Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[random] product review - Numis Med pH5.5 Sensitive Shower Gel + Misc

Baby and I meet up for dinner almost every day after work, and recently we had one of our meals at 'LeNu', a Taiwanese noodle restaurant which is located at VivoCity.

We started off with the Chilled Silken Tofu with Century Egg, and we love this appetiser very much! The damage was about SGD34, which included our 2 choices of bowls of noodles. This was my little treat for my Baby for showering me his TLC.

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and this year, Salted Egg Potato Chips/Fish Skin are pretty popular this festive season. Recently, The Sunday Times conducted a blind tasting test for the various Salted Egg Potato Chips and Fish Skins which are presently available in the market, in order to see which one stands out the best! In total, there are 17 brands up for the blind test, and Aunty Esther’s Salted Egg Potato Chips came in top. Everybody’s favorite Irvins Salted Egg came in at No. 8.

Mum V knew about this competition, and she decided to give this winning brand a try. Therefore, she went over to Takashimaya Food Hall to pick up a few bottles of the chips for us to try too. Thanks Mum V for the Potato Chips, and it was pretty addictive and simply irresistible.

Numis Med pH5.5 sensitive gel is imported from Germany, and it is safe to be used as both a body shower gel and Shampoo. It is a convenient 2-in-1 product that relaxes the scalp and smoothens the skin. I was glad that the company '0.8L Singapore' sent me a bottle of 'Numis Med Ph5.5 Sensitive Shower Gel' directly from Korea! 

I used this product after my workout, as it offers a 2-in-1 multi-function of shower gel and hair shampoo. Hence, I do not have to carry additional things with me to the gym! My body feels nice and clean, and my hair doesn't get dried out too! I love the scent as it is not over-powering.  

Lastly, I found it to be a suitable product which can be used daily. This product is suitable, even for all skin types that are extremely sensitive. It is free from parabens, and protects the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. It is a great product which is worth buying indeed! 

Thanks for reading, and I hope my experience can help you to understand the product better!

I end my post with 2 random photos which were taken against the beautiful Marina Bay view. It was pretty nice to be a tourist for a day in Singapore, as I felt good over-hearing tourists praising Singapore and how beautiful it was.

Lastly, Baby and I love weekends, and what we love most is to stay at home and be lazy by 'lepark'-ing/watching dramas and enjoying the various snacks which we had picked up from our recent Kyushu, Japan Holiday. We love the Mentaiko Prawn snack from Calbee very much!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Wedding preparation - Venue + Rings + Bridal

Thanks so much for the overwhelming congratulatory messages over my various social media platforms. Yes! I am officially MRS CHEW, and I am proud to be addressed as such!

I got engaged in Japan January 2017, while touring Osaka and other parts of the Kansai region during my Birthday trip. Soon after my engagement, I had the very good fortune to take my pre-wedding shoot in Auckland, New Zealand in April 2017. I would like to thank my hubby especially, as all this was made possible by his very hard work and scrimping/saving. He surprised me with all his planning and unwavering will to make it happen! Now, in February 2018, we finally tied the knot after a 10-year relationship!

We started to look for banquet venues since last November, and we were fortunate enough to come across The Floating Pods at The Fullerton Bay Hotel for our solemnisation. Baby dropped them an email for quotation in early December, and they replied promptly! We arranged to meet up for a discussion on the package at the hotel on a random weekend.

We met up with the Banquet Sales Representative, Alyssa, and she was really friendly and helpful! As an added bonus, one of Baby's friends at work informed us that the hotel was also holding their inaugural wedding showcase, just barely a week later from our meetup, so we quickly checked if we could enjoy the perks and discounts for the package sign-up during the show. Happily enough, she was very kind to extend these same perks to us. We booked 2 pods (The Voyage and Port of Call) for our wedding solemnisation lunch to accommodate our closest friends, relatives and immediate family members.

We received an invitation email from The Fullerton Bay Hotel to their Augural Wedding Showcase. It was was held at The Clifford Pier on the 10th of December 2017, and surprise surprise! Alyssa waived the entry fee for us as we had already given a deposit for our wedding solemnisation! Top marks for the service

3 days before I went Kyushu, Japan for my birthday trip, we went through our ‘GUO DA LI’ ceremony.
I love simple and plain designs, so we decided to get our wedding rings from Cartier. The Maillon Panthere series of wedding rings are very beautiful, and we were given a complimentary service to get a ring engraving as well.

For our wedding, we got our gown and suit from Luna Bianca bridal studio, which is located at Bugis. The package was very affordable, as it included a gown rental, a suit, make-up/hair services, and a hand bouquet with extra corsages for the wedding day. Baby wanted to tailor make his 3 piece suit, which he got to keep after the Solemnisation. For this, Baby topped up an additional fee to the package for his suit.

