Thursday, March 24, 2016

Singapore Bus Carnival + random eats

I had a trip down memory lane with the inaugural bus carnival. The Singapore Bus Carnival is celebrating a milestone by bringing to the public, a glimpse back in the past, as well as a sneak peek on what tis o come in the near future!

At the carnival, we joined in some fun activities whereby we were given bus tickets to fold into heart shaped origami! This was a favorite childhood habit of mine back then during bus rides.

During the 1980s, bus conductors were phased out and each passenger paid for his/her bus fare by insertion of a fare-card into the automated fare-paying machine upon boarding the bus.


 We tried the new concept double-decker buses which featured 3 doors and 2 stairways! I love the USB charging point which is available at every seat!

I was so happy to relive all the lovely good memories!
Baby and I were back to Som Tam once again, and we repeated some of our routine orders like Tom Yum Koong and Deep Fried Chicken with Creamy Salted Egg.

This time, we ordered a plate of Fried Tang Hoon with Seafood which comes with Som Tam (Papaya Salad).

The dinner damage was SGD44, and thanks for the dinner treat, Baby!

I end my post with a random Friday dinner at Xin Wang, HarbourFront Centre. I love the Borsch Soup and the Fried Spring Rolls.
The damage was SGD38, and this was my little treat to welcome the weekend.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

[Food tasting] Bodacious Bar & Bistro

A new food joint, the 'Bodacious Bar & Bistro' has opened at Biopolis, Buona Vista. It has given nearby office workers a new dining option!

Bodacious Bar & Bistro has a modern dining concept. An ultra bright and retro signage illuminating the word 'Bodacious' has been mounted on the wall. This place caters to all their patrons' needs and selections when it comes to dining. They serve all-day breakfast, salad, mains and yummy desserts

Start your meal with their fusion starter, Thai Grilled Beef Salad (SGD13.80)
Sirloin Beef Strip with healthy green, trio peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint and Thai Vinaigrette Dressing.

If you are not a salad person, then try the Prawn Bisque Bread Bowl (SGD14.80). The soup tasted flavorful and is served in a sourdough bread bowl.

I generally love all-day breakfasts, although I am not a morning person. I don't wake up early on weekends especially since I have late events the night before! By the time, I wake up, it is usually almost near lunchtime, and therefore, my first meal of the day is Brunch!
Croissant & Scrambled Eggs (SGD14.80) was tasty. I love the crispy bacon as it pretty well as a overall meal.
The 'MUST-HAVE' traditional breakfast entrée in most restaurants and cafes is none other than Eggs Benedict. Bodacious gives a twist to it by serving it up with Norwegian Smoked Salmon.

If you are a seafood lover, do not give the Seafood Risotto (SGD15.80) a miss! I really enjoyed this dish as the seafood broth is simply marvellous.

Grilled Chicken & Pesto Pasta (SGD14.80) tasted delicious. The pasta was al dente and the chicken meat is tender and juicy at the same time.

The Laksa Pasta (SGD15.80) is an Asian fusion creation that received many good raves during the tasting.

The Tenderloin Steak & Fries (SGD21.80) was amazing with an unbelievable price tag to pay for, as the meat was perfectly seared on the outside and tender on the inside!
Next up was the Pulled Pork Burger (SGD14.80), the portion of the lean stripped meat was generous and coated with Citrus Spicy Apple BBQ Sauce. Each bit is flavorful and gives a feeling of contentment
The Fatty Duck Confit (SGD19.80) was nicely presented and served with mashed potatos. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender too.

We ended our tasting with a sweet note, Shibuya Toast (SGD13.80). It was nothing really to shout about, as it was mainly honey toast served with berries and a scoop of ice-cream.
If you were to ask me if I would come back again, and my answer would be a resounding YES, as I want to try the Fatty Duck Confit all by myself instead of having and sharing a sampling portion. I can vouch that it is REALLY TASTY, and WORTH THE CALORIES + DAMAGE!

Bodacious Bar & Bistro

70 Biopolis Street #01-05 Singapore 138669
Tel: 6778 9585

Thursday, March 17, 2016

[random] Jess Baby's corner

I am so happy to see Collar again, and I simply adore this big size guy! He looks like an adult, but in reality he is still a puppy! As the tender age of 5 months old, he’s already built like a guard dog! 


We had our dinner at Eagle's Nest Restaurant which is located at Kelab Golf Negara Subang (KGNS). It was a  delightful dinner and we were only here in KL for a night as we drove up on the Saturday late morning. We left KL on the Sunday afternoon.


Happy 65th Birthday, Uncle Mike!

Although we only stayed a night, I still had my shopping desire fulfilled all thanks to the latest mall, Da:Men in USJ. I had to also restrict myself from spending too much as I am heading on a shopping spree trip in a few days time! Not too worry, this restriction will not apply to where I am heading and I will definitely make time to explore the city and enjoy the delicacies there too.

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I am sick of my lengthy fringe and long hair, so I visited REDS SALON to fix my tresses. I had 3 inches of hair snipped off with more layers and my fringe was nicely trimmed too. I like my new look, as it makes me look fresher as compared to my old dull long hair. I am happy that I am all ready for my 2-week trip!

I received some gifts/snacks from Kelly (colleague) who just came back from Shanghai a couple of weeks ago.

I end my post with my random weekday dinner at Centrepoint. Baby and I settled at Desa Kartika Indonesia Restaurant. We had a decent meal but we came to the conclusion that we are not returning to this eatery place anymore as the damage was over-rated and it was not worth the food taste. In short, 'Thumbs Down'