Monday, May 27, 2013

[Jess Baby's weekend] On a date with Jas Jas

Charlie Brown Cafe is located at 313@Somerset, and it is a small cafe decorated with familiar peanuts characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy statues outside at the eatery place.

If you're a fan of Peanut Characters, then Charlie Brown Cafe is the RIGHT place to go as the whole cafe is filled with memories from the characters.
My favorite Peanut Character is Woodstock and he is Snoopy's closest friend.
Oops!! That’s me in the photo, and I was looking at the menu when my photo was taken...

My first visit to Charlie Brown Cafe was way back in 2009 during my trip to Hong Kong and this was my first visit to Charlie Brown Cafe in Singapore. 

I went on a date with Jas Jas on a lovely weekend to have our lunch, and we decided to settle ourselves at Charlie Brown Cafe as the main reason is that both of us are first-timers to this cartoon-themed cafe.

As the weather in Singapore is getting warmer each day, we need to quench our thirst with cold water, so we picked up Snapple juice drinks. 

We ordered and shared one main course and one dessert...
We had Charlie Wing Rice, and we enjoyed the succulent chicken mid-joints. The wings tasted even better with the accompanying chilli sauce and the only downside is that the portion is pretty small and the steamed rice was a little too hard.

We simply indulged ourselves in the Charlie Peanut Crepe once the dessert was served on our table. It tasted wonderful with just one bite and the peanut butter was very rich and delicious. 

The food is just alright but I wouldn't say it is bad though but there is still room for improvement. All I can say that Charlie Brown Cafe serves REALLY good desserts and cakes. All their pancakes, crepes and pastries have character's face stencilled on it. The damage was SGD24.

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