Monday, March 26, 2018

Ichiran Ramen in Instant Pack + Ichiban Boshi + Osaka Ohsho

During my recent trip to Fukuoka, I stayed at the Hakata area, which is the main transport hub in Fukuoka. Being the traditional home of Japanese ramen, I was fortunate enough to try out the various famous brands available! You can't go wrong with 'Ichiran', as most tourists to Japan will have heard of this Ramen chain. I first ate it in Tokyo, and I loved it so much!! Ichiran is rather popular, and this is shown by the multiple outlets they have island wide in Japan.

While shopping at Don Quijote i.e:- Donki, which is more familiar to Singaporeans, I found that instant Ichiran Ramen was being sold!!! Baby picked up a pack for us to bring home and a box which consists of 5 packets costs about ¥2000 (SGD24). Each box consists of 5 sets of Hakata-styled thin noodles, soup base and chili powder. 

On a random weekend in Singapore, we decided to give the instant ramen a try! While the instant ramen did not taste as awesome as the authentic ones served fresh at the restaurant, it did taste somewhat like the real deal. The texture of the instant noodles was almost on par with the real ramen noodles, but the soup base was lacking in the richness and was less flavorful than the original. Nevertheless, it did bring back memories of dining in Japan to us!

IL and I always ensure that we still have room for desserts after our meal, and therefore we visited Patisserie G which is located at Millenia Walk on a random weekday. We both enjoyed the cakes very much! Thanks for the treat, IL! 

Recently, I went to Osaka Ohsho which is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre during my lunch break with my lunch mate! I had my favorite Scallop Okowa Rice with Gyoza Set. In my personal opinion, Osaka Ohsho serves the best Gyoza in town! Each piece tasted divine, and while writing this entry, I'm reminded that I should probably head down again to get more!

I end my post with RKM's FRI-DATE at Ichiban Boshi which is located at Plaza Singapura. We had a delightful dinner, and luckily our bill was affordable, after we had a partial amount deducted by using CapitaLand vouchers that I had!

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