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[event] Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise

Last weekend, I had a good time with my blogging mates, Tracy and Pearly at the SampleStore Shoppers' Paradise, which was held at Waterway Point, Village Square. Early birds redeemed goodies bag worth SGD79.
Thanks Sample Store for having us at this wonderful event!

Before we explored the booths at the Village Square, we attended the Bloggers' Party which was hosted by The Sample Store at the Waterway Point's The Party Room. It is located on the second level of the West Wing. The place might be difficult to locatebut one need not worry. Look out for Gelare, as The Party Room is right behind it.

There were some refreshments prepared for us, courtesy of Brunches Café. I love the colorful mini burgers as they brightened up my day! These were truly insta-worthy!

Good news for parents, as this place is the perfect venue to hold a birthday party for your children. The Party Room is now available for bookings and do refer to the below image for the rental rates.

I was happy to see the…

[random] Body SOS Health Carnival 2017 + Kumamon x Mos Burger

I attended the health carnival event, Body SOS which was held at the Suntec City Convention Centre with Linda. The main key point of the Body SOS Health Carnival 2017 was to provide education efforts on health issues and to create awareness to the public to take care of their health.

We received our goodies bag upon entering the fair. 

We picked up 4 boxes of COLLA.LIFT Jelly Strips from the Health Domain at a total of SGD50. We received a lot of freebies with our purchases. We were given many jelly strips that target beauty and health issues, such as whitening and digestion, to name just a few.

I also got some packet oat drinks by DR OATCARE, and a box of YERBA MATE TEA.

Both Linda and I were very happy with our haul and the freebies we received. We look forward to the next edition of the Body SOS Health Carnival!

Baby and I visited the L32 Kopitiam on a random weekend for an early dinner. To be honest, it looks no different from any other humble coffee-shop, but the drawing power comes…

[MAGNOLIA] Celebrating 80 years of goodness

At some point in time, everyone would have surely drunk or tasted milk. Since the day we were born, milk would have played a pivotal role in our life. What better way to reminisce about your fond memories of milk with a delicious cup of MAGNOLIA milk every morning! For 80 years, MAGNOLIA has been a vanguard of nutrition, nourishing the body with protein and nutrients to kick-start the day. It is therefore not surprising that MAGNOLIA has earned the trust among the young and old, across generations.

Milk is an ideal beverage for many good reasons, and it is also an excellent source of calcium that is essential for optimal bone strengthening. Milk is also a complete food item not only provides protein, but essential minerals as well. These range from magnesium, zinc and potassium and vitamins A & B.

On its debut in 1937, MAGNOLIA was packed in an iconic pyramid-shape container, which I found rather cute. Till today, MAGNOLIA has been a faithful steward of nutrition, and continues to o…


I am certain that many people are familiar with BRAND’S® Chicken Essence just by sight of the unique bottles. I still remember those days that I burnt the midnight oil with the aid of the chicken essence to prepare myself for the examinations! BRAND’S® is a trusted brand for generations throughout the decades. BRAND’S® is proud to introduce their latest innovation launch, BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence. It is made of the finest collagen, that replenishes collagen to retain skin suppleness, and works powerfully with Astaxanthin (micro algae extract) to keep skin firm. It is suitable for ladies between 25-45 years old, and contains no added sugar, artificial colorings and preservatives.
BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence is proven that its anti-oxidant power is 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 800 times more powerful than CoQ and 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

As we age, our collagen level drops. Collagen is necessary as it supports the skin's found…