Tuesday, April 30, 2013

V 10 plus: Star Blogger Event

Due to environment stress, ultra-violet rays from the sun. as well as the hectic lifestyle that we are leading, there are always some common skin problems that we cannot avoid. We are lucky that the Founder of V10 PLUS, Mrs Akiko Yokota has found the perfect skin solution, with 10 different serums providing aids for different skin needs and offer hassle-free skin solutions for us. Over the years, without a doubt, the quality of V10 PLUS products has been recognized world-wide and the demand has shown a constant increase.
V10 PLUS is currently distributed in Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.
There are 10 good points about V10 PLUS Serums as they contain no Paraben, free from Artificial Color and Mineral Oil, and they also free from Chemical Fragrance. They are Water Based with Dermatologist-tested and visible results in just 10 days. They are known as Customized Serums for 10 different skin problems and Color Therapy from colorful bottles, and lastly, they are all Made in Japan.

The V10 Plus Star Blogger Event was held in one of the spa parlors in 313 Somerset, Spa Symphony.
 I was glad to be invited to their inaugural star bloggers’ event, and the V10 PLUS products includes customized serums and a wide range of skincare (sunblock, night cream, water mask, cleanser and etc)

Lovely shots with my lovely besties

A brief presentation on their 10 different serums was conducted by the founder herself, Mrs Akiko Yokota.

We tested on the serum texture, and it is pretty rich and concentrated. I love one thing about the serum, which is that they are fragrance-free, and this shows that they are pure and natural.
V10 PLUS WATER BASE PEELING is a revolutionary product that effectively removes dead skin cells without any harsh scrubbing.

Refreshment was rendered to all invitees and thanks for the kind gesture!!
We bag-ged home with a gift pack from V10 Plus (:

V10 PLUS HYALURONIC ACID SERUM, the number 1 Moisturizer and it holds 6 litres of water and hydrates and firms up the skin.


Usage of the V10 PLUS WATER BASE PEELING - Pump an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed and dry skin for 5 second. Massage gently with your fingertips in circular motion. Rinse off the impurities thoroughly with water.
This is an essential step before applying the serum as the Water Base Peeling will help to remove all dead skin cells on the skin in order to allow the goodness of the serum to penetrate into the skin to provide best results.
Among all the 10 different serums, I have the soft spot for V10 PLUS PLACENTA SERUM. It is good for whitening as it works effectively on freckles, spots and dullness skin.

There is a blogger voting contest after attending the event, therefore I chosen V10 PLUS PLACENTA SERUM and posed a photo with it to enter the contest...


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~ 3 lucky voters will win a mystery gift ~

The voting period will run from now till 30 June 2013, 2359hrs.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Random Happening: Desigual Fashion Runway / Party-ing at Shanghai Dolly

Both Baby and I are fans of Desigual, but Baby is more hard core I supposed as almost 80% of his wardrobe is Desigual garments/accessories (jeans, outer-wear, polo/tees, shirts, or even belts). I think he is a total freak!! Hahaha!!
For me, I owned at least 5 garments/accessories (dresses, tops and even bangles) under the influence of him, I supposed, as mainly they were gifts from him for various occasions... The tops and dresses that I have are pretty good for photo-shooting as they look colorful and are full of patterns and they are very detailed too.  
The runway was held at the Amphitheatre of VivoCity, and this was my first ever fashion runway featuring Desigual, a Spanish fashion label that was launched in 1984 and it is famed for its colorful and unique designs.
During the fashion show, Baby and I both spotted some designs that we might want to try out at the store later after the runway and this shows how much we love Desigual.


The fashion showcase was fabulous as every piece of the garment, be it dresses or tops for the ladies or shirts or tees for the men are well designed and the Spring/Summer collection are pretty captivating as they focus a lot on the colors...

I love the fashion runway very much and I was glad to be there at the event to witness the wonderful Spring/Summer collection of Desigual.

I attended the 3rd Anniversary Party at Shanghai Dolly with my lovely babe, Cindy...
I love the invitation card and the admission ticket as it portrays a passport and a boarding pass to travel back in time and that explained the theme of the party, Time Capsule. Though the party was over, I am still keeping the boarding pass ticket stub, because the design of the invitation card and the admission ticket is so unique and creative...

I had fun at Shanghai Dolly, and I know quite of a number of new friends during the social net-working night too. Keep in touch, pals!!

Ending this post with my weekend lunch at Just Acia, Downtown East with Jasmine (Jas Jas)... Thanks for being there for me always!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birds and animals encounters at Palawan Beach

A random weekend RKM’s day-out at Palawan Beach, Sentosa, and this time we decided to cross the suspension bridge to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia to take some pictures... Being an islander, we get to go into Sentosa Island for free, and this gives us even a good excuse to go there to spend my weekend afternoon every now and then. I really felt great to be embraced by the sea breeze and sunny sun...

Going to Palawan Beach is a nice weekend outing, as you can do couple of things there, apart from crossing the suspension bridge to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia and climbing a viewing tower to have an bird's-eye view of Sentosa Island, there is a open-air Palawan amphitheatre where you can watch the free birds/animals show. (Free admission to attractions are not common in the Sentosa Island)

We went to Palawan Amphitheatre which conveniently located at Beach Station (Sentosa Express). There are a few sessions in a day, and I went for the 5pm slot.

At the Palawan amphitheatre, we got to see awesome displays of intelligence, agility and responsive-ness from the animals and birds...

After the session, we got an up-close encounter with the python, and I got to feel the skin of the python. To my surprise, the skin is soft and fairly smooth (due to some scales on skin). The body of the snake is so cold, oh well, and that explains why they belong to the cold-blooded species.

It was a pretty much fruitful weekend outing as we got to relax ourselves from the hectic urban life and up close and personal experience with nature and animals... Protecting the environment we are living in and the living things around us (include trees and animals) are everybody’s responsibility.