Thursday, March 31, 2011

CUSkin Bloggers' Event

I was invited to the Cuskin Private Lunch Event cum Prize Giving Ceremony as I took part in their Bloggers' Contest a couple of month ago... Click HERE to see my entry. Lynn was with me @ the event too (:

The event held @ Midview Building... this venue was pretty far a distance for me... Luckily, I got my baby 'driver' to send me there... *muaks*

Beside giving away the prizes to the winning bloggers and a lucky draw for one lucky voter, this event was also to create awareness to the public about their products.

I was given a token of appreciation for participating in the CUSKin bloggers' contest... I was given a full retail size PH Balancing Toner. Maintains skin PH level balance, delivers a refreshing feeling and leaves the skin with a soft and invigorating feel instantly after application. Thanks for Dione International Pte Ltd (Exclusive distributor for CUSkin products in Singapore) for their generosity...

The event kicked off on time, Wendy, the speaker cum organiser of this lovely event did a skincare presentation cum a demostration on their products... I am pretty amazed by this Repair Balancing Cream from CUSKin...

The texture is a very soft, water-based gel-ish that will hydrate the skin.

The most prestigious range - Dr. MK Episode Vitamin U series : Timeles Aging Care System for 4 weeks...

Vitamin U helps to lift the skin and improve the skin moisture rapidly and helps with collagen regeneration.

This is an intensive treatment that is similar to 'Botox'... This set cost SGD1600. Vitamin U Serum - A high concentration serum that increases absorption into the skin as well as helping with regeneration. Vitamin U Cream - Provides a healthy condition to the damaged and weak skin.

Vitamin U Mask - An effective mask product for the special antioxidant aging care.

During the lucky draw segment, I was one of 2 lucky bloggers who walked away with Pure Whitening Cream...

Pure Whitening Cream not only inhibits the progress of skin darkening but also effectively reduces existing pigmentation. It also helps to even out the skin-tone.

Congrats to all the other winners & 'BIG' Thank You to Dione International for the heart-warming invite! Hope to see you guys REAL soon again...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genuine Peranakan Cuisine

Baby & I love dining at IVINS @ Binjai Park, so once Baby suggested this eatery place.. I agreed to his suggestion immediately....

Tucked away in a little corner of Bukit Timah, away from the culinary haven of Sixth Avenue, is a little gem unknown to many. The portions at IVINS are notably small but this is reflected in the very affordable prices as well. As such, diners can order a larger variety of Peranakan specialties to savour in one go....

Our orders :-

Ayam Rendang

I love Bakwan Kepeting :)

The clear soup with bamboo shoots is flavor-ful yet not overpowering. The well-shaped meatballs, with fresh crab meat mixed in, are generously-sized and enough to satisfy.

Gado Gado

Bayam with Garlic

Ikan Sambal Manis


The meal was great! The damage was SGD27.40. Nice dinner treat from Baby! IVINS is definitely one of the most value-for-money and authentic Peranakan Restaurant in Singapore.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Importance of Collagen

I received a 1-month supply of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink (3 boxes of drink : 10 bottles in each box) and a packet of Green Juice with Collagen.

Green Juice with Collagen is a delicious powder that can be mixed with water. Recommended for individuals with little vegetables intake.

I was recommended detox-ing my body with Green Juice with Collagen first to enhance a better absorption of nutrients for the body, as well as aiding the skin’s repair process, before the intake of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink, this will help us to obtain better absorption of the collagen from the beauty drink.

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink - Essential beauty drink for intense hydration and youthness ; AFC Green Juice with Collagen - Detox and Nourish for healthier body and glowing skin. I will review them once I try them... Stay tuned for my review on these 2 products.

Collagen and elastin are important structural components in skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our skin.

The lack of collagen and elastin often leads to various skin concerns: • Dry Skin • Enlarged Pores • Sagging Skin • Appearance of Fine Lines Tsubaki Perfect Beauty targets skin health for healthier, youthful looking skin: • Promotes skin firmness and elasticity • Reduces visible pores, wrinkles, fine lines • Lightens pigmentation, spots and even out skin tone • Powers up anti-oxidant level to reduce free radicals impact for radiant skin.

