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[POCARI SWEAT RUN 2016] 'Journey to the Moon'

The POCARI SWEAT RUN returned for a fifth edition this year, with a special theme! 'Journey to the Moon', as it was called, was to signify the amount of distance covered from every POCARI SWEAT Run since its beginning till now! This particular distance, after completion of this year's run, would cover enough kilometres to actually reach the moon from earth! The run was held at The Float @ Marina Bay this year, and the flag off time was at 6pm.
To give you a further insight into the theme this year, runners who took part in the previous editions of POCARI SWEAT RUNs have contributed a cumulated distance of 380,000KM. Over the four years, participants have covered a total of 300,000KM - a distance which is more than 75% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. This year, there were about 10,000 runners who took part and joined their efforts to complete the remaining 80,000KM of POCARI SWEAT's Journey to the Moon.
There were many activities lined-up at the carnival …

[review] 360˚ Illuminator Treatment - Bella Skin Care

When life gets hectic with busy schedules, all I want is to do is to pamper myself with a great spa or facial session. I was delighted when WOM sent an invitation for me to visit Bella Skin Care to try out their latest 360˚ Illuminator Treatment. I chose the outlet in Marina Square as it is the nearest to my workplace. I could drop straight by after my work ended!

360˚ Illuminator Treatment is a non-invasive and holistic treatment designed specifically to meet the skincare needs of today's modern woman. The treatment is power-packed with an infusion of natural formulations, such as anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals which help to whiten and protect, while also soothing one's skin. This works on even on the most sensitive skin types.
360˚ Illuminator Treatment consists 3-step programme. A specially-formulated skincare which comprises of the SOD Illuminator Ampoule is used in conjunction with the Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel and the CO2 Illuminating Mask to anchor the overall t…

Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) 2016

The Singapore International Jewellery Expo (SIJE) is an annual prestigious Jewellery event that showcases the best Jewellery and designs from all around the world. The event was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre from July 21-24, 2016.
SIJE 2016 gathers the world's leading Jewellery from the various 'Jewel' capitals of world. It is also a much-anticipated event and is an ideal platform for jewellery designers to present their exquisite gemstones and latest creations, in the fast expanding Asian market.

Simone Jewels is a Singapore-based private jewellery, and their trendy designs are suitable the stylish women who want to look good on any occasion. I was glad to view their latest pieces from the collection 'Romance du Art Nouveau' at the SIJE 2016.

There is a fascinating mix of fact and legend behind each and every piece of exquisite jewellery/gemstone. Lately, there has been a grown in demand for Gemstones, as they are unique creations with no distinction…

[personal] Dinner Jyu Raku + hauls

Nothing is better than having a short getaway to Kuala Lumpur with my baby! We drove in to Malaysia after having a simple dinner at Woodlands on Friday night. The next day, Uncle Mike suggested going back to Village Park Restaurant for our brekkie, and I immediately agreed without any second thought as it meant having awesome Nasi Lemak! At the eatery, it took us sometime to get our orders by the waiters, as they were running at full house even though it was only 10am! After our brekkie, we borrowed Uncle Mike's car to Sunway Pyramid for some shopping.
I picked up an off-shoulder black top and a checkered Skorts at RM65 in total. I also picked up a clutch bag at RM40, and it also came with a long strap, that allows me to transform it to a sling bag.

Lovisa was having an in-house sales, and I picked up 3 necklaces at RM24, RM18 and RM12 respectively. I paid 3 items for RM54 (SGD18). What a good deal!
I got a choker from Vincci at only RM5. What a steal!
Lastly, I got a hair band at …