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Food Tasting/Food Review: Canto Kitchen

Canto Kitchen started up in 2009, which was first lead by a Cantonese chef who brought in a lot of delectable Cantonese dishes into the menu. Lately, a Malaysian chef took over and added in his own specialties like Curry Fish Head to compliment the old menu.

Canto Kitchen is known for its reasonable and affordable prices for its extensive menu, and uses only the freshest and finest ingredients when preparing the food. With the combination of both chefs. Canto Kitchen offers a wide variety of dishes to satisfy the cravings of food savvy customers.

Upon entering the restaurant, the brightly lit atmosphere and the traditional metal framed red chairs reminded me of the restaurants I visited in Hong Kong. The setting was pretty much like Hong Kong style with vintage chairs and a TV on the wall...

I was invited for a 9-course dinner food tasting with a large group of bloggers...

We were lead to the VIP room by the person-in-charge, Mr Sherbert Lim. Thanks so much for your kind hospitality. Appreciate loads!!

He was kind enough to extend a bottle of red wine for Hong Peng and Terence. I took a few sips, and the red wine flowed down my throat smoothly without leaving any bitter feeling after taste.

Look at Hong Peng and Terence, they were excited about the red wine... I simply can't help myself from giggling at them.

We took some photos together during the food tasting session

Our first dish, Braised Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw. The piping hot soup came with a generous portion of ingredients, and it tasted great...

I would like to recommend one dish in the menu that I personally find it pretty tasty, and that is the Fried Prawns with Orange Sauce. The prawns were smothered in an orange sauce with slices of orange and tiny diced strawberries scattered at the side. It tasted amazing, as the sweet and sour sauce gave the prawns a nicer taste and it was not overpowering.

Bloggers at work :)

Spare Ribs with Yam in 'Zhen Jiang' Style

The Spare Ribs were cooked in a tangy-sweet sauce, garnished with a generous portion of crispy yam strips. OM!! I love eating the crispy yam strips, and the meat is tender and tasted fabulous. The bonus thing is that the spare ribs have been de-boned, a perfect dish for young children and elders...

Bloggers at work again, except for me... As I was taking photos using instagram via my iphone. I always tend to share whatever awesome and good things to all my friends over the world, and this is what I call social networking...

We were honored to be served by Mr Sherbert Lim... That was really awesome lol!!

Steamed Cod Fish Head with Garlic & Chilli is another signature dish in Canto Kitchen, but first of all, you have to like garlic to appreciate this dish, as the whole dish was very 'garlic-ky', slightly sweet and spicy, but all of us like it. The garlic bits in the sauce gave it a nice fragrance, and it smelled divine and tasted even better. I love this unique creation and the fish meat was fresh and sweet too The kick of sweetness and sour-ish taste in the sauce at the same time left me craving for more...

Home-made Beancurd with Conpoy

The beancurd was smooth and the conpoy and mushroom gravy was great as it made the dish taste even better, but most importantly, it perked up my appetite.

Poached Spinach with Whole Garlic and 3 Eggs

It tasted pretty decent, but there was one downside about this dish is that it lacked of the egg taste. A perfect dish for health-conscious diners.

A dish I have to recommend for this entire food tasting session, is the Garlic Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice

A must-order dish!! The crab meat tasted sweet and juicy, and the glutinous rice texture was just alright, not too sticky or soft. Being a crab lover, it was a wonderful feeling to try out this unique creation of steaming a crab with the glutinous rice. The rice absorbed all the goodness from the crab, and it tasted simply awesome.

Chinese Herbal Roasted Duck

This is one of the popular dishes in Canto Kitchen. The duck is nicely roasted and meat was well-seasoned with herbal extracts. The gravy/sauce tasted really good with full of Angelica (dang gui) flavor!

It was so delicious, that most of us took several rounds of servings to savor the goodness of the Herbal Roast Duck.

We were given a choice to pick our own desire dessert, I ordered Hashima with Red Dates and Dried Longan.

It was a refreshing dessert after a full meal, and it is good for complexion too.

Canto Kitchen is one of the best restaurants that offer great Chinese food, and it is truly a hidden gem in Chinatown area. Our taste-buds were satisfied, but most importantly, it is well within a person's budget for meals. Take your time to savor this treasure and I promise you will not regret it. The service staffs were attentive and friendly too. The prices stated on the menu were reasonable. We had a pleasurable experience as a whole and I will definitely come back again in the future.

To get there, head down to People's Park Complex and take the lift opposite CK Department Store up to level 5. The restaurant is located directly opposite Five Star Travel.

Canto Kitchen

People's Park Complex 1 Park Road #05-01
Open daily from Noon to 10.30pm
6536 0501

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