Monday, April 1, 2013

Launch of Dermal Therapy

Dermal Therapy, highly-efficacious healthcare solutions to people all over the globe for  the past 20 years is finally here in Singapore.
With a wide range of comprehensive products that helps relieve common skin problems and irritations in just a few days, this range of products also cover areas of foot and nail care as well as problem areas on the hands and lips. Dermal Therapy is a well-trusted brand by families around the world with its fast and effective solutions that treat common foot and skin conditions with ease.

The products targets conditions such as cracked heels, discolored or brittle nails and of course very dry skin. Dermal Therapy’s products are formulated using ingredients of the highest quality to counter the problems. The products effectiveness come from the usage of a special combination and this combination helps to lock in moisture and protects the skin from the harsh environment around us.
 Hand Balm helps to hydrate, soften and protects very dry hands and is enriched with Vitamin E to condition the skin and leaving the hands feeling supple, smooth and soft It also replenishes the moisture levels of the skin.

Heel Magic is a break-through product that helps hydrate and soften dry, rough heels and feet. It is made for simple to apply with easy-to-use roll-on stick thus no messy or sticky hands after application.  
Intense Hydrating Lotion helps to moisturize and protects the skin, and it is suitable for daily use.  
 Gentle Hydrating Wash cleanses and moisturizes your skin. It is sulphate-free and non-irritating gentle wash for all skin types.

Heel Balm helps to hydrate rough, dry, cracked heels and feet. Non greasy formula with added exfoliation action and it also contain rich moisturizing formula ingredients.

 Nail Magic conditions and treats discolored and brittle nails. It bears a unique gel formulation for easy penetration. It comes with an easy–to-use applicator brush and it is totally invisible after apply on nails.
 Lip Balm helps to hydrate and soften severely dry and chapped lips. It contains menthol and cocoa butter to moisturize lips.

I was invited to the Media Launch of Dermal Therapy, an innovative and effective product line from Australia. The venue for the launch was held at Artery, Red Dot Traffic Building and the place was pretty spacious and cozy.  

The host for the event was Ms Yasminne Cheng, CLASS95FM DJ.

Special guest, Mr Armit Saha shared a brief presentation on the development and efficacy of Dermal Therapy’s products.

We indulged in a complimentary foot massage by Sole Service therapist. That was a heavenly experience as my tired legs were glad to receive the treatment and my feet were pampered by the Dermal Therapy’s products too.
During the event, I tried out the lip balm on the spot and I really fell in love with it! The lip balm is really awesome and it moistures my lips well throughout the day.  
We were given a bagful of products from Dermal Therapy... OM!! I bag-ged home with so many products and I am excited to use them. Stay tuned for my experience when using them (:

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