Thursday, January 26, 2017

I won a hamper from Puvay!!

I ended my 2016 with an achievement on my blogging journey! I won myself a hamper from Puvay Influencer's Collagen Drink Promotion Contest!! Thanks Puvay for selecting me as one of the winners.
This lovely hamper was hand-delivered to my doorstep!!

I had opportunity to try out the Puvay series beauty drink all thanks to Ms June from Artemisia Communications and Wellness Hut, the organizers of the Puvay Collagen Drink Launch Party. I was honoured to be invited to this casual afternoon event by my blogging buddy Tracy, and yummy bites & drinks by YingThai Palace Restaurant.
 Hiya readers, do click on the link and read about my experience. Lastly, thanks for the invite once again, and I will see you soon in the future events.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Preview Screening of School Tales

I attended the Thai Horror Preview Screening of 'School Tales' which premiered on the 12th of January 2017.

The horrifying tales are spilt into 3 different stories, and the first story is 'The Giant' - about a disabled student who is fat and has been bullied by his classmates. He has been given a nickname, the 'Giant' due to his large size. 
One day, his friends make play a prank on him by inviting him to go to an old and abandoned building in the school ground. The Giant is panicked as he was alone, and unfortunately he fell to his death from a staircase due to an accident. Since then, no student has dared to go near to the building as they will hear a voice asking 'Where are you?', and if no one answers, the Giant will appear...
The second story is 'The Library Spirit' - a ghost that will appear in the library when a student makes a noise. 

The third story is 'Pawadee' - a student was killed in the music room, and if someone plays a series of notes on the flute in front of the mirror in that room, Pawadee will return. 

The story's setting has members of the school marching club band having their final rehearsal on the school ground, and due to the long practice ending late, they decided to stay overnight. A handful of mischievous students gather together for a ghost story session, and share real spooky tales that have happened at their school, which have been passed down through generations. After the story-telling session, six students decided to find out the truth of the stories, but only 3 of them return. 
Ohm, a Grade-12 student is also the leader of the band goes out to search for the missing 3 with the aid of the mysterious student, Pun, who often hangs out in the science room. 

Be prepared to find out the horror of the haunted school, whereby something terrifying awaits for you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[personal] Happy Barkday Coco + random-ness

Coco came into my life in 2006, when she was only 3 months old. Now, she has turned 11 years old on 3rd January 2017.

Baby and I decided to bring her to Happenstance Café, a dog friendly café which is located at Opal Crescent. I ordered some ribbon pasta with carrots and broccoli for her as her Barkday treat. 

Baby and I ordered a waffle with ice-cream for sharing, as well as a pot of tea for ourselves.

Happy Barkday Coco! Stay healthy always.

She still looks as lovely and adorable as the first day I had her 11 years ago. In our hearts, she is always our lovable furkid! 

During a recent visit to Kim Gary, I redeemed the a monthly offer of XO Carrot Cake at no cost as I am a member of this eatery!

I had my favorite Shanghainese Rice with Chicken and mushroom as my main. Being a member, I was also entitled a weekday 10% discount off the total bill, which added an extra dining pleasure for me! Weekdays seem less blue now. 

I end my post with 2 meals with my loved ones. I brought my parents for a New Year's dinner at House of Roasted Duck, and I am glad that my folks enjoyed their meals. 

Baby and I visited the famous HK Cha Chan Teng, Honolulu Café which is now available in Singapore at Centrepoint. We had our dinner and I personally feel that it was overrated, and I don't think that I will come back again. I was not impressed with the original café in Hong Kong in the first place, but the Singaporean branch was a disappointment. The food portion were mediocre as compared to other Hong Kong Eateries in Singapore.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

[JB event] Reunion Lunch at SDS Bakery & Café

SDS Bakery & Café specializes in Asian and Western cuisine, but also offers confectionary such as cakes, pastries and assorted breads. It has its humble origin/beginning in Johor, Malaysia, and they now have a total of 8 outlets across Johor, Malaysia.
SDS Bakery & Café stays true to its confectioner’s roots by offering delicious cakes and pastries to satisfy carb lovers' cravings along with yummy main courses.

I was glad to be invited to a reunion lunch preview at SDS Bakery & Café's Johor Jaya outlet. Thanks so much to my JB blogger friend Kim, who generously did the arrangement for me!
Upon reaching the premises, I was greeted by the wonderful people from SDS Bakery & Café and the PR in charge, Ms Alice. Thanks for the warm welcome rendered to both my partner and myself.
Look at the delicious cakes on display! I was literally drooling when taking these photos! 


I took many random photos before the event commenced. 
We met with the eatery's newest mascot, 'A-Li', who dressed up like the Chinese God of Fortune, Cai Shen Ye. With him was also a Golden Rooster, to signify the upcoming Chinese New Year! They brought a joyous CNY mood to the premises 
I was happy to be able to get a photo with A-Li, and he was friendly and nice.

We started off our lunch with the Ong Reunion Cake Rice (RM59.90), which comes with a homemade tea that is made out of fresh fruits and citrus. This dish's portion is suitable for 4 people to share.

