Saturday, August 11, 2012

HERMES: The Gift of Time

An exhibition designed for Hermes by Hilton McConnico was presented at the Historic Tanjong Pager Railway Station in Singapore. The exhibition is free admission and will be on display until this Sunday, 12th August 2012. Hermes The Gift of Time debuted in Hong Kong and will continue to Lille, France for its next destination after Singapore.

I was glad that the exhibition is held at our former KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station so I can reminisce the glory days of the railway station.

We began our journey at THE ORIGIN OF TIME - Never forget: the first role of Light is to make the Dark more beautiful, and not measure out the days.

We took our time wandering and pondering at FREE TIME. We watched the Hermes videos and read the quotes in French, English and Chinese.

We were given a draw-string pouch to keep our watches, so we would not be pressured by time constraints.


Meticulous precision of Hermes watchmakers and the skills of craftsmen saddlers.


I love this dreamy room loads, as it features the sundial made of Hermes China, glassware and porcelain. I was totally in love with the magical spinning top.


 The green bag is acting as a pendulum that moves from side to side from the vintage leather bag to an improved version. This design is to signify the journey from olden days to present.

The parrot is made of the different leathers and colors.

Look at this pixel cat picture...

Feel the cat jigsaw as it is made up of different colors and textures.


 Escape ourselves into the imaginary for a moment, take a seat and relax.

GIFT OF TIME, a room with a glorious print of tree branches of an ageless tree and this shows that time goes on and on.

The seven rooms were designed to flow from one room to another to create a circular walkthrough for the entire journey. This is really a smart way to convey the message that there is no ending for time.

Through this exhibition, it makes me perceive time in a different way. Without time, nothing can last. I understand more about Hermes and appreciate this brand inside out.

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