Ensuring an optimal level of collagen is essential to allow sufficient collagen level to be utilized for overall body needs. Collagen will firstly be utilized by essential body structures before it reaches skin. A dose of 10,000mg replenishes daily collagen loss, in order to meet daily collagen demands and ensure optimal level reaches our skin.

Regular consumption of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty with 10,000mg collagen not only helps for skin, it supports other health benefits as well. Tsubaki Perfect Beauty is an all-natural product with no preservatives added. Tsubaki Perfect Beauty helps to restore beauty and youthful skin.

Content: 50ml x 10 bottles in refreshing peach flavor Active Ingredients per bottle: Micro-Collagen Peptides 10,000mg Bio-Cell Activator (BCA) 33.7mg (Comprising Tsubaki Camellia Seed Extract, Lotus Germ Extract and Star Fruit Leaf Extract) Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C, B6, B1 and B2. AFC Green Juice is a nutritious blend of Japan’s home grown organic barley grass, organic kale, Shizuoka green tea and hydrolyzed collagen. The unique green blend helps support effective body waste removal while enhancing the absorption of nutrients. Hydrolyzed collagen is added to boost skin turnover for glowing and luminous skin which can be then optimally absorbed by the body. Premium-grade ingredients are selected to ensure high quality results. AFC Green Juice is made into micro-sized powder to increase its solubility. This exclusive technology retains the nutrient level of Green Juice, it also creates a smooth texture and enhances the taste of this healthy beverage.

AFC Green Juice with Collagen is suitable for all ages for good health and vitality. Its remarkable nutrient profile is extremely beneficial for those who : • Have little or no vegetables intake • Eat a lot of meat or have diets high in saturated fat • Frequently dine out • Have dull skin or/and uneven skin tone • Are prone to constipation • Recomrnended for those with imbalanced diet, bad health or unhealthy skin. Content: 150gm (30 days supply)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring X Tsumori Chisato

Picked up a copy of May's issue of Spring... This issue comes along with lovely supplement - A Trio of pouches with different sizes from Tsumori Chisato. The measurements read as : (S) H12cm X W16cm ; (M) H14cm X W18cm ; (L) H16cm X W20cm

I am a fan of Tsumori Chisato... I love the designs, they look simple and yet give a refreshing look. These will be handy for putting my important stuffs, so that I will not have a hassle of struggling to find them from my bag...

~ Featured in the magazine itself ~

~ To begin, hook the 3 pouches together, follow the instructions below and you are done ~

~ Loves it, loves it, still loves it ~

OMG! It's FURLA... Don't miss the latest FURLA Mook which comes with a classic tote bag with measurement of H29cm X W30cm X D10cm... Paul & Joe Mook which comes with a lovely flowery tote bag with measurement of H32cm X W47cm X D13cm... Very roomy!

Russet Mook which comes with a classy tote bag with measurement of H20cm X W40cm X D16cm...

Lastly don't miss the June's issue of Spring which comes with a flowery tote bag with measurement of H24cm X W24.5cm X D14cm and petite pouch with measurement of H6.5 X D3.5cm from Gelato Pique.

Tsumori Chisato Cocktail Party

Tsumori Chisato is a Japanese fashion designer. She began her career with Issey Miyake in 1977 and started her own line in 1990 and she took her work to Paris in 2003.

I was very honored to be able to attend this exclusive launch of Tsumori Chisato Cocktail Party @ Forum Chopping Centre... Thanks Club21 for the invite! ~ The flagship store in Singapore ~ We were given these two badges, for the purpose that we are able to enjoy all the drinks and refreshment in the house... We took our pictures against the photowall... There was a fashion showcase during the event Refreshment for all guests in the house... The food was great but however variety was limited! Neverthless, I still want to thank Club 21 for their hospitality :) 20 specially flown in iconic pieces for the 5 days Tsumori Chisato exhibition... Indeed was an eye open for all of us... Retrospective of outfits designed over the past 20 years of Tsumori Chisato's career... We had a great time at the launch party... We indulged ourselves with free flow of Moët & Chandon.... Our all-time-favourite champagne. Nothing beats great ambience and nice music... Lastly, Jess Baby did her fave cam-whoring with a 'V' sign during the party.... A successful launch party, indeed! 'Sticky' candy for the guests! Once again, Thanks for the invite!