Thursday, June 30, 2016

[product launch] Your Health Partner - Regilait

REGILAIT is a high quality instant granulated milk powder, and is also the No. 1 milk brand in France. I am glad that it has made its way to Singapore, and the product has already been Halal certifications as well as being awarded the 'healthier choice'. The powder comes from a French diary that is committed to a stringent quality procedure, as REGILAIT's farmers have to stick to strict rules on taking care of the impact on the environment.

REGILAIT products are 100% real pure cow's milk with no fillers added and rich in protein. I love how the whole manufacturing process preserves all the nutritional qualities of the milk. It is suitable for consumption by everyone from ages 3 and up.
Drinking milk daily plays an important part in our daily lifestyles. It strength our bones and prevents osteoporosis. It also helps to maintain healthy teeth, reduces high blood pressure and lowers down the risk of diabetes, as well as both Colon and Breast Cancer. It gives us a good reason to drink milk as part of our daily regime. 

During the launch, we were introduced to 4 variants:
REGILAIT CALORIES REDUCED - This product is your partner for slimming Fat-free products that control calories intake and to maintain one's weight. It is highly recommended for diabetics and consumers with high cholesterol. One glass of REGILAIT CALORIES REDUCED contains only 89kcal.

REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS - This variant is your partner for strong bones! REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS provides drinkers with a boost of calcium and Vitamin D. Drink two glasses of the fat free REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS to meet your daily calcium needs.

REGILAIT MULTI-VITAMINS - This variant id your partner for vitality and Fat free product! Containing about 8 different vitamins. Vitamin A helps to achieve good vision, a healthy immune system and spur cell growth. Vitamin C helps to grow and repair tissues in all parts of our bodies while Vitamin D3 improves overall bone health.

REGILAIT LOW FAT - This variant is your partner for a balanced diet. REGILAIT LOW FAT milk contains 14% more Calcium and 35% less saturated fat than regular dried milk. It has a fine creamy taste enjoyed by the whole family.

I was surprised by the demonstration on REGILAIT milk powder, which dissolves in both icy cold and warm water instantly. Back then, when technology was not so advanced, milk tended to be lumpy if the water was not hot enough, but nowadays, milk has under undergone a unique granulation process that allows it to be dissolved in water within seconds.
At the launch, there was collaboration between REGILAIT and Dancing Chef. The Chef prepared some dishes that used REGILAIT as part of the ingredients.

I am a big fan of chicken curry although I know that there is a high dose of calories and cholesterol. I was glad that 'Dancing Chef' showed us that REGILAIT milk can be used to replace coconut milk instead to prepare and cook this dish. I tried it, and it tasted as nice as the traditional chicken curry!


 Apart from drinking the milk directly, it can be mixed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate, as well as used as an ingredient in desserts or even dishes.

Now you can enjoy healthier and affordable milk nutrients off the shelves at any selected NTUC FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage. Each tin of REGILAIT milk powder is retailing at SGD22.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[RKM EATS] Le Halo + Mookata

After a hard day at work, baby brought me for a nice Friday dinner. My Baby is the best!
Le Halo is a small, quaint café which is located at an old neighbourhood estate in Bukit Ho Swee. It is a mere 8-10 minutes walk away from Tiong Bahru Station. It is actually located right next to another popular food joint, Sin Lee Foods. Although both cafes are located side by side, the food on offer is rather different. 

Le Halo offers food that close to our hearts, many dishes stated on the menu are mainly home-cooked dishes, with items ranging from toasted bread and stews. The capacity of the cafe is pretty small, but what is unique about this place is the interior, as the place is decorated with many Singaporean Items from the 80's and 90's. Think about a favorite childhood toy or item from grandma's house, and most likely, you can find it here on display.


I especially loved the artistic drawings of the Chinese Zodiac Animal on the wall, which were shaped like toasted bread!

Baby ordered a plate of Meatball Pasta. It was simple, nothing fancy, but it still tasted pretty decent. Baby had no complaints.

I had cafe's signature dish, 'Piggy Stew' for my main course. The stew is hearty and flavorful with tender pork chunks and cubes of carrots and potatoes.

