Thursday, May 31, 2018

[treatment review] Day Spa at Spa Nes

Working in Singapore is pretty hectic, and I have been leading a rather busy lifestyle. I have to cope with a lot of things, such as workload, family, friends and my loved ones at the same time. This results in me having left to little to no personal time for myself!
After attending the launch of KIM Bird’s Nest which was held at Spa Nes, I was offered a free 90 minute session of an Aromatic Body Massage, which also came with a 1hr Spa Pass for usage of the spa facilities. I accepted the offer without any hesitation, as I have longed to indulge myself for just such a treat, in order to relieve my work stress!

I met up with my dearie, Meryl at the spa, as we had booked the same slot for our body treatments. After checking in at the registration counter, we were each given a wrist-tag and were expected to wear it at all times. This tag allowed us access to lockers, so do note that if you do visit the spa, you must take absolute care of your tags!
We kept our belongings in the lockers that were located at the ladies changing room. To open the locker, simply scan it against the locker with the given wrist-tag as each tag has a corresponding locker number!

We changed into the spa clothes they provided. Kudos to Spa Nes, as we were given a complimentary bag of a Vanity Kit!


Do take good care of the sensor wrist-tags, before proceeding to soak in the hot thermal or cryo bath! Spa Nes is so considerate to have another key locker for us to keep our tags as well as our hand-phones while we were inside the water. 

We enjoyed around 30-minute of spa facilities before heading for our relaxing massage. 

I love the 90-minute traditional Swedish massage very much, as the therapist applied the right amount of pressure on me. After completing my treatment, my whole body felt fresher and it took my tired knots away too. The massage was so good that I actually fell asleep, and upon awaking, I was fully rejuvenated.

The spa pass allowed us to enjoy a complimentary mini buffet spread at the Spa Nes Café. 
We enjoyed the free flow of Green Tea that was available at the café! We had Mee Siam and porridge at the premises. We spent our afternoon at the Spa Nes, and we were enjoying life just like how rich 'Tai-tais' do! Hahaha...
I was happy that we can spend our quality time together chatting over the meal, and catch up on each other's daily recent updates! Good friends are like stars in the sky, you don't see them often, but they are always around you. Thanks for being there always!

Do make an advance booking if you are planning to have a body treatment here on weekends, as it can be quite packed. Nevertheless walk-ins are welcome too. Thanks for the kind hospitality, and we had a great day at Spa Nes. I am totally in love with this place and I will definitely come back again. 

Spa Nes is located at 407 Havelock Road Level 2, Furama Riverfront Annex Building, Singapore 169634

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Blue Ant Entertainment] Preview screening of SIREN

With effect from January 2018, RTL CBS ENTERTAINMENT has been renamed to BLUE ANT ENTERTAINMENT. This channel still continues to focus on entertainment and variety shows which are broadcast in HD, similar to what they have been doing since 2013.

I attended the exclusive preview screening of SIREN at The Screening Room before the premiere on Blue Ant Entertainment on Starhub Channel. Thanks for feeding us, while we watched the drama during the screening!

In Greek Mythology, 'Sirens' appear as mermaids or seafolk that prey on hapless seafarers by luring them to their doom with their hypnotic songs.

In this latest American fantasy/TV Drama series, 'SIREN', a small fishing town that has a history with mermaids, is thrown into chaos when a strange lady appears one day. In the coastal town of Bristol Cove, there is a legend that the area used to be the home to mermaids. One day, a mysterious girl who calls herself 'Ryn' (starring Eline Powell), appears and causes much chaos and havoc within the town with her appearance. While Ryn herself isn't violent, she meets Ben Pownall (played by Alex Roe), who is the son of the town's leading family, and is working as a marine biologist with his girlfriend, Maddie Bishop (Starring Fola Evans-Akingbola).

After watching 2 episodes of 'SIREN' at the preview screening, I personally felt that this wasn't any run of the mill horror/monster flick, as there were some good drama elements and action/thriller scenes. The show does a good job of setting up the various conflicts and problems the town faces with the appearance of a mermaid!

Eline Powell brings out the role of Ryn very well, as she manages to convey a certain creepiness whenever she is on screen. What I really liked about the show was that the mermaids shown in 'SIREN' aren't completely evil nor benevolent. Ryn is primarily concerned with finding her missing sister Donna, so that they can return back to the ocean together.

The show has successfully changed the usual view of what people usually assume mermaids to look like, into something more dangerous and sombre. I love this exciting drama which draws from real emotions being portrayed by the cast and storyline, and it kept me yearning to watch the next episode! 'SIREN' is an awesome drama series and it is really a pity if you miss it.

Thanks Blue Ant Media for the invite, and do catch the two-hour special premiere of 'SIREN' on the 04 June 2018, 9.45pm on Blue Ant Entertainment on Starhub Channel 509

For more updates, follow Blue Ant Entertainment at, @BlueAntEnt on Twitter, and @BlueAntEntertainment on Instagram

Friday, May 25, 2018

[food review] Toby's The Dessert Asylum - Tradehub21

I've never been or heard about Tradehub21 until my recent tasting last week at Toby's The Dessert Asylum. I was there with my Baby, Tracy and Sweetie, as well as their respective partners.

 Toby's The Dessert Asylum boasts an exciting line up of hearty restaurant favorites and beloved desserts made from original American recipes. The restaurant was founded back in 2009, and was previously located at Marine Parade. However, it has since moved to TradeHub21 along Boon Lay Way since 2015. This is definitely a piece of good news for all 'west-siders'. If the crowds at Jem or Westgate are way too much for you, then this restaurant might be a good option.

