[random] dine-out at Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen + Saizeriya

With the safe re-opening of Phase 2, RKM finally resumed our favorite routine! We love to drink tea/coffee at any Starbucks premises while chilling during the weekends.

We dropped by Ji Xiang Confectionery which is located at Everton Park to pick up some delicious Ang Ku Kueh, but I was told only the peanut filling kind were left. I love the kuehs very much as the skin was thin as well as soft, while the filling was abundant and not too overly sweet.

Thanks Mum Vi for continuing to cook for us even though Phase 2 had opened up. We appreciate it loads!

Thanks Mum Vi for making my favorite Steamed Sea Bass with Cai Poh, and thanks to my own mommy who helped to pick up this fresh fish from the wet market!

On a random weekday, Baby and I went out for our dinner date after we ended our work. We settled at Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen which is located at Thomson Plaza. 

I ordered a bowl Kurobuta Shabu Shabu Ramen. I liked the fatty Kurobuta Pork Belly, as the meat complimented my ramen nicely!


[Northwestern USA trip] Day 2 in Seattle, WA - Tanktoberfest : A Beer Tasting Event

On the second day in Seattle, we had breakfast at the Macrina Bakery & Cafe which is located at Belltown (literally below our apartment). It is one of Seattle's favorite bakeries, and it is an excellent place for the locals who are seeking a laid back atmosphere for breakfast and brunch.

The damage for our breakfast was about USD29. I really loved the Bialy Egg Sandwich with Bacon, as it tasted awesomely yummy! 

After our breakfast, we went back to the apartment’s carpark to pick up our car to start our day at Seattle! During our stay at Seattle, Baby had done some research and discovered that there was an event going on that he was excited about! Baby is quite the history buff, especially for anything military related. What happens when you combine Tanks with Beer? You get 'Tanktoberfest' - a beer tasting event but with actual live demos of tanks! Baby purchased our tickets online prior to our departure to Seattle. It was the second year of Tanktoberfest which has bee…

[welcoming phase 2 of the safe re-opening] The New Ting/East Bistro/Penang Culture

On a random weekend, we went over to Hillv2 to take-out dinner after our late afternoon run.

Our delicious take-out dinner from The New Ting, and we were given a 15% discount for our take-out order!

I had the Fish-paste Pasta (noodles), as it's not everyday one can find fish-paste noodles as a choice in any eatery! I loved the big and juicy scallops that were paired with the dish as well. It cost less than SGD15, which i felt was definitely worth the price paid!

Mum Vi cooks on alternate days of the weekends, so sometimes we take out our meals instead. Luckily during this CB period, many F&B outlets offer discounts/or have a promotion for their take-out selections!

Penang Culture is a great place where you can enjoy tasty and value-for-money Penang dishes. There is no minimum order required, so if you opt to pick up your meal from any one of their outlets you can consider doing so for your entire family or just for yourself! The pick-up is pretty convenient, and is great as an lun…