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English Afternoon Tea at The Landing Point, The Fullerton Bay Hotel

I was extremely glad to be back at The Fullerton Bay Hotel to enjoy a traditional English Afternoon Tea at The Landing Point! Thanks so much to the hotel for this complimentary gift!

There are two seating time-slots available for the afternoon tea on weekends, and we chose the later timing slot of 3.30 - 6.00pm. I personally felt that it was pretty reasonable to have more than 2 hours of nibbles and tea to keep our bellies full of happiness!

Upon being seated, we were given a drink menu to order from various choices of tea by the pot. I went for the 'Silver Moon', while Baby opted for the signature 'Fullerton Express' tea. Both of these are from the TWG Tea Company, and they tasted lovely.

The atmosphere was great, with a splendid view of the Marina Bay Sands as we were given indoor bar seats next to full length glass windows. Sipping tea on a Saturday afternoon is tops in anyone's book!

During our visit, the hotel was having a special high tea session which had a them…

Ichiran Ramen in Instant Pack + Ichiban Boshi + Osaka Ohsho

During my recent trip to Fukuoka, I stayed at the Hakata area, which is the main transport hub in Fukuoka. Being the traditional home of Japanese ramen, I was fortunate enough to try out the various famous brands available! You can't go wrong with 'Ichiran', as most tourists to Japan will have heard of this Ramen chain. I first ate it in Tokyo, and I loved it so much!! Ichiran is rather popular, and this is shown by the multiple outlets they have island wide in Japan.

While shopping at Don Quijote i.e:- Donki, which is more familiar to Singaporeans, I found that instant Ichiran Ramen was being sold!!! Baby picked up a pack for us to bring home and a box which consists of 5 packets costs about ¥2000 (SGD24). Each box consists of 5 sets of Hakata-styled thin noodles, soup base and chili powder.

On a random weekend in Singapore, we decided to give the instant ramen a try! While the instant ramen did not taste as awesome as the authentic ones served fresh at the restaurant, it …

[Kyushu holiday] A day trip to Kokura (Kitakyushu)

Prior to our departure, Baby and I purchased the 5-Day Kyushu Shinkansen passes from JTB, and each pass cost us around SGD250. The pass covered the entire North and South of Kyushu Prefecture. We decided to visit Kokura (Kitakyushu),Nagasaki, Beppu, Kumamoto and Kagoshima from our base point of Fukuoka. With the passes, we were allowed to travel on an unlimited number of rides to all areas on all the local JR train service lines. These included all 'Special Rapid Train' services too! After having brekkie, we headed down to Hakata JR Station to exchange our JR passes for the actual train passes. The travelling time from Hakata to Kokura took us only 45 minutes.

A disclaimer, if you are using the JR pass to head to Kyushu, note that the pass only works on the Shinkansen train TOWARDS Kokura. You cannot use the JR pass for the Shinkansen to head back to Hakata from Kokura, for reasons I have no idea. This should not stop you from visiting Kokura though, as you can still use the JR…