Tuesday, December 31, 2019

[random] Little Caesars Pizza + Le Shrimp

RKM’s weekend date with the kiddo! We brought Hay Boy for lunch at Little Caesars Pizza which is located at Funan Mall. We were delighted that they are now offering a large 12-inch Pepperoni Pizza for only SGD7.99. With such an affordable damage, we got 8 delicious slices!

We ordered a large 12-inch Pepperoni Pizza with an add-on drink at only SGD9.50 which was really value for money. Hay Boy loves the freshly made pizza very much, especially the Mozzarella Cheese which is shipped directly from the America! It was really a good experience for Hay Boy as he kept saying that he wants to come back again.

On a random weekend, me, Baby and Mom V revisited China Classic Restaurant which is located at Chinatown Point, as there is an on-going promotion. Each of the dim sum dishes are going for SGD3.80! The China Classic is a Cantonese Restaurant, and they offer traditional 'Push-Cart' dim sum, like how they do in Hong Kong. Baby loves the traditional push-cart dim sum as compared to those 'Ala carte' ordering style. 

My recommendations are Braised Chicken Feet and Steamed Spare Ribs with Yam with Black Beans. 

 I arranged another Christmas gathering for my ‘Gossip Gals’, and we had a great time catching up with one another. Looking forward to our next meet up soon! 

Baby and I met up for dinner after work at VivoCity and recently we settled at a recently opened new food joint - Le Shrimp. We started off with our favourite appetiser - Chilled Silken Cold Tofu with Century Egg.

As for our mains, we both loved the seafood-packed flavoured broth. The damage was SGD50. 

Being huge fans of Japanese cuisine, Baby and I recently went on at Otoko Ramen, which is located at Chinatown Point. We had a nice meal after a long day at work. Our dinner definitely tasted better when we have our loved ones by our side! 

Lastly, my Fri-date dinner with my Baby at Pho Street which is located at Gardens by the Bay. We ordered 2 set meals and a sharing side. They tasted pretty decent, and the damage was SGD36-ish. 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

2D1N getaway to KL

To beat the jam during the Christmas weekend, we decided to drive up to KL one week before Christmas to purchase X’mas gifts and CNY new clothes.

We left SG on a Saturday morning at 4.30am to avoid the obvious massive jam, and we reached KL around 1030am. Mum V brought us to Restoran - My Toast n Roast which is located at PJ for a roast meat fix!

We checked in to the One World Hotel for a night's stay. We were so lucky to have an early check-in, as well as an upgrade to a deluxe room even though the normal check-in time was 3pm!

Thanks for the complimentary cookies from One World Hotel

After dropping our bags off, we drove down another 30-45mins to Subang Jaya to Daddy’s Place, and did some shopping in Sunway Pyramid. I took some random photos at the Christmas Market which is located at the Atrium of Sunway Pyramid. 

The most satisfactory loot for this trip was the special 'TokiDoki' Cabin sized suitcase! This was a steal as it was only going for RM170, with any purchase of RM50 from any Guardian Pharmacy! Can't wait to fly with it soon!

I was thrilled to see that Cathy Doll teamed up with Disney TSUM TSUM, and they have interestingly come up with a Disney limited edition make-up collection of special oil control powder pact and matching pouch!

I picked up the shade in #Natural Blur which is suitable for all skin types with Elsa storage pouch. Not only is it cute to carry, it has SPF40 PA++ rating too! 

I carry it around with me for easy touch-up whenever I need to remove excess oil and it helps to make my pores look smaller too! 

To celebrate our early Christmas with Daddy Mike, we brought the folks to a somewhat classy italian restaurant - Verona Trattoria which is located PJ, Selangor - a quiet neighbourhood for dinner. Verona Trattoria serves excellent Italian fine-dining cuisine, and almost everything is priced under RM40. 

I love the appetiser dish - Eggplant Parmigiana very much! We had the Aglio Olio Pasta with Bacon. It was cooked to perfection, and was SO AL DENTE! The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the fried garlic is a super nice garnish to complete the dish! The Calamari Ring tasted decent, and some praise could be given to it!

The Crispy (cracking) Pork Belly tasted amazing. The meat was well-marinated, and all of us enjoyed every bit of it! The total damage was RM365. Though it was slightly on the high-side, the food quality made up for the damage.

The next day! Our Room stay was inclusive of breakfast, so we headed down to the cafe to enjoy the buffet spread! There was a wide selection of Western, Asian and Indian cuisines. I liked the nasi lemak the best! 

