Saturday, February 3, 2018

[part 2] short trip to Phuket

I've been so busy lately for soooo many important events in 2018, but my short write up/throwback on my Phuket Holiday continues...

The Hotel Burasari has only one eatery place, the 'Kantok Restaurant', which serves morning buffet breakfast as well as all-day ala carte dining. Our stay was inclusive of breakfast, and I must say the spread was quite impressive! There was a wide selection of Western, Thai and Asian cuisines. I was quite enamoured with the different food options, and especially on the egg station!

After breakfast, we walked over to Patong Beach which is located behind our hotel. It is the most developed and popular beach in Phuket. I love the blue sky and the glittering sand. Sad to say, we only managed to get one day of sunshine for sun tanning, as most of the other days were either cloudy or it rained.

Our typical day at Phuket consisted of bumming around on the nearby beach, or chilling and relaxing at the hotel's very pretty swimming pool.

This was followed by a shopping spree at the nearby Jungceylon Shopping Mall. I would liken this mall to our very own Bugis Junction, as it was quite modern and had a lot of variety of shops and restaurants. We settled at an awesome restaurant, Le Siam, which seemed to be an 'atas' Thai restaurant. There were many tourists, but I also noticed a fair number of locals as well. I couldn't wait to sample and tuck ino the local authentic Thai fare!

We ordered an appetizer, Fresh Squid Salad to kick start our meal. It was a great one indeed! 

We also had the Pineapple Fried Rice, which naturally, was served in a Pineapple husk. The rice was very fragrant and sweet due to the pineapple, and the 'wok-hei' was rather apparent as well! The Fried Shrimp Cake was very good, firm, and had a great bite to it, with generous amounts of Shrimp within. Of course, the star of our lunch was the Tom Yum Goong soup. This would be one of the better Tom Yum soups we've ever had, as it was not overly spicey, nor was it too rich. It had a perfect mix of both.

My lunch was delightful and the damage was almost 2000baht. What a hefty lunch, but we enjoyed every bit of it. 

I love shopping! Look at my Phuket hauls which I got during my 4D3N trip! Most of them are beauty products.

I first heard about this Spa, 'Let's Relax Spa' about a decade ago when I first visited Bangkok. When we walked past the outlet, it looked quite grand. Baby was quite impressed and decided to treat me to a spa session!

During our Phuket trip, we actually went to 2 different outlets of 'Let's Relax Spa'. I loved the service they rendered, as they began by washing our feet before leading us to the massage room for our treatment.

We were given biscuits and lemongrass tea after our treatment. The damage was slightly on the high side as compared to our massage parlours back home in Singapore, but I think it was worth it!

When it comes to Thailand, one must forgo their strict diets and treat themselves to some street snacks! Two faves that come to mind are the Mango Sticky Rice, and the Nutella Pancake!

On our last day in Phuket, we went to the Hard Rock Café for some happy hour indulgence. The bar snacks were going 1-for-1 during the Happy Hour promotion. 

We ordered Buffalo Wings and Onion Rings. The damage was pretty decent. 

We had steamboat for our last delectable dinner in Phuket, and we settled at MK GOLD Steamboat which is located at Jungceylon Shopping Mall. I assume the word 'GOLD' was simply used to justify the higher prices, better food quality and service. The premise looked pretty elegant and spacious. 

Like COCA restaurant, MK is also specialised in Thai-styled Hot Pot & Sukiyaki. We ordered the MK Suki Set and some ala carte items off the menu. 

Both Baby and I love the Chilli dipping sauce which was pretty different from the usual sauces one is accustomed to. With the dip, It definitely enhanced the taste of the sliced meat better!

No meal in Thailand can end without having Mango Sticky Rice!. It tasted so satisfactory, as the mangoes in Thailand are so sweet and yummy. 

Our bill was about SGD60-ish after conversion, and we had a lovely steamboat meal. Nothing beats having a good meal with my loved ones!

We checked out of the hotel at 1pm on the day of our departure, and headed back to the airport via a private tax that took about 45 minutes. It has been almost 4 months plus since I came back from Phuket. I love having a relaxing resort holiday, and I must make it a point to go for one at least once a year, as a short break works wonders to recharge myself from my hectic work schedule! I promise, I will be back again, Thailand! 


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