Friday, May 31, 2019

3D2N Getaway to KL

A long weekend getaway to KL is always a welcome relief to me. We drove up on a Saturday Morning at 5am, and we reached KL around 1130am. Mum V brought us to Go Noodle House which serves different types of delicious noodles. It is a chain-restaurant and we visited the outlet at 1-Utama.

The setting bears an ancient China-inspired rustic decor! I love the pan mee and the Trio Platter very much. The damage was RM59-ish for the three of us. 

As Hari Raya is around the corner, there was a Ramadan festive roadshow at the atrium. We decided to pick up some traditional Malay eats - a bamboo stick of Lemang and 300g of Beef Rendang. OMG! It cost us RM45. What a hefty damage! 

 Recently i've felt that my fringe is getting longer and my hair is out of shape... I'm not 'feeling it' for my hair! Therefore, I visited the Restyle Hair Salon which is located at Damen Shopping Mall. I read up about it on the website, and I decided to give it a try. I paid RM56 for Wash, Cut and Blow. 
This was my look before my hair was snipped away. 

I stayed at Daddy Mike’s place which is located at Subang Jaya for my 3D2N getaway to KL. My dinner’s OOTD with my new hair cut look. 

Has it was Daddy Mike's Birthday last month, we decided to bring him out for a belated birthday dinner. We brought the folks to a somewhat classy italian restaurant - D'italiane Kitchen which is located at Jaya33, PJ for dinner. D’Italiane Kitchen serves excellent Italian fine-dining cuisine at an affordable price. I love the contemporary Italian fine dining fare with a twist.


The Signature D’Italiane Pizza tasted decent, nothing to shout about!

I ordered the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio Pasta. It was cooked to perfection, and was SO AL DENTE! The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the fried garlic is a super nice garnish to complete the dish! It is definitely worth the price at RM29.

I love the Clam Pot very much! 

The Lamb Cutlet with Blueberry tasted amazing. The meat was well-marinated, and all of us enjoyed every bits of it! 

We also ordered a bottle of red wine for the celebration. The total damage was RM400. Though it was on the high-side, but the food quality made up for the damage. 
On the second day in KL, we had Pan Mee for breakfast, and we settled at JoJo Kitchen which is just opposite Daddy Mike’s place. It is a decent-looking eatery place that serves Pan Mee. The noodles are very chewy and it tasted pretty good. Money well spent, and truly eaten! 
After brekkie, I went for more shopping in Sunway Pyramid, and I picked up a dress from Padini at RM39, a play suit at RM49 and some earrings at 3 for RM10. 
We joined Mum V and Aunties for a home-cooked lunch at Damansara. Thanks for the meal, it was delicious indeed! 

Baby had arranged for himself and me to book a dental appointment at a private dental clinic. We did scaling and polishing for RM160 each. The whole process was painless as the doctors were gentle and well-trained. We were stunned by the amount each of us had to pay, as there was no chance the price would be this cheap in Singapore. 
For our last dinner in KL, we went to Restoran Woo Ng Kee which is located at Kepong. Upon entering the premise, which reminiscences the nostalgic years of old. Think of Red Star restaurant in Singapore and you will get a rough idea of what the place is like!

The restaurant was running full house when we were there. Luckily the wait was still bearable. There is no menu at Restoran Woo Ng Kee and most diners/patrons got their order through the recommendations from the servers. We ordered 5 dishes for 6 persons. 

This dish’s name caught my attention - ‘Pig & Dog Friends’ (猪朋狗友). The Braised Pork Knuckles is served in a claypot and is traditionally best to be taken in winter.

Restoran Woo Ng Kee is perfect for classic comfort food especially with family to bring out a homey feel. The damage was only RM107, and for the price we paid and the quality of the food served, it is definitely worth a second visit. I would say that this was the best meal of the entire trip!

We left KL at around 1130am, and only made 1 single stop to pump petrol for the entire journey from KL to Tuas checkpoint, in order to beat the long weekend holiday jam. We reached SG at 345pm, and that concludes my 3D2N getaway to KL! 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

[FOOD REVIEW] Enjoy Eating House & Bar

If you are someone who likes vintage decor, or wish to enjoy your meals with a nice dosage of a retro environment/touch of 'hipster'ism, then 'Enjoy Eating House & Bar' might be a perfect place for you. It is a new resto-bar that it is located in the rustic Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar.

Enjoy Eating House & Bar serves up a zichar-styled menu which has been curated to celebrate all the different Asian Influences that makes Singapore food unique.

Enjoy Eating House & Bar is a nice place where patrons can feel at home and enjoy themselves comfortably with great food and company. It gives a nostalgic and cozy vibe that serves up homely local dishes with a twist that brings back memories from yesteryear. At night, the lights are dimmed and the restaurant takes on a more chill out vibe. It is a great place to hang out for a happy hour session with friends!

I started my tasting with Lemongrass drink. The menu covers captured my attention as they are well-designed. 

The Shiok Prawn Patties (SGD9.80) tasted divine. These are made in limited quantities daily, so be sure to get your hands on them. It is a great dish to kick off your meal with or as a great finger snack to enjoy your drinking session!

Chef Joel, who is one of the owners of the place, has created a non-messy method of enjoying an iconic Singapore dish. Normally, Chilli Crab is delicious, but is quite tedious to consume. Chef Joel has therefore replaced Crab with Prawns! The Singapore Style Chilli Prawns (SGD17.80) are fresh and succulent.

