Monday, June 27, 2016

A great experience at SG Flight Simulations

Jasmine extended her golden ticket to me, to experience flying a jet plane at SG Flight Simulations. The place is located at Orchard Central. We met up for dinner before heading for our first ever flight experience.

Jasmine sat at the Captain's seat, and it was definitely a pleasure for me to sit at the Co-Pilot's seat. I really appreciate this experience.

Upon entering the mock-up cockpit, I found it to be an eye-opening experience, as the whole affair looked pretty realistic. Although the graphics were not high in resolution, it was still pretty realistic and awesome.

The controls were so real and intimidating when you have so many buttons right in front of your face. I am pretty sure that I were a pilot, I would be spending most of my time looking confused!

Frankly speaking, it was a fun experience for me to be part of the flying crew at SG Flight Simulations, as it was probably the closest I can ever get to be in a cockpit.

Thanks for jio-ing me and I was glad to learn something new at SG Flight Simulations.

Chocolate Origin kick started their Dark Chocolate Gelato Launch by giving away free scoops at their Bugis Junction Outlet.

Tracy and I went down to Bugis Junction to join the giveaway fun. We redeemed our free scoop and commemorative badges. Baby was with us too!
Thanks Chocolate Origin for the awesome giveaway!


小影 said...

Those graphic wasn't that good because the prettiness of the graphic wasn't the first priority for the pilot training, as long as the basic stuffs there for them to familiar with the airport and runway or maybe some surrounding environment.

Also can't compare with those simulation games graphic, those they've putting millions and tons of works on the graphic development which makes them more realistic and perfect.

Those people working on the graphic in the simulator behind are start with scratch or just by reference from picture, they don't have everything in exact measurement and texture. Most of them gonna use their own creativity to make it nicer and more precisely.

Oh, by the way, those qualify pilot even though trainer, they should be very familiar with every panel in the aircraft, in the simulator, they won't be panic and confused with any button in the cockpit. Come on, this is talking about 150 behind him, 150 life in his hand.

小影 said...

150 passengers*

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