Thursday, July 19, 2018

[JB's cafe-hopping] The Hot Cafe + Vintage Beans

Crossing over the causeway into JB to spend the weekends are a very popular pastime with most Singaporeans, and we are no different! We love to do cafe-hopping in JB.

We settled our lunch at The Hot Cafe which is located at Danga Utama, which is situated along the Skudai Area.
We started off our meal with the popular Butterfly Pea Yuzu Drinks for the both of us

 Baby had Stewed Pork Ribs with Yam, which came along with white rice. I ordered the Braised Pork Belly Steamed Buns, and they tasted good! Baby enjoyed his lunch too. The total damage was RM50 and and I loved the spacious dining area which gave me a pleasurable experience.

I met up with my fellow JB Blogger Friends - Kim, Jiayi, Sherlyn and Alice for dinner around Danga Utama.  We took Jiayi's suggestion to try out the cafe 'The Vintage Beans 瓊香'.
Upon entering the premises, you will find yourself being transported back into the 70's! Per the eatery's namesake, the cafe bears a strong resemblance to that hip era, and will surely give most adults in their late 40's and onwards a flash back to their good old days! Quite the nostalgic trip!

We enjoyed our mains, and most of the signatures consists of variations of 'Omurice'. There are at least 8 variants to choose from the menu.
Baby ordered the Unagi Omurice, while I had Teriyaki Pork Belly Don. The Yam Roll tasted great too! 

Jiayi suggested this place, mainly because she wanted to try out the cafe's best-selling Hello Kitty Chocolate Fondue.

We took many random photos before we tucked in. The fondue is good for 3-4pax, and it cost RM59.90. 

We had a delightful gathering and I am glad that I have made more friends from our neighbouring country. Do keep in touch! Let me know when you girls come over to SG, and I will be happy to host you and bring you around for a food tour or a cafe hopping experience in Singapore!

Lastly, I visited the Korean Excellent Firm Fair which was held at North Atrium of Suntec City. I picked up some complimentary facial mask sheets from SSG's booth! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

[enriching workshop] Meet Me Bake Academy

I attended a workshop at Meet Me Bake Academy on how to learn how to make a Durian Mille Crepe Cake. The school is located at Danga Utama, around the Skudai area in Johor, Malaysia.

Ever since I tried Lady M‘s mille crepe cake, I have always wanted to attempt making it. I was so glad that my JB Blogger Friend, Kim invited me to a collaboration with Meet Me Bake Academy to attend the 3-hour, one day workshop on how to learn how to make a Durian Mille Crepe.

Baby and I worked together in a pair as a team to complete a Durian Mille Crepe which consisted of 18 layers, and we brought it home! 

Do let me share with you guys on some tips that I learnt at the workshop!

Rest the batter for at least an hour

I know the wait might be tedious, but resting the batter will help to create a thicker consistency and helps to prevent the crepes from tearing/breaking. 

Heat the pan on low heat

When you heat up the frying pan too quickly, it burns the thin crepe easily. In order to avoid that, gradually and slowly apply heat to the pan so it will heat up evenly. 



Lay 1 crepe on a cake board, and spread a thin layer of durian whipped cream over it with a spatula. Layer on with another crepe and repeat to make a stack of 18, ending off with the nicest looking crepe on top. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. 

The challenging part was standing over the stove for nearly two hours, painstakingly cooking each crepe layer by layer. Hours later, I successfully made 18 perfect crepes to use as layers. All our hard work was well paid-off, as the cake tasted delicious. 

Mille Crepes are French cakes based on multiple layers of crepes, and they stack up together to form a cake that's simply irresistible! Mille Crepes makes for an absolutely delightful dessert. If you don't have an oven at home, fret not, There are cakes that you can make with a frying pan over the stove.

After my lesson at Meet Me Bake Academy, I got new fundamental knowledge and experience to prepare crepes to the right thickness. I also learnt the technique of swirling the pan to deposit the right amount of batter, as well as to control the heat in order to achieve a good Mille cake. 

This was my first attempt to make my first Durian Mille Crepe, and it turned out pretty well. I want to thank Meet Me Bake Academy for giving me this opportunity! Lastly, I want to thank them for having me at the enriching workshop! 

I met up many JB bloggers at the workshop, and yes, I am glad that my blogging sphere has expanded. After attended some events in JB, I realised that there are many differences in how they hold their events between ours and theirs. Nevertheless, I am always happy to be invited to attend the events in JB and KL. 