I love the alfresco area, as it has ample natural lighting. Check out the giant monkey dressed up in a corporate styled black/dark purple outfit near the entrance!

Don't be fooled by the restaurant name 'Dessert Asylum', as this eatery place serves more than desserts! It offers an extensive menu of affordable American-styled grub and also has an impressive list of drinks and desserts!
The Hulk-A-Mania (SGD5.90) is a refreshing fruit juice, made of freshly green apples, lime and sour plum. It basically comes across as a fruity beverage that has a sour/sweet taste. It is the perfect drink to keep you feeling refreshed under the scorching sun!
The Lemon Demon (SGD6.90) is made of lemon sorbet + Lemonade.

The Liquid Gold (SGD5.90) is made of honey lemon + soda, and the Lychee Lust (SGD5.90) was made of lychee juice and blended with ice. 

The Pear-A-Dise (SGD5.90) is a refreshing ice blended pear drink, and the Oreo Monster (SGD7.90) is made of chocolate ice-cream + crushed Oreo cookies. 

I love the crispy bits of popiah skin scattered on the surface of the Smoked Duck Pizza (SGD16.90). The simple artisan pizza was sprinkled with chunks of smoked duck slice, shiitake mushrooms, and generally drizzled by the sweet-savory hoisin sauce.
 I recommend this thin crusted Smoked Duck Pizza as a 'MUST-ORDER' food item at Toby's The Dessert Asylum.

The Chicken Cordon Bleu (SGD18.90) looked crispy on the outside and once it was cut into halves, the pipping hot mozzarella cheese flowed out immediately. The chicken meat and the ham were tender and toasty. You get a choice of between potato salad, fries or garlic rice to accompany the dish as well! Lastly, the orange lemon butter sauce paired up pretty well with the dish, as it added a soft touch of tanginess!

The Baby Ribs Platter was the star during the entire tasting, and it consisted of 3 different type of flavors (BBQ, Hickory Smoked and Guinness Stout) of succulent of succulent prime rib meat, for the carnivore in me! Each platter comes with 5 sides - Potato Salad, Onion Rings, Mashed Potato, Taco Fries and Cheesy Focaccia Bread! 
Each Baby Rib was well marinated, which resulted in a well-balanced flavor! The Guinness Stout added a hint of bitterness, in order to tone down on the sweetness of the rib. The guys enjoyed this flavor the most, among the three choices. The ladies preferred the Hickory Smoked flavor instead, as we felt it was more tender, stickier and sweeter, as compared to the Stout version.
Good news to all sticky bone lovers, Toby's The Dessert Asylum are currently running an offer for the Baby Ribs Platter, and each order of the platter is now only going at SGD49+ (usual price: SGD89+). This promotion runs till the end of May. As the food was quite amazing, I will definitely be back to Toby's for more meals!

We couldn't leave without trying their desserts, and we went on with some signature desserts from Toby's The Dessert Asylum. The Fruit of the Forest (SGD5.90 per slice) was not just any ordinary run of the mill blackforest cake, as it contained a significant amount of rum, which made the taste unique! It was embedded with black cherries, and is the perfect dessert for those who love a rich chocolate flavor!

The Rambo 7 (SGD7.90 per slice) was such an Insta-worthy rainbow cake and it tasted as good as it looked. I love the dark and white chocolate coating! 

Do try the Ondeh Ondeh (SGD7.90 per slice) for the taste of Malacca. I enjoyed it very much, as the level of sweetness was just perfect for me. Most of my friends, especially the closer ones know that I am not really a fan of anything that has a high sugar content, so everyone was surprised that I had a good helping of this Ondeh-Ondeh cake! I think this was the most popular cake as well among our party, and I noticed that other patrons were having slices of the same cake in the restaurant! I strongly recommend this cake to those who don't like their cakes to be too sweet.

We had the Seek Asylum (SGD15.90), and it is the standard of what every rich dessert should be! The mud pie was served with a combination of macadamia and mocha almond ice-cream, completed with a bed of crushed cookies and drenched with yummy chocolate sauce. The name of the dessert was as awesome as it tasted too! Please lock me up in this 'dessert asylum!!'

The Arctic Bombshell (SGD12.90) is one of the restaurant's choice creations. Essentially, it is a soft chocolate brownie, layered with thick chocolate ganache, and topped off with vanilla ice-cream. The entire dessert is then covered by a rich, fluffy sweet meringue that forms the outer shell of the dessert. It looked absolutely beautiful on the serving plate. Sharing is advisable for this decadent dessert treat! 

Every dessert lover will love to stay at Toby's The Dessert Asylum as a so called, 'Dessert Prisoner', as the amazing list of desserts will surely tempt anyone to be lost in this world of sinfully enticing sweetness! This place is also an ideal communal place for families and friends. With the extensive list of food and dessert choices available, there should be no chance of anyone not being able to find anything to their liking! If you are spoilt by choices, then just head for their signatures or the recommended dessert, you will never regret having them! 
I had an enjoyable gathering session with my friends. We are one of the great examples of bloggers friends turned good friends, as we knew one another since 2011. A big toast to our friendship, and I am glad that we have all found our significant others as well! Thanks Toby's The Dessert Asylum for the invite, and it was really nice to have our partners to join us in this tasting too! Really appreciate it! 
Toby's The Dessert Asylum
8 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub21, #01-35 Singapore 609964
Open daily from 11am-10pm