[tasting review] KOFUKU RAMEN & DONBURI

Recently, I was introduced to KOFUKU RAMEN & DONBURI and they are located at Downtown East. They serve affordable and authentic Japanese Ramen via a kiosk concept!  aEach item on their menu costs less than SGD10, and this is definitely a good welcome to our pockets! Don’t say I bojio, as good ‘lobangs’ must be shared with each other! They are probably serving the cheapest and most authentic Japanese Ramen in town. Although they are only offering take-away, they are still keeping up on their high standard of food by using quality and fresh ingredients!  Check below to see what I have ordered at KOFUKU RAMEN & DONBURITORI KATSU DON 〰 SGD6.80SPICY SOBORO DON 〰 SGD6.80SPICY MISO RAMEN 〰SGD6.80GOYOZA 〰 SGD3.80

SPICY MISO RAMEN 〰SGD6.80TORI KATSU DON 〰 SGD6.80 My favorite has got to be their classic Tori Katsu Don. It gave off an appetising and appealing look, and I was glad that it tasted as good as it looked. I was delighted by the generous amount of To

A trip to Madame Tussauds Singapore + Food Review on Jack 'n Jill Chicken Satay Potato Chips & The Coconut Club

Everyone loves to eat titbits/snacks, and both my nephew and niece are no different. They each have a soft spot for their own certain snacks!

For me, I love inspired snacks that have tastes that resemble my favorite foods! Recently there are many new creation hawker flavors potato chips popping up, and I am spoiled by choices.

I love hawker food, and I am glad that Jack 'n Jill Potato Chips created this new flavor from one of Singapore’s favorite hawker foods – Satay. 

Satay lovers like me can munch Chicken Satay Potato Chips anywhere and anytime! The chips not only have the aroma of satay, they legit tastes like it! It's the perfect snack to go with beer or soda, but I normally will go with just plain water! Every bite is irresistible.

HayBoy loves it too, and he keeps asking for more... Do give it a try now, you might get yourself addicted to it!

 The Coconut Club is listed as a Bib Gourmand restaurant in the Singapore Michelin Guide 2018, and it is located at 28 Ann Siang Road.

[Jess Baby's randomness] Dine out at TungLok Seafood / Aburi En / Hokkaido Ya + Simple product review on Micellar Facial Gel Wash

We celebrated our 12th anniversary over a meal at TungLok Seafood. Baby booked a table for us for this occasion, and it is located at level 11 of Orchard Central.

We love seafood, so we had a blast with the Chili Crabs, Shark's Fin with Fish Maw Soup and Broccoli & Scallops with XO Sauce!

We ended our dinner with some desserts! 

We spent quality time together and I enjoyed with moment with him. Thanks for the unconditional love you have given me for the past 144 months.

After a 5 months hiatus, I finally revisited Hokkaido YaVivoCity on a Saturday afternoon. It tasted still as good as before!We had our lunch there, and we did some shopping in the mall. To our horror/surprise, we discovered that some retail shops had closed down. It was a pretty sad to see many shops being affected due to the COVID19 pandemic. Do remember to support local businesses! Together, we can make the difference!

It is always nice to dine out after a day of WFH. I have been staying in Woodlands ever since …