Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Wang Day & a Crabby Nite

Lunch @ Wang - Your Local Café with my lovable ‘Kakis’......

Teh-O Siu Tai (less sugar) for us..
Mee Siam for myself
Mee Rebus for Susie
Chicken Macaroni for Jo² & Kel

A simple & light lunch for we are going to have our crab feast after work… yeap!!!

We left office @ abt 5.45pm..walked down to MS where Kel parked his car...

Dinner at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood (万隆华和海鲜菜馆) @ Casuarina Road – along Upper Thomson Road..... Famous or their delicious, juicy & fresh Sri Lanka crabs…….

Reached there @ around 6.20pm, a lots of seats still available, guess we were rather early for dinner... By 7pm, most of the tables were fully taken..

Award posters on the wall

Pixs taken before our dinner......

Dishes.... we ordered.....
Hot Plate Tofu
Served sizzling hot… The starchy thick sauce taste great. The eggs were blended in with the sauce, as compared to normal Hotplate tofu, where the egg were spreaded on the hotplate instead…. Something different…. Pretty interesting…..

Bittergourd with Pork Ribs
Nothing to comment… think I just got to do ‘Thumbs Up’ for this dish…. Simply great!!!

Shrimp Paste Chicken
Crispy & tender fried chicken... perfect for us.

Deep Fried Man Tou..
Taste very normal…. but with the crab sauce will taste better.......

2 Chilli Crabs
The amazing thick eggy chilli sauce coupled with large Sri Lanka Crab. WOOSH! Took my breath away...Fresh, succulent and juicy crab meat i ever taste before...

Photos taken during our usual, well guess we were the noisiest there, stares from other patrons well we all immune long time ago….. haha!!!
Playful Me.... disturb sia.....
Ooh…. Yummy & Juicy
Kel with his Big Crab Gong.. enjoy sia....

my turn for the tasting le....
Jo² took this pix while I was slurping away the chilli sauce from the crab’s legs…. Yummy… Just can’t resist..... though imay looked greedy.... hehe

natural pix taken by Jo²
The playful us..

If you are a crab lover………. Try it & no regrets!
After our dinner..time for our Adventure Night Safari!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Duck Meat (Hanna Png) Platter for 2

Kel & I went for dinner after our hard day work @ 6pm, he drove down to west side area of Singapore… along South Buona Vista Road… there is a popular eatery place Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House. Famous for their Teochew Boneless Duck…

We had braised duck rice for 2 with side dish - tofu & duck’s in-part…
Braised Duck Meat for 2
duck’s inside-part.... taste nice too
Tofu was smooth and rather mashed up, taste normal... but I still enjoyed it… cos I am a TOFU LOVER…. Hehe….

The duck meat were finely sliced covered with thick & sticky gravy (Lu zhi) and was delicious. One good point was the duck meat was not oily at all… best for me…. Another added bonus – boneless, which best for lazy people like me…. hehe....

We had a filling dinner there…… Thanks kel.....

After dinner, we went to Harry’s Bar @ Dempsey Hill to chill-out....
Great place for chill-out.....
Interior of the bar… cozy & comfortable feel…..

circle the drink we ordered from the menu
I had Snowball
kel had Moscow Mule
Kel in the house…. Haha

We left ard 9.30pm.... Thanks Kel... for your drinks… and the ride home with nice beach & chill-out songs….

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trio Outing on weekday.....

Lunch @ Ichiban Boshi with my usual lunchmates - Jo² & Kelvin .... Susie didn't join cos she packed lunch again from home.... sigh!!!... why????....
Ichiban Boshi @ Suntec Branch

Kelvin ordered the Kitsune Ramen.... healthy diet & look pretty tasty
Kitsune Ramen
We also ordered 2 bowls of salmon skin , 1 soft-shell crab(spider)handroll, a plate of nama hotate sushi, a plate of top shell sushi, 1 dobinmushi (soup in earthern tea-pot), a plate of Tako Sashimi, a plate of potato croquette, 1 Agedashi Tofu & 1 chawamushi.
salmon skin
1 dobinmushi
potato croquette
Agedashi Tofu
top shell sushi
Tako Sashimi
soft-shell crab(spider)handroll
nama hotate sushi
Yummy lunch ..... Thanks for the lunch ….Kelvin…
After lunch... Kelvin gave me a surprise….with this super cute Smery Tofu writing pad….. Thanks a lot.. I love it…
Jo² has been monitoring the seating plans for 4Bia @ The Cathay after lunch. The seats seemed like selling out fast after 4pm so we decided to book thru online.

We left office @ 6.10pm…. as usual Kelvin… our driver drove us to The Cathay to picked up our tickets….We took some pixs there
Naughty Kelvin’s took when I was not ready….
Perfect pix for me & Jo²
25mins more to go before the show starts … so we went Ben & Jerry to have some ice-cream …
Ben & Jerry @ The Cathay
Cute Table Print Top
Unique Trash Bin with text - 'FEED ME'

We ordered Ice-cream Waffles with three choice of scoops… The choices - Sweet Cream & Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chunk & New York Super Fudge Chunk with M&M colourful toppings.
Ice-cream Waffles
After R & R feel… we went for our trill-horror movie – 4Bia…

The Best Asian Horror In Recent Years Since Shutter.. 4Bia brilliantly use a connection which succeed in making you laugh, scream and ultimately very, very scared. Highly recommended! 4Bia scares even the bravest person. However, the excessive usage of jumpy parts might be too much to some people so it’s not recommended for those who are faint-hearted.

After show.... we went Feng Shan (along Bedok North St. 4) for our late dinner / early supper.... hehe.... I called it 'Dinper' (combined dinner & supper)....

85 Feng Shan Food Centre
Grilled Chicken Wings.... my fave
This is the one.... My No.1 choice for Bak Chor Mee...
Bak Chor Mee - My all-time favourite....
After our Dinper.... Kelvin sent Jo² home.... as for us ... we continued our nite... Its Baobei's time.... Kelvin drove me home to pick Coco up then we went for some light dessert along Sembawang Road... We had Tau Huay....
Smooth & yummy ' Tou Hua' @ Beancurd City (Tou Hua Cheng in Mandarin)
Baobei & I