Tuesday, May 15, 2018

[new menu launch] Truffle Specials + Cheese Curry Rice from Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is a well-loved Japanese restaurant that introduces a DIY concept for diners to act as a Chef to cook their own meal! Diners can sear the meat to their desired level of cooking. Recently, they launched their new sizzling hot seasonal Truffle Specials for a limited time only. Remember to try them before they are gone!
The Truffle Specials are created with white truffle oil which has an intense earthy aroma, that is rarer and more expensive as compared to black truffle.
This season, Pepper Lunch introduced 3 tantalising truffle specials:-
The first item that Pepper Lunch launched was the Sous Vide Truffle Beef Steak (230g) and it goes along with newly Truffle Cream Mashed Potato
The Sous Vide Truffle Beef Steak is served on a sizzling hot teppan with regular mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn and a bowl of steamed white rice. The 230g well marinated Australian beef steak cuts are seared and drizzled with aromatic truffle oil! I enjoyed every bit of it, as they contain a strong truffle aroma! 

Though I do not have a big love for Beef, I strongly recommend you guys to check out the Sous Vide Truffle Beef Steak (SGD19.90), by Pepper Lunch. It contains nothing but pure sizzling goodness! 
You can top up an additional 50cents for Truffle Lava Cream Sauce to be added onto your regular mashed potatoes! This will allow you to enjoy a home-made blend of rich fragrant truffle cream sauced mashed potatoes, which is extremely delicious!
The Truffle Cream Mashed Potatoes can also be purchased as a side for only SGD2.80. It's a popular side dish which goes well with every meal course.
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Recently, Pepper Lunch Express also revamped their menu with a new item. Do try out the Cheese Curry Rice, which comes along with a choice of meat (Beef, Chicken, or Hamburger) at only SGD 8.90!  
I enjoyed the taste of the perfect combination of Japanese curry and the stretchy melted cheese. If it sounds delicious to you, do give it a try at any of Pepper Lunch Express!

Both Tracy and I shared the portion of Cheese Curry Rice with Chicken. It tasted great! I will definitely go back to try out the Cheese Curry with Hamburger! 

The Truffle Specials are available for a limited time only at all of the 7 Pepper Lunch Restaurants. As for the Cheese Curry Rice, it is only available at the Pepper Lunch Express outlets. The list of Pepper Lunch restaurants and Pepper Lunch Express outlets are located here.
Wait no more, head down to the Pepper Lunch to try out on these sizzling hot new delicacies.  

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