Friday, March 4, 2016

[random] Jess Baby's space

YAY! I have a new member to add on to my Monchhichi collection. Check out the very cute Cupcake Monchhichi!

Baby and I had cravings for cze char fare on a random weekday, so we made our way down to a usual joint we frequent, Sum Kee Food. We had a delightful cze char dinner, as Sum Kee never fails to impress us with their awesome quality. Thanks Baby for the lovely meal!

On another day, We chanced upon an affordable Korean eatery, 'Hanwoori' after our jogging, and this place is at Serangoon Garden. Oh no! All our calories burnt during the workout was wasted, but I supposed one's eye can be closed when it comes to nice food!

I love the unlimited servings of 10 Banchan, and each dish tasted good!

I had Jajangmyeon while Baby ordered Sundubu Jjigae, and the damage was SGD34-ish which was pretty decent for a meal for 2.

I was invited by 'Marinate', a PR Consultancy to attend an Open House event at 277 South Bridge Road. I gathered my friends to attend this event with me.  

I took our OOTD/selfie at the premises, as the backyard of the shop-house was a PERFECT spot for photo-taking.

Check out their toilet, and you will be amazed or rather shocked by the design of the vanity area...

OMG!! It looks like an altar table. I personally do not like this concept. You may find me superstitious, or as per the local lingo, ‘pang tang’, but it is best not to take chances! However, apart from that, everything else was good and tidy.  


We ended our meet-up at Café Insadong for Korean Bingsu.

Baby brought me to his colleagues' steamboat gathering, which was held at Buangkok Green. The hosts were very generous, friendly and affable. I enjoyed the chatting session with them, and I hope to meet up again soon!

Kudos to the host 'A' as well for her exquisite preparation, as the mala soup base was from the popular eatery place, 'HAI DI LAO'.

Baby brought some cupcakes from the ‘Ugly Cake Shop’ for the house visit. The cupcakes were very pretty, and tasted just as well as they looked. Delicious!

I end my post with a random photo with the movie standee of ZooTopia!

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