Thursday, May 16, 2013

[Treatment Review] Blissful body massage at Spa Symphony

Recently, everyone (including me) staying in this little small dot on the map is leading a hectic and busy lifestyle as our country, Singapore is always on the move. We are probably the one of the fastest countries in the world. Although we are small on the map but we are big in name for our standard of living, as the living standard is very high in Singapore, and thus resulted in many people being burdened with heavy schedules and workloads in order to catch up the pace of our urban lifestyles.  

Yes, I am also leading a busy life as I have to juggle many jobs/roles in life, apart from being a full-time employee in a Marine Industry, I am also a dog-sitter, taking care of my adorable furkid, Coco. I also have to make time to blog, attend events and even catch up with friends for meals or gatherings and lastly squeeze some quality time with my Baby, luckily, he is pretty understanding and kinda supports what I am doing in my life. So basically in short, I am left with very little time to pamper myself.   

 After attended the V10 Plus Star Blogger Event at Spa Symphony which is located at 313@Somerset, and when Spa Symphony offered their classic massage service to me, I knew I had to grab this precious opportunity. *I am in the state of ecstasy* It has been a long time since I indulged myself for a nice body massage treatment after work.  
I headed down to Spa Symphony, situated in the heart of town and it offers a complete relaxation spa experience that is nourishing and cleansing for physical, mental and emotional health.  

We were served with hot tea while waiting for the rooms to get ready, therefore Jas Jas and I took this chance to do our usual liking, cam-whoring lol...
As I was walking through the pathway to my respectively room, it calmed my mind and soul before receiving my treatment.  

I took a picture of the room that I will be receiving my treatment in.  
I kept my belongings in the cabinet while doing my body massage. 
There is one very interesting thing, I discovered in every treatment room... YES, this is it, the wall chart where you can place the magnet in those areas that you want to focus on mostly. I chose to place the magnets to signify my neck and lower back. You are allowed to choose the pressure too, I chose in between light and medium. And lastly place the rating after completion of the treatment... 
Here I go heading on bed to enjoy my 1-hr Relaxing Therapeutic Massage...
For the first 30mins of the massage, It was whopping with pain and aches as the therapist claimed that my whole back and neck areas were very tight and they somewhat know that I have not been visiting the spa for such treatments for a very long time. I was glad that the massage really did a great help to release my tight muscles tension, and the last 30 minutes was a blissful one as all the aches and discomfort simply disppeared and I felt that I am in a dreamy land when the treatment was still on... *SHIOK*

 Spa Symphony has a unique kind of way to start and end my massage treatment, as per the therapist, this is an essential step for all their customers. I began my massage with a Tibetan Sound Healing Therapy, an exclusive practice to effectively help alleviate daily stress, promote better sleeping order and dissolve physical, mental and emotional blockages.  
For centuries, Tibetan Singing Bells have been used for healing, meditation, clearing negative energy and restoring harmony and balance. Each treatment begins with a clear, pure Tingsha cleansing sound.

The highlight of my massage treatment is that the therapist focused pretty much on my problem areas to relieve muscle aches, tensions and knots, and the Tibetan Singing Bells therapy helps to release my stress and promote better sleep at night and lastly the specially blended ginger tea was served to complete sensory body massage experience with Spa Symphony.

Thank you so much for having us, Spa Symphony (:
313@Somerset, B2-50/51
Singapore 238895
Tel: 66368878


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