Let us start our prosperity Rooster year with 3 auspicious Chinese characters,
(ONG) (HUAT) and
We were also given the opportunity to try out the 'Tower of Love', RM99.90 which is available on the 12-14 February 2017.
The tower consists of Grilled Salmon Skewer, Aglio Olio, Grilled Tilapia Fish, Deep Fried Mushroom, Grilled Chicken Chop, Mixed Vegetable Salad and topped with fresh Shrimps with Tomato Salsa Sauce. This set comes with 2 drinks (for him and for her). 
 Apart from the CNY reunion lunch and Valentine's Special, we were also treated to new yummy dessert cakes!
'Je T'aime', Velvet Sponge Cake with Orange Filling is retailing at RM39.90
'Te Amo', Chocolate Moist Cake with Chocolate Granache is retailing at RM49.90
'Madly in Love' - 7 pull-Apart Blueberry Muffins with Fondant and Fresh Cream at RM45.90. 
We also tried the 'Love Cupid' (Rainbow Slice in pair) at RM19.90 which comes in assorted slices of Vanilla Mousse and Mango Cheese. 
Lastly, we had the 'Perfect Match' (RM19.90) to end our tasting session at SDS Bakery & Café. This set consists of Red Velvet Cheese and Chocolate Granache.

 I personally prefer the Velvet Cheese Cake from the ‘Perfect Match’ range, while my partner preferred the Rainbow Slice from the 'Love Cupid' series. 

We were surprised to receive a hamper from SDS Bakery & Café before leaving the premises. 

The Welcome Spring Hamper is retailing at RM68 at any outlets of SDS Bakery & Café.

The hamper consists of the 4 classic and 'Must-Have' CNY goodies, such as Nonya Pineapple Cookies, Biscotti, Peanut Cookies and Chocolate Meringue. 

Thanks SDS Bakery & Café for giving me so many wonderful memories and I was relieved that I was the only Singaporean blogger at the event, I was made to feel very welcome! Thanks for the kind hospitality! I appreciate the invite and I look forward to the next event in Malaysia.
A-Li will be giving away giant Ang Baos with dining promotions and discounts on the 14/01/17 at the Sutera Mall SDS booth from 2-3pm, Aeon Kulaijaya from 4-5pm, and on the 15/01/17 at the KSL City Mall SDS booth from 2-3pm and JB City Square from 4-5pm.

Be there to catch him LIVE at the venue/timings mentioned above! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

[random] All about food across JB and SG

I chanced upon Hold-Zhu Tea way back in 2013, and at the time, its location was at Taman Desa Tebrau. It was the café/restaurant that I've ever seen that utilized shipping containers as its premises! Now, it has been re-named it as 'The Metallic Kitchen'.
Recently, I went to their second branch at Golden Triangle Pelangi, Taman Pelangi for some teas and snacks.

As mentioned before, The Metallic Kitchen was set up using recycled shipping containers which made it environmentally friendly. This unique design allows patrons to enjoy their meals and drinks within the cosy container box for a different dining experience!

To beat the scorching weather, we ordered 2 icy teas and some fish fingers for our tea, and the damage was RM29.

Apart from the indoor seating, the eatery place also offers an alfresco setting. I love the swing seats very much. I sat on the swing before leaving the premises, and I had fun swinging myself back and fro. Do not say that I am acting like a juvenile, as everyone still has their inner kid living within!

Before heading back to SG, we settled our dinner at Restoran Tapai Tang which is located at Taman Melodies. I love their Hokkien Mee very much, and I will definitely be back again for their cze char fare. The damage was RM63. 

I brought Baby for a nice lunch on Sunday afternoon, and we had our meal at Masizzim Korean Restaurant which is located at 313 Somerset. They are famous for their Korean Meat Stew. We had the Beef Stew, which meat was well-marinated. The meat has been cooked in the soy sauce for long hours, which resulted in in being very tender.
We also ordered the popular Anchovy Rice Balls. YES! This is me preparing to mould the rice balls for my Baby! I am glad that he enjoyed his meal as much as I did, and the damage I paid for was SGD43. It was a little treat to my Baby from myself to show him appreciation for the many things he does for me! 

To reciprocate my lunch treat, Baby brought me to my favorite Thai restaurant which is located at Orchard Central. Yes!, we were back at Som Tam once again, and we ordered our favorite Tom Yum Koong. However, we discovered the price had gone up significantly as compared to what we had paid for previously. The damage was SGD53, and thanks Baby for the dinner treat! 

Lastly, we visited the Seasonal Salad Bar which is located at Chinatown Point, and they have the same dining concept as Krazy Salad Bar which is located at Toa Payoh Central (above KFC). I love their signature ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT salad bar, and I feel they have larger variety of items as compared to Krazy Salad Bar. We had an Add-On for a basket of Sweet Potato Fries which cost only SGD2 to go along with our main courses!
I ordered Hickory BBQ Chicken while Baby had the Garlic Butter Grilled Fish. I personally felt that the mains were a disappointment. The Krazy Salad Bar serves a way better main courses, but I suppose the salad bar makes up for it! As with all eateries, there are always hits and misses.

I end my post with an early birthday pressie from my JB blogger friend, Kim. It was a lip gloss from L'Oreal. Thanks for the sweet gift!