Friday, August 31, 2012

My lovely weekend with loot and food...

We drove in to JB, Malaysia to our favorite food haunt, Restoran Yit Foh for a wonderful meal on a random weekend, our cravings were satisfied by this plate of delicious Wanton Mee and a big bowl of Wanton Soup.

The QQ noodles tasted really good with the seasoning sauce. They blended well with each other. The freshly home-made Cha Siew and preserved green chilli are worth the mentioning too... OM!! The piping hot soup with generous portion of wantons makes one drool away, and the wantons tasted great but I loved the soup so much that I asked for another serving of soup.
  A cheap eat in JB that makes us feel ‘shiok’ after the meal...
Shopping has become my favorite past-time! The main REASON I LOVE SHOPPING, is because buying things I desire makes me thrilled... As my previous post, I mentioned that music complete my life, and I live my life for music... 

Baby got me a pair of beats by dr.dre Monster IN-EAR...

I have a fetish for rings, especially with retro and cute graphic designs, and here I go pampering myself with 3 different shapes and design rings

I got a popular character from Sesame Street, Elmo round-faced vintage ring...


It looked so cute on my finger, I am completely in love with this ring.

I got another cube-faced vintage ring with a cutesy owl design... I love the contrast of colors (pink and green)

 Pop Art owl design with vintage frame, makes it looks 'hip' even though you are no longer in that era.
Lastlly,  I got a rectangular-faced vintage ring with another Retro owl design, and I am totally smitten by the 'long-y' shape... Perfect match for a causal gathering with friends...  

Rectangular shape rings are pretty popular among teenagers and young working adults, as they bring out the classy-ness of the shapey fingers one's has...

Presenting the three different shapes of rings in one go... Which one do you like best?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movie Review: ParaNorman

My second visit to the MBO Cineplex at KSL Mall, and as usual we couldn't resist the temptation of the charges (RM22 ~ about SGD9) to pay for pair of movie tickets in JB. What even thrills us more was that 'ParaNorman' is released in Malaysia's theatres. Therefore we decided to take this chance to purchase our tickets for this movie. My previous visit to this cineplex had me experience seats that were very comfortable, but this time we were surprised by the quality of the film which was way better than the previous visit. However, the whole theatre was so cold (cool fans were blowing in full blast), the moment I stepped into the theatre. * Not too worry, it doesn't affect my movie, but for better enjoyment, I will remember to bring sweater/jacket for my next visit*
--- Posters of ParaNorman ---

'ParaNorman' is a 3D stop -motion animated adventure horror film about ghosts, spirits, zombies and witch's curse. The film director is Chris Butler, a storyboard artist who honed his skills on Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride' and Henry Selick's 'Coraline'.

This movie takes place in New England town of Blithe Hollow where there is an infamous history of witches. 11-year-old Norman Babcock (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee), is a out-of-place kid who loves zombie movies and has a ability to talk to dead. Due to him being misunderstood and always sem to be talking to himself, he was outcast in his school and his own family.

In school, Norman is a target for a bully named Alvin (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is a brute and an idiot. Things get a little complicated when his uncle, Prenderghast (voiced by John Goodman), a hulking bum who lives in a dilapidated house in the woods contacts Norman and passes his responsibilities in the town after his uncle dies, and his mission is to stop the witch's curse before the sun goes down.
A twist on the witch's identity makes an unexpectedly move and thoughtful parable on acceptance and empathy. The voice acting was great and the animation is superb too.

Stop-motion animation is always a beautiful and fascinating process, and the film looks wonderful and the execution is awe inspiring. 'ParaNorman' is a true classic for stop-motion animation pictures. I am in awe by this film, as it is funny, entertaining and this movie has a stylized feel. This whimsical and impressive movie is worth both my thumbs up, and I left the theatre with a big smile.

It maybe a little too scary for young children, overall was a blast for everyone. The premiere date is on the 30 August 2012
*** Pictures courtesy by Google search ***

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All about the good things around me

My besties (Terence, Andrew and TZ) enjoyed themselves during the Heineken Green Room party, as the
iconic Heineken Green Room (HGR) celebrated their 10th year anniversary by taking the partygoers back to

where it all began, Zouk Singapore. It was definitely an evening of spectacular sights and sound for the trio.

Terence brought back a gift from the Heineken Green Room party for me...

It was a headset from Heineken... Thanks so much!!

Entering Jess Baby's music world, where only rhythm lives....  

The headset looked pretty stylish in their signature color, green, and I love it :)

I can't imagine my life without music, as it completes me. I believe that it will accompany me decades after decades.

I was heading to vivo City to meet my besties... *Cam-whore* We attended the HYPEd Up 2012 which was held at Wave House, Sentosa.

We were within the first 200 people to reach Wave House, and we received a goodie bag each upon entering the premises....

Yes, each folded flyer pig represents 1 person, which means I met up with 4 people at Wave House for the event, and they were Linda, Terence, Andrew and TZ.

We played a small game among ourselves, as we were competing with one another, to see who was the fastest to fold up the flying pig. It was pretty fun and challenging.

Wave House is well-known for their delicious thin crust pizza. We ordered 12-inch Hoisin Roast Duck Thin Crust Pizza and a basket of French Fries…

Like the past years, flea markets were part of the highlights...

I got a glittering sweet pink ribbon dust cap for my iphone from one of the vendors during the event... 

The dust cap REALLY suits my casing = All about pink affair... Hahaha!!

Time to shop for more, as Watsons commended their private sales in mid August 2012... I got my loots during the massive sales. My damage was SGD48.

RACHEL K Mineral Color Control Blemish Balm Pressed Powder was going for 1-for-1 @ SGD38, so I picked up the special offer as I need to replenish my compact powder too...

It is a  4-in-1 makeup foundation, a natural mineral makeup concealer and with SPF15 protection.

Rimmel special bundle sales at only SGD10... There were 5 items in the bundle - Lycra Pro Lacquer (#370 Reality Chic), Exaggerae Waterproof Eye Definer (#290 Precious Gold), Stay Matte Foundation (#103 True Ivory), Max Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara and Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer (#030 Classic Beige)

Closer look: Stay Matte Foundation

Closer look: Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer

Closer look: Max Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara

 I always have a fetish for Japanese snacks, as the cute and creative packaging never fails to make my day... I saw this wide selection of Japanese foodie at NTUC Finest, Bukit Timah Plaza...

Without second thought, Baby got me two boxes featuring Rilakkuma...

OMG!! The inner packaging is as cute as the outer. I cannot bear myself to tear the foiled packet, as it looked so sweet and lovely... It contains butter-flavored Pretz. Every pretz tasted great, and I can't stop popping more into my mouth. *Once you start, you can't stop*

It has become one of my favorites tea-time snack, and what's yours? Do share with me your favorite snacks...