For our side dish, we shared an Otak Egg Toast, and I was surprised by the chef's creative mindset to combine Muar Otak and thick toast to create this wonderful food entrée. I enjoyed it very much, as it tasted really good! The amount of Muar Otak that the café used was reasonable, but I personally felt that dish could have been better if they added just a slightly bigger portion of Otak, It would have made this fusion food item perfect!
The damage was SGD37, and thanks Baby for the TGIF dinner treat. I enjoyed my date with you as well as our food orders at Le Halo!

To reciprocate Baby's treat, I decided to give him a dinner treat too! I brought him to Bugis Junction to have his favorite Thai Steamboat, Mookata.
We were there pretty early in order to beat the queue/crowd, and we were led into the premises upon reaching the eatery place.

To make it simple, we ordered the set for 2 (SGD34.90) which consisted of a combination of marinated chicken thighs, pork collars, bacon, pork belly, prawns, crabsticks, otak fishcakes, fishballs, meatballs, suriyaki, squids, cabbages, golden mushrooms, kang kong, tang hoon, an egg, xiao bai cai, corns and tofu. Although it sounds there is huge amount of food items, the portions were actually pretty small. If you are a big eater, then this set is NOT going to fill your stomach!
Baby ordered a bowl of white rice, and he shared about a quarter of it with me. The white rice complimented the Mookata well, as the soup was very tasty. A metal flask of this soup made with pork was placed at the table in case we required more, and as with all steamboats/mookatas, the flavour improved even more after adding in various ingredients. Lastly, note that ice water is chargeable at the restaurant!

Thai songs were played throughout our meals, and guess what? Baby actually spotted out some familiar Thai songs that were being played.
The damage was SGD43 and we will be back soon for dinner again...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

[Treatment Review] My experience at Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Ever since I stepped out to society to work, I have been leading a rather busy lifestyle. I have to cope with a lot of things, such as workload, family, friends and my loved ones at the same time. This results I have left little personal time to take care/pamper myself!

After attending the launch of Yunomori Onsen & Spa, I was offered a 90 minutes Aromatic Body Massage as well as usage of the Onsen facilities. I accepted the offer without any hesitation, as I have longed to indulge myself for a body treat to relieve my work stress.

I met up with my clique at the spa, as we had booked the same slot for our body treatments. After checking in at the registration counter, we were each given a wrist-tag and were expected to wear it at all time. This tag allowed us to access to our lockers, so do note, if you do visit the spa, take absolute care of the tags!

We kept our belongings in the lockers that were located at the ladies changing room. To open the locker, simply scan it against the locker with the given wrist-tag as each tag that has the corresponding locker number!

At the spa, we were also allowed a choice of Japanese Yukata to put on! 

We took many random photos with our choice of Yukatas.

Before the massage was commenced, I got to choose from 4 different oils for Aroma therapy! I took ‘Lemongrass’ as my choice.

I love the 90 minutes traditional Swedish massage very much, as the therapist applied the right amount of pressure on me. After completing my treatment, my whole body felt fresher and it took my tired knots away too. The massage was so good that I actually fell asleep, and upon awaking, I was fully rejuvenated.

The wrist-tag allowed us to make orders at the Yunomori Café, no physical monetary was used during the transaction. Just scan before ordering and all charges will be billed upon checking out from the spa premises.

We enjoyed the free flow of Ginger Tea that was available at the café! I ordered a bowl of Tempura Udon, and we spent our time chatting while having our meal. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available within the café and the relaxing lounge area.

Do make advance booking if you are planning to have their body treatment on weekends. Nevertheless, walk-ins are welcome too. Thanks for the kind hospitality, and we had a great day at Yunomori Onsen & Spa. I am totally in love with this place and I will definitely come back for their Onsen again.
Yunomori Onsen & Spa is located at #02-17/18 in Kallang Wave Mall. It can be reached from Stadium Station on the Circle Line or walking distance away from Kallang Station (East-West Line). For self-driving, direct access from Nicol Highway and Stadium Boulevard.