We checked out around 1245pm, and we headed straight down to 1-Utama Shopping Mall for more shopping.I was glad that I did pick up some clothes for this forth-coming CNY in January! We took our time at 1-Utama Shopping Mall, and we left KL at around 330pm. We reached SG pretty late due to the delay on the north-south highway, and we cleared both customs about an hour! This concludes my 2D1N getaway to KL! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mr Mistoffelees Magical Gala

CATS, one of the greatest and most adored musicals the world has ever known, has returned to Singapore and is now performing at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands from now till the 5th January 2020.

I attended the 'Mr Mistoffelees Magical Gala', and I welcomed this musical with open arms as I know it is quite simply, a musical masterpiece and phenomenal! The musical features a magnificent musical score composed by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber that includes the timeless hit song, 'Memory'. 

I loved the amazing stage settings, as it created an artistic 'Cat's Cradle' of a playground. ‘CATS’ tells the imaginative tale of a tribe of Jellicle Cats, and they gather together for the annual Jellicle Ball. 

This beautiful musical has been seen by over 70 million people world-wide, and when 'CATS' first opened in London in May 1981, it went on a record-breaking number of awards internationally, which included two Olivier Awards for ‘Musical of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement of the Year in Musicals’, as well as seven Tony Awards! It holds the record for one of the longest-running musicals in West End's history, where it has been playing for 21 years.

The show was fabulous and I love how the cats (performers) came out into the audience seating area during the performance.

 I had the pleasure to attend the Mr Mistoffelees Magical Gala, all thanks to Base Entertainment Asia, and I was glad that this legendary musical has returned to Singapore once again.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

[Day 01] Short trip to Fukuoka

I'm back from my 4D3N short trip to Fukuoka. I can't wait to share on my travel experiences with you guys! This is my first time travelling to Japan in late autumn.
I took a midnight flight with Cathay Pacific on Thursday to Fukuoka, which had a stopover at Hong Kong. The flying time to HKG was approximately 3 hours and 45minutes, and thereafter the wait in the airport for the connecting flight was about 2hours+.

By the time I reached Fukuoka, it was already late morning in Japan. It was pretty chilly!
Yes I know this was definitely not appropriate gear for the weather, but I prefer to dress light and comfortably whenever I board a plane! The temperature was around 11-15C in Fukuoka. Luckily, it was a breeze to travel from the airport to the city, and I took the complimentary airport shuttle bus from the airport to the airport subway station. I then took the local train to Hakata Station, the main transport hub in Fukuoka, which was a mere 2 train stops away (about 5-10 minutes).

I made my way to the hotel by walking which took me less than 15 minutes. I stayed at ‘Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion'. The room was decent, clean and well equipped on the usual travel amenities. I changed into a proper gear upon checking in to the hotel before heading out! 

I walked past Family Mart, and I grabbed a sweet bun for myself. OMG! It was Rilakuma, and I initially didn't have the heart to bite into it! I did some shopping at Hakata City.

When night fell, the mood for Christmas became stronger, as Christmas decorations were all over Hakata City! I took some random photos as it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Both Baby and I love Ichiran Ramen which is located at Canal City. Upon entering the premises, we purchased our ramen from the ticket vending machine. We were then given questionnaires at our seat stations to instruct us on how we wanted our ramen to be cooked. This means you can basically instruct how 'Al Dente' you want your noodles to be! The soup broth tasted awesome, and the noodles were firm and chewy too.

After dinner, we felt like chilling out at one of the themed cafes nearby in order to spend quality time with each other. We came across the Kirby Cafe by chance, so we went in to have some salad sticks and hot drinks! 



Kirby is our favorite Nintendo’s characters and the cafe set up many photo opportunities corners for Kirby fans to leave their memories and footprints! We took many random photos before leaving the cafe. 


Never leave Fukuoka without trying out dining at their unique open-air stands, which are known as ‘Yatai’. After our first experience last year, Baby was kinda addicted to this very local supper experience.

The food was surprisingly good, and was relatively cheap. It was quite awkward at first, to eat my dinner in a tiny 'restaurant' on the side of the road, and to be frank the awkward feeling is still there. These pop up covered stalls are amazingly small, and can only seat up to say, less than 10 people at a go. The interior of the small stall is mainly taken up by the chef with his cooking utensils in the middle, and a 'U'-shaped bar setting with seats. We had to huddle up next to strangers in close proximity. Oh well, it is much better now as compared to our previous experience. 
This concluded my travel experience for the first day in Hakata, Fukuoka! I will share more soon...