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Continue our weekend outing @ J.Co Donuts & Coffee – Raffles City Basement

After leaving STCC 2008 @ Suntec, we decided to go some place to chill-out, so Jo² suggested to go to J. Co Donuts & Coffee to have some donuts & drinks, as I remembered there is an outlet in raffles city , we decided to go there….

J. Co Donuts & Coffee

As we were leaving suntec, there was a NDP rehearsal going on outside the main entrance … Uniform groups all queuing up nicely & orderly for the march out.

It was crowded when we reached there, but luckily we still managed to find our seats… *Phew*

Entrance of J.Co
Interior of J.Co

We ordered 8 donuts in total.. they were 2 glazzy , 1 copa banana, 1 tira-miss-u, 1 jacky chunk, 1 berry blue, 1 crunchy crunchy and 1 heaven berry.

J. Co Donuts Box
glazzy donuts
tira-miss-u & jacky chunk donuts
berry blue & heaven berry donuts
copa banana & crunchy crunchy donuts

Haha, see Bran² enjoying his tira-miss-u … must be delicious lol….

3 pretty gals *cheeze*– Jo², Su han & me…

First Ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

After the Biothem event, four of us headed down to Suntec City Convention Centre cos we were going to the 2008 Singapore Toy & Comic Convention (STCC) The first ever toy exhibition in Singapore….

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008
Four of us - Bran², Me , Su han & Jo²

There were many toys featured in the exhibition… like Blythe Dolls, To-fu Series, Ultraman / Masked Rider, Be@r Brick, Gloomy Bear , Transformer, Astro Boy, Evirob & many many more..
Astro Boy
Ultra King - HKG limited 300 pieces only
Boring Juice ' Something Boring Series' from HKG
Sonny Angel Doll in BottleBlythe Doll

Strawberry Bubblegum tofu

Original Bubblegum tofu

Mini Vinyl To-fu Series 01

To-fu Molly - is X design with HKG designer & Devilrobots limited 500 pieces only

Disappointment during the event, since I love To-Fu a lot, I wanted to get that Limited Edition TTF To-Fu (To-fu Olympic 08 Taipei) @ only $62 , but too bad, already SOLD-OUT when I was there... *sigh* so disappointed…

Dessert @ Chinatown >>>>> Attending the Biotherm Afternoon Tea Party Event

Meeting Jo² @ Pagoda street for dessert @ 1.30pm. We decided to Mei Heong Yuen Desserts in Chinatown before heading to the Biotherm event @ Tangs Orchard.

We ordered - mango sago with pomelo ($3.50) & Cantonese Dumpling. The portion was extremely thick, creamy and sweet, with a slight bitterness of the pomelo. Cantonese Dumpling is worth for trying...
mango sago with pomelo Cantonese Dumpling haha.. delicious dessert ...all gone into the stomach le!!!
After our dessert, we headed down to the bus stop opp CK Dept Store to take bus no. 143 to Orchard to meet Bran² & Su han outside Tangs’ entrance @ 3.30pm for the event...
Door gifts worth $40 were given to club members & their guests as a appreciation of attending this event. The Door gift consist of 1 sachet of Celluli Laser - 10ml, 1 sachet of Homme High Recharge Masque - 1ml & Line Peel (Daily Multi-renewer care) - 5ml. Items were packed in transparent Biotherm PVC pouch.
Biotherm Door gift
I didn't get anything from Biot…

Attendance of Sisley Evening Cocktail

As Jo² & I had RSVP our attendance with Sisley private event on fri (27/06), we headed straight to Centrepoint after our work, we were late for 30mins for the event. Upon reaching the venue, we did our registration with the reception..

The respond was good, rather crowded

During the event, i bot a Facial Buffing Cream @ $104. Tried the product on my hand, instance radiance & result was given.... very confident product from Sisley

Facial Buffing Cream

Door gifts worth $40 were given to club members & their guests as a appreciation of attending this event. The Door gift consist of 1 sachet of Gentle Facial Buffing Cream - 3.8ml, Phyto Blanc Buff & Wash Facial Gel - 15ml & Comfort Extreme Body Cream - 15ml. Items were packed in transparent pink Sisley PVC pouch.

Sisley door gift

Prince - Taiwan Porridge

Bran² waited for me at Tan Quee Lan Street @ 8pm after my spa with Jo², we headed down for dinner, we took Taiwan porridge for our late dinner. We took Bus No. 67 from Sim Lim Square. The eatery is located @ Cheong Chin Nam Road (opp Bt Timah Shopping Centre).We ordered Fried taman fish, Si Chuan with shredded pork, Stewed chicken with rice wine & You Tiao with salad cream. Si Chuan with shredded pork Stewed chicken with rice wine Fried taman fish & You Tiao with salad cream They are giving free flow of sweet potato porridge & white rice for the eating pleasure. Good for big eaters & friends meet-up gatherings, but beware of weekend dinner crowds.
sweet potato porridge

Dinner after the show @ Paradize Centre

After show @ The Cathay - Handy Road, we decided to go for our dinner, suddenly so craved for chicken rice… so Bran² suggested that we can go to Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice (Beside SIC or Opp Mr Bean)
popular eatery place specialising in Hainan Chicken Rice.
We ordered 3 individual roasted chicken rice set, oyster sauce veggies & fried calamari with salad mayo sauce.
The Roasted Chicken Rice set
oyster sauce veggies
Fried Calamari with salad mayo sauce. See, we have finished everything on the table... yummy... stomach full le.... Our dinner was nice & delicious yet affordable.
meal done.....