While my cake is not the most attractive cake, I'm proud to say that at least I made myself! Honestly, I was eager to find out how the layers would look like inside the cake when I was about to cut it. When I viewed the layers inside the cake, I felt so relieved and happy beyond words! This is my first time making a cake, and I really love looking at those layers of love and patience! 

Meet Me Bake Academy started in 2017, and they provide One-Day baking classes with different themes every month. They also customize/organise courses for companies, and also allow participants to have one to one baking classes as well. They also offer a Diploma in Baking and Patisseries from Taiwan, as well as offer part time/night courses. Lastly, they also provide a rental venue for functions and parties at their premises. 

Do join the Meet Me Bake Academy’s Open Day on 21/7 (Sat) and 22/7 (Sun), from 9.00am - 3.00pm.

If you want to know more about the Meet Me Bake Academy, do check out their website and their Instagram for their July workshops and courses. 

Meet Me Bake Academy

8, Jalan Pertama 4, Pusat Perdagangan,
Danga Utama, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor 

Tel: 012-775 7900/012-5127900 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Line) 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Trade Launch of 'webarebears x' + INK LASTING FOUNDATIONLaunch Party

I attended the INK LASTING FOUNDATION Launch Party which was held at THE FACE SHOP – Nature Collection, Plaza Singapura.

The latest collaboration between THE FACE SHOP x Coca Cola was featured during the LIVE make-up demo presentation. 

I was glad to meet up with the Guest Celebrity, Ms Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten, as she was there to grace the event.

Lately, the UFO catcher a.k.a claw machine has been used as a part of the event program line-up, and it is now very popular among crowds! You can win prizes or gifts during the event!

All invited guests were allowed to try the claw machine, and I was glad to receive guidance from Vanessa! In the end, I really did win something for myself - A Slingle Eye-shadow!

I picked up the limited edition Oil Clear Blotting Pact from THE FACE SHOP x Coca Cola Collection. 

Thanks to THE FACE SHOP for the invite and lovely door gift! I love the retail-sized Anti-Darkening Cushion very much. Apart from the BB Cushion, we were given 2 single smokey eye-shadows. 


I will be doing a small and simple review on the Oil Clear Blotting Pact as well the Anti-Darkening Cushion.

The Oil Clear Blotting Pact helps to blot oil and keeps skin shine-free. It gives the skin a brighter and smoother feel with just one application! I will definitely re-purchase this item in the future, as it really helps to control the sebum and oil on my face. 

The Anti-Darkening Cushion is a long-lasting make up cushion that was formulated for humid environments, and is specially tailored for Asian skin tones. I was given the NATURAL (N203). The gold case looked elegant. It is lightweight and allows the skin to easily breathe! It also brightens the tone of the skin with a radiant finish.

The Anti-Darkening Cushion is suitable for lazy people, as it is a easy-to-use foundation base that boosts up one's dull skin by just using an instant application! It only takes me less than 3mins to cover the imperfections on my face, and this really saves me a lot of time when I am in a rush! I am quite happy with the result on the whole, even though it only offers medium coverage. 

Thanks for popping by my space, and I hope my mini review can give you guys a better understanding of the products! 

We Bare Bears was picked up by the channel Cartoon Network back in 2015. The show features the awkward attempts of three bear siblings at integrating themselves into the human world."

 Tracy and I attended the trade launch of 'webarebears x' collection which was held at the 'Mellower Coffee', a coffee joint which is similar to Starbucks. The place is located right next to Bugis+.

During the launch, webarebears merchandises were showcased, and Beautiful.Me launched their first licensed merchandise of the collection which featured a collection of 12 designs bags. They are suitable for everyday use. 

Their bags are available on lazada_sg, qoo10sg, shopee_sg and of course their own wwwbeautifulme' website! 

Thanks for the lovely tote bag, and I was glad that I owned one of them!

Thanks Mellower Coffee for the kind hospitality! The light refreshments and cold brew were splendid! 

We really liked the illustration of the 'Good Friends' series of Drip Coffee, which is available for purchase at Mellower Coffee. What really caught our attention was the meaningful quote which was written on the packaging box.

I was glad that one of my closest blogger friends, Tracy joined me at this event too! We also each won a bag filled with beauty products during the Q&A session! We had a good time catching up with each other, and of course we updated each other on our recent happenings! 

Thanks for the goodies that were given to us during the event! We appreciate them very much! Thanks Beautiful.Me for having me at this trade launch, and I hope to be able to involve in other events soon!