Tuesday, March 13, 2018

[launch event] The Surface Store at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk

Microsoft launched their first dedicated surface premium experience in Singapore and it is located at Harvey Norman's Millenia Walk Flagship Superstore! Customers can now experience the full line-up of surface devices and accessories from Microsoft. The Surface Store offers Surface Concierge Service where customers can get support for their surface devices, regardless of where or when their devices were purchased.

I was really excited to attend the preview of the new store, as I could check out these new devices. I was impressed by the new Surface Studio which allows users to transform it from a desktop to a studio setting effortlessly.

The Surface Book 2 is designed to deliver the ultimate performance and versatility without compromise, and has up to 17 hours of battery life! It supports four different modes, which range from the 'Studio', 'Laptop', 'View' and 'Tablet'. The tablet mode was the coolest as you could detach the screen effortlessly.

Retailing at SGD2188, the Surface Book 2 is a portable powerhouse that provides the performance the consumer needs to tackle any task, and of course, the battery life is sufficient enough to last the whole day!

During the launch, I did some hands-on with the Surface Dial, and I found it rather uplifting, in a natural and immersive way. It was a brand new experience for me on interacting with this latest technology!

The Surface Studio is a new device designed for creative processes. It bears a sleek design of a beautiful 28-inch display and innovative zero gravity hinge that allows consumers to sketch, write and design without interruptions. It is priced at SGD6488 which you can pre-order at the Microsoft Store. 
Pair it up with the Surface Dial, and it enables users to interact with applications in natural ways that deliver a fluid, creative process. This controller allows us to change color hues with simple gestures. 

Users can position it upright to sketch, paint and edit photos, or to lay it flat in order to draw on it like a drawing board/table!
The Surface Laptop is more than a traditional laptop and it is priced at SGD1488. It is lightweight, and allows users to bring it around with them anywhere! I has up to 14.5 hours of battery life.

The Surface Laptop features a signature keyboard covered in luxurious material, along with a quiet and responsive keyset, a large precision trackpad, and a soft palm rest for typing comfort.
Invitees were encouraged to participate in the drawing challenge using the 3D paint application. I attempted to draw out ‘Clippy’, the Digital Assistant of Microsoft Office by using the Surface Pen 

I do not have any talent in drawing, and my Clippy look pretty much like 'creepy' instead HAHAHA!! Despite my terrible artwork, I still won myself a bluetooth mouse. YAY to myself for having no art direction whatsoever, but I still had a positive result and prize!

The Surface Book 2, Surface Studio, Surface Pro and Surface Laptop can be purchased at the Microsoft Store, or at authorised retailers such as Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman, Newstead and Epicentre.  
Do drop by The Surface Store to check out these awesome devices.

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