I loved the dish as the chilli sauce was moderately spicy, and not overly sweet. The sauce is packed with flavors, and goes pretty well with mantous. Add SGD2 for 4 mini mantous. 

Chef Joel’s BBQ Pork Cheeks (SGD14.80) will satisfy your meat cravings. The premium pork slices are perfectly grilled till charred. Every dip of the accompanying special dipping sauce enhanced the taste of the meat. I savored every tender and juicy piece of meat.  

This is a crowd favorite and a MUST-TRY dish at Enjoy! 

One of the famous dishes at the premises is Grandma’s ‘Te Kah’ Bee Hoon (SGD11.80). It is homage to Chef Joel's dearly departed Grandmother. The home-made tender braised pig trotters were marvellous and the vermicelli had a strong and intense wok hei aroma. This dish brought back my childhood memories when I tasted this dish, and it is definitely worth a try! Highly Recommended! Each bite of thick cut pork trotter was so soft, it simply melted in my mouth! I give this dish two thumbs up as there is nothing I disliked about this dish!

If you long something warm and soupy on a rainy day, Chef Joel’s Signature Brandy White Fish Soup (SGD11.80) is sure to satisfy your cravings. The delicious soup requires long hours of preparation, and it is made from scratch by boiling fish bones for hours to achieve a collagen-rich soup with a natural milky consistency. Lastly, a shot of brandy enhances the flavor of the soup. 

I indulged myself with the rich and comforting broth, and to my surprise, I was told that there is no carnation milk added. I love how the eatery is very generous with the portions of white fish in this dish. I believe that this is another clear top recommended dish if you do decide to come by!

No meal is complete without dessert, so we tried a bowl of Teochew ‘Orh Ni’. This is a classic dessert that has been passed down from generation to generation.

If you’re looking for something more unique or perhaps for an adventurous fusion of classic desserts, do try their Chendol Panna Cotta. It is an Italian twist on the classic Singaporean Dessert, and while I am always doubtful of fusion food, this one was pretty decent. Do give it a try, definitely worth it! 

Thanks for having us! After the food tasting session, I felt that this eatery place leaves us wanting for more, and we would certainly be back again to try out the other dishes. 

Enjoy Eating House & Bar

383 Jalan Besar (within Kam Leng Hotel)
Singapore 209001
Operating Hours: 11am – 1am (Daily)


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

TNP Adventure Hunt 2019 - Go Local in the Ultimate Race + Mother's Day Celebration

As Mum V loves Peking Duck, Baby and I decided to bring her to Tung Lok XiHe Peking Duck restaurant which is located at Orchard Central for this year's Mother's Day Celebration!

Apart from the whole Peking Duck, we also ordered a dish of '3 Treasure Spinach in Superior Stock' and a plate of signature Braised Beancurd with Monkey Head Mushroom as our accompanying dishes. Mum V enjoyed the food very much, especially the Peking Duck. 

The Peking Duck was deliciously succulent, but the portions was kinda too much to share among the three of us. Baby insisted we could finish the whole thing, and surprising we did! No 'doggy bag' this time!

Our dining experience could have been better, as the serving of the duck with our other dishes were not concurrent. We were served with our side dishes firstly with our rice, but the Peking Duck came roughly 25 minutes later. By then we had finished the dishes and our rice was almost done. I guess the Duck needs time to be prepared but perhaps they could have served the side dishes slightly later or tandem with the serving of the duck.  However, as I mentioned, the standard and taste of the duck sort of made up for the long wait!! The damage was pretty hefty, as we paid about SGD130!

My siblings and I organised a Mother's Day celebration session for Mommy at the Crystal Café, Orchard Grand Court which is located along Killiney Road for a Taiwanese Porridge Buffet.
The choice of food is a bit limited, but the quality of the food is still quite decent! I am glad that my family enjoyed the dinner! We took a family portrait at the premises. 
Bridesmaids gang roxs! 
Together with Tracy, Sweetie and Meryl, we took part in the TNP Adventure Hunt 2019 - Go Local in the Ultimate Race which was held at Bugis+ and Bugis Junction. This is our first time in this Adventure Hunt although it was their third edition. Sadly, we had not known about the previous two races and missed out on them but I guess it's never too late to know!
We met up with one another at Bugis+ where the race was to begin. Upon registration, we were given a TNP goodie bag with filled with snacks and drinks. 
We changed into the race tee and we took many random OOTDs and group photos. 

There were a total of 100 teams each consisting of a pair of contestants to challenge one another on who was more 'Singaporean'! Each team was given a strict timing of 2.5 hours to complete 15 challenges at game stations around the two malls. 
Although we didn’t manage to win anything, we had so much fun at the race. I am certain our friendship bond was strengthened further after the race! Thanks TNP for selecting us to join in this adventure hunt challenge! We look forward to our the next edition in 2020! 

I end my post with my visit to #OURBLACKSECRET - HERA POP UP STORE with my colleague, Ivy, and both of us also managed to reserve the HERA Black Foundation Discovery Kit.

At the pop up event, I learnt the secret to staying flawless with makeup 24/7, as well as to identify which colors match me the most. This allowed me to redeem a correct shade for myself from HERA Seoulista!
We were also given a complimentary sign up as their members. As a member, we were offered an in-store promotion to purchase a lipstick/lip gloss at only SGD29! I picked up a purple Lip Gloss, and I felt that it looked great on me after application!