The staff at Luna Bianca are very friendly, and kudos to my MUA, who shared the same name as me! Jessie is a very nice and patient lady, and she did a tremendous job to style my hair on my wedding day. She made the effort to consult me on my preferences prior to the wedding day, and I appreciated that very much. Luna Bianca is located at Tan Quee Lan Street which is pretty convenient for me to pick up and return the gown from The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

We checked into the hotel a day before our actual wedding, as we found that logistically, this would be the best option. We were amazed by the spacious and beautiful room which had a great view!

The hotel provided us with a grand welcome, and we were given a pair of Wedding bear soft toys, a bottle of champagne, and a plate of fruit and various sweet treats!

The hotel provided TWG tea bags for their staying guests in the room, which were replenished daily! Naturally, we helped ourselves to the tea, and this went great with the Matcha Castella Cakes that we had bought from our recent trip to Nagasaki, Japan.

I went over to the bathroom, and all toiletries they offered were from Bottega Veneta, and they were replenished daily!

The Fullerton Bay Hotel provides green apples daily to their guests, and we received some chocolates after the room was made-up. We really felt the warm welcome from our stay. Thanks for pampering us with all these little actions. A little means so much!

Meryl met me at the hotel, as we were having a rehearsal together with Baby’s friends, Sean and Gerard. Sean was to be the Emcee for the day, and he was to be baby's best man. Meryl was my bridesmaid as well as my Ring Bearer. Gerard was one of Baby's 'brothers', and he was to help us to usher our family and relatives around the premises. Special thanks has to go to Samantha, who very kindly agreed to help us pick up our Justice of Peace, who requested us to arrange for her to be picked up to the hotel. Thanks so much for all the assistance!!

We were told that there was a present Wedding Solemnisation going on, so we postponed the timing for our rehearsal. The 5 of us helped ourselves to the complimentary champagne, and polished it off easily!

After we were done with our rehearsal, Meryl joined me and Baby for a dinner, and we had Chicken Claypot rice at Golden Mile Food Complex.

Meryl left after the meal, and we headed back to the hotel to enjoy our night stay. We went to the rooftop poolside which is just a level above from from where we stayed in order to feel the vibes! The poolside is also the house for the chill-out bar, Lantern.

Our stay was inclusive of breakfast, and I must say the spread was pretty good. Apart from the spread, you can make your orders at your table by looking through the menu table standee.

 We ordered a portion of Egg Benedict, and a portion of Pancakes with Berries and Maple Syrup!

That’s all folks on my mini wedding preparation, and I will share more on my next post on the actual day of my Wedding Solemnisation at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

[run event] Herbalife Marina Run 2018

I started my new year with my first 5KM Fun Run with Herbalife's Marina Run 2018! The Marina Run is one of the more loved events that is usually held at the Marina Bay area. This competitive event has it all: A 5KM fun run, 10KM and 21KM. For this year in 2018, a new option of 30KM was introduced!

Upon receiving the email from the organisation to pick up the race pack at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Baby and I made our way there on a Saturday to pick them up. We were glad that queue for the collection was pretty smooth!

The race pack consisted of a Brooks running tee, a pair of running socks, as well as a pair of LED shoelaces!

This event had a lot of 'firsts' for me for this year! We had our First run in 2018, our First run as a married couple, our first participation in the Marina Run, and lastly, our first time completing a race by crossing the finishing line hand in hand with my Baby!

Before the run, we were given coupons to try out some of the Herbalife shakes that were on offer. The chocolate flavored one was not too bad, and the taste was akin to the usual whey protein shakes one can commonly find. Thanks Herbalife Nutrition for taking care of our running needs!

The flag-off took place at 7pm at the Marina Barrage, and once the run started, we had to run up the Marina Barrage slope!. Luckily, it was only the beginning of the run whereby most of the runners' stamina was still intact. If not, I'm fairly certain it would have been quite 'siong' for me. Generally, I always have issue when it comes to running up slopes as it is quite intense and tough!

The route for the run took us past the Marina Barrage, which is an iconic landmark of the Marina Bay area, through the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, and past the Marina Bay Sands casino. I enjoyed the scenic run and I had a nice running experience, all thanks to the awesome cooling weather. 

I absolutely love the finisher medal, and I am glad to add this to my race medal collection. Apart from the medal, this event also offered family bonding and quality time spent together! 

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Herbalife and IN.FOM for inviting me to the race. Thanks for sending the pre-event runner's kit to me. I appreciate it very much! 

If you missed the chance to participate in the Marina Run this year, fret not, as there is always next year. You need not worry about transport as a complimentary shuttle service was provided during the run, which was between Marina South MRT Station and Marina Barrage.