressed with the texture and taste-wise overall. Even after keeping some of them for a few days in the fridge, they still tasted fresh and yummy. While the packaging looked rather simple, it still gave out a classic look as the box had the brand name 'AnnaBella Patisserie' embossed on a sleek surface!

You can order via online -
Look out for their pop-up store via their Facebook page

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