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[random] BBQ Party/gathering at SAFRA Mount Faber

The company I work in has two departments which liaise closely with one another. I belong to the CSR Team, and the other team is the DOC team. Recently, the DOC Team organised a BBQ Party/gathering at SAFRA Mount Faber, and they invited the CSR Team to join in the fun too!

We enjoyed ourselves very much and BBQ party was a success, kudos to to Soo Peng and her husband. They did a lot of work and put in extra effort to make the party a success!

Through this outing, I got to know my work mates better, and I look forward to more gatherings in the future!

Mcdonald's has again offered something to vie for, and it's none other than the 'My Melody' Holder which was apparently very popular in Japan! As usual, Singaporeans are crazy over such items, and I was not surprised to hear of stories that people were queuing for the items since 3am in the morning! The Uber cute 'My Melody' holder was sold out within hours after its launch on the 06/12. Luckily enough, my sister-in-…

[product review] Derma Science Gentle Collagen Toner + Novita /VitabridC12 : 14-Day Radiance Inside-OUT Set!

Thanks Novita and Vitabrid C12 for contacting me to collect the '14 Day Trial' set which consists of a bottle of HydroPlus Water, a 'Dual Mask' that has deep hydration and moisture retention properties, a 'Age Defying/Firming + Brightening Luminous', Scalp Shampoo, and a Face Brightening Powder that has a 12H Vitamin C property!

Let me do a small introduction on each of the product I received! 

Novita HydroPlus Water helps to restore the body's pH balance, and to revitalise and rejuvenate both the mind and body to enhance one's radiance from within!

The Age defying Firming Dual Mask helps to boost natural collagen regeneration and to bring about a new look of ultimate vitality. Lastly, it improves skin elasticity and firmness. The Brightening Luminous Dual Mask also restore the skin's inner radiance. It promotes collagen production, and improves overall complexion. With just a single use, you can achieve total firmness, moisture as well as brightening …

[product review] Charle Eterrite Series + Peptide Volume Essence J & Co:Ceu

I was glad that Cosmeria Beauty sent me the following products:- The 'Charle Eterrite Essence (I)', and 'Charle Eterrite Washing Foam'. These products are all under their Charle series. These came directly from Japan, and I was lucky enough to do a review!
The Charle series received many positive reviews and is well-liked by many Japanese Women. It has a high rating for its functionality and its regard to aging care. ~ Eterrite WASHING FOAM ~
Charle Washing Foam does a good cleaning job, as I felt my excess sebum being washed away by the face wash. It left a baby-smooth feeling after usage! Most importantly, I did not feel any uncomfortable feeling or have any adverse effects after washing my face!
~ Eterrite ESSENCE (I) ~

Charle Essence (I) helps to improve skin resilience, as well as to give clarity too! My face felt as soft as a cushion after I applied the luxurious foam onto my face.
Thanks Cosmeria Beauty for sending the products over! I was also happy to be selected by …