Goodbye to 2016 ; Hello 2017

Time flies really fast, and we are already on the 8th day of 2017, #throwback to the Christmas celebration as the Lee family (Jasmine and Ryden) planned a gathering at their place, Teban Garden. They invited us for a night of fun and laughter, and of course, not to forget to indulge ourselves with the hearty Christmas feast!

We had pizzas, honey turkey ham, garlic chicken sausages, rosemary roasted chicken, ribeye roasted beef and garlic bread with mushroom soup. 

Meryl was so sweet to prepare some snacks/titbits for our midnight mahjong session. Thanks for the kind gesture! 

We did a mini gift-exchange with one another. Thanks for all the lovely gifts. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for the heart-warming celebration session, and I look forward to more celebrations together on the coming years. A toast to our long-lasting friendship, and many sweet returns! 

Baby and I made our way to JB on NYE for some shopping and quality time for each other. We went to Tebrau City to pick up some random stuff for myself and my parents. 

We ended our day in JB, M'sia at Tokyo Meron for desserts. The damage was a tad too pricey for a Matcha Akuzi Waffle and 2 hot teas. In total, we paid RM62.70. 

Happy 2017! 

I end my post with a mention on my dinner with Vivien, who came down from KL to spend her NY in SG. We were at Tampopo, which is located at Takashimaya. A big cheer to our friendship! 

Last but not least, my first haul in 2017! I picked up a pair of Suede Maroon Loafers from Steve Madden. 


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