Friday, May 31, 2013

[Day 01] Singapore Social Concerts

For the first time, Singapore Social Concerts are celebrating the biggest stars on the social media scene, and they were held at The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay. It is a prime location for concert-goers to enjoy star-studded performances at the lush greenery premises. With great music and great venue, the Singapore Social Concerts were a true indulgence and unforgettable weekend.

Upon reaching The Meadows, I was greeted by Marc Quinn's sculpture of a Giant Baby, titled Planet. It looks so awesome, while I was taking this photo, I was wondered how this sculpture floats in the air.

I was able to attend the Singapore Social Concerts, DAY 01 all thanks to Claressa. We did some cam-whoring before the show kicked off...  

We met up our kakis, so therefore we posed in front of the camera and took some photos for keep sake. 

I was glad that the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert as there was showers in the afternoon that made the ground soggy at the stage-front, so we decided to roll out our mat to sit on the higher grounds (up the hill) as they looked drier than the front.
The Singapore Social Concerts kicked off with the Asian girl band, Blush.
Blush is all-female pop group which is formed in 2010 and the group consists of 5 girls from 5 Asian countries, and they are Alisha Budhrani (India), Angeli Flores (Philippines), Natsuko Danjo (Japan), Victoria Chan (Hong Kong) and Ji Hae Lee (South Korea)


Carly Rae Jepsen concluded her hour-long performance with Call Me Maybe, and it was her breakout hit song in 2012 which earned her two Grammy nominations.

I Love the duet song, Good Time by her and Adam Young from Owl City and I was over the moon when she sang Call Me Maybe, and I simply can’t get enough of this song.

Next was PSY on stage, and his first song was an electro Korean rap called ‘Champion’

An disputed global superstar after his 2012 hit single, ‘Gangnam Style’ became the most watched video in YouTube history at 1.5 billion views and counting, His new single, ‘Gentleman’ is set to smash his records for ‘Gangnam Style’, now ‘Gentleman’ is racking over 200 million YouTube views within the first week of his release.

His music videos are hilarious and his song tunes are pretty catchy and what I love most are his dance moves for every song. He appeals to both the young and the older generations.

I still prefer ‘Gangnam Style’ to ’Gentleman’, though both are as good.

He togave hints to look out for his new album out in September this year before he closed his set.
The last act of the night was the American soul-pop singer, CeeLo Green, he is a five-time Grammy Award winner.

I love his single, ‘F**CK YOU’ very much, the music video is funny with plentiful of graphic wordings...

It certainly was an amazing and fun night at the Singapore Social Concerts, and I look forward to the next year!! Singapore Social Concerts ROX!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Product Review] 3 treasures from Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face Series

All thanks to all new innovation Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face Series, I can pamper my tired skin again. I love pampering myself, especially my face with this royal treat.  

The new Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face Series provide minerals and herbal nutrients to lift and firm sagging skin to restore a V-shaped facial contour, apart from that precious herbal extracts like Ginseng, Angelica and Aloe Vera are added to the formula.

Enriched with Royal Jelly and ATP, the Shape V face Series has double effects for renewing and repairing skin. It also helps to restore the skin’s suppleness, radiance and firmness to achieve a youthful V-shaped facial contour.

Royal Jelly contains proteins and 17 types of amino acids, vitamins abundant minerals and trace amount of carbohydrates and fats. Royal Jelly is a thick, extremely nutritious milky-white and creamy liquid secreted by nurse bees, which the Queen bees feed on the Royal Jelly on for incredible longevity, and true enough, they live 40 times longer than the worker bees. Thus, it shows the superior anti-aging effect of Royal Jelly and it deeply nourishes the skin, improves skin’s radiance and leaving skin soft, smooth, fair and glowing. It is also has excellent anti-bacterial property which helps to disinfect pimples and even on acne affected skin.

I was happy to receive the 3 treasures from Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face series.
Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly + ATP 

In just 1 step, all the dead skins were removed by the Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly.

When using the Deep Exfoliating Gel, always ensure that the face and hands are dry. Apply an adequate amount on the face and neck and massage in circular motions until small flakes of dead skin and dirt is formed. Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow by a cleanser. 
    It exfoliates out the black heads, white heads and even dead skin painlessly and it helps my skin for a better absorption of subsequent skincare products. It prevents pimples from breaking out and also brightens up my dull skin too. I love it the most as it lightens scars and pimple marks and eventually helps my makeup to glide on easily and lasts longer throughout the whole day.  
Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly + ATP
 It contains 95% Green Tea Extract which provides superior anti-oxidant property skin against signs of aging. It nourishes the skin intensively and locks in moisture, while keeping the skin smooth and supple at all times.
It moisturizes the skin intensively and it also hydrates skin to prevent dryness. It also helps to protect skin against harmful free radicals and lastly it reduces the signs of skin aging.

To be applied twice daily by massaging gently in circular motion. It can also be used to the hands and legs for a fairer and more radiant skin. 

The luxurious essence does look and feel very oily in the first place when I first applied it on my face, even after when it had fully penetrated and absorbed into my skin, I still felt a slight greasiness and my fingers and on my face of course.
Apart from the down-side of being oiliness, my skin feels more tender and radiant after a several application of the Radiant Youth Essence .
Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly + ATP 
Benefits of Face Lifting Cream:-
  Lifts Facial Contours
Firms sagging skin
Contracts pores and refines skin
Reduces appearance of aging
Deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin
Reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles

After cleansing and toning, apply it to your fingertips and gently massage in upward lifting motion. The Face Lifting Cream replaces the daily moisturizer.

As claimed, to achieve a firm V-shaped face, it is recommended to use the 3 treasures of the V Face series (Face Lifting Cream, Radiant Youth Essence and Deep Exfoliating Gel)

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