Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Closing Exclusive Party : World Gourmet Summit 2013

The World Gourmet Summit started in 1997 and is a culinary event held annually in Singapore. Its objective is to showcase dining offerings in Singapore and promote local chefs while featuring Michelin-starred chefs and vintners from around the world.

 The 17th World Gourmet Summit kicked off on April 16th 2013 at the latest tourists' attraction, S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa and ended on April 26th 2013 at Gattopardo Italian Grill and Pizzabar which is located at Hotel Fort Canning.

The World Gourmet Summit 2013 consisted of events like culinary master classes, celebrity dinners and etc. The 11-day culinary festival took place at various establishments and venues across Singapore, mainly the five-star hotels and top-rated restaurants participating in the World Gourmet Summit. 
I was glad to attend to the Closing Party of World Gourmet Summit 2013 which was held at the Hotel Fort Canning, and also in conjunction of the celebration of Exclusive Party: Meet ‘n’ Greet the cast from Othello.
We arrived at the party venue about a quarter to 11pm, and we started our party night with some white wines before proceeding to the gourmet stations...

Our first station: Stellar at 1-Altitude - Cuisine of Chef Chris Millar. They prepared the Shakespeare’s Supper which was pretty much suits the theme of this event.

Cinnamon Toast with Apple Compote and Earl Grey Milk Jam

Bones and Crackles 

Vension Pie

Next station: Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse - Cuisine of Chef Francesco Mansani 

My Humble House, TungLok Group - Cuisine of Chef Ken Ling received a lot of raves during the event, and it was always full of people crowding around at their station during the closing party.  

 Traditional‘Hainanese’ Chicken Rice Sushi  

Hake Fish Laksa Noodles 

Pork Ribs ‘Bak Tut Teh’ with Black Garlic 
After Asian Delights, let us proceed to French, Cuisine, Le Bistrot du Sommelier – Cuisine of Chefs Brandon Foo and Patrick Heuberger.
Chick Peas ‘Socca’, Braised Lamb Shoulder 

Braised Veal Trotter and Guinea Fowl Leg in Crispy Pastry
Beef Lips ‘Torchon’, Pickled Vegetable

The cocktail supper was rounded up with yummy desserts (‘sweet nothings’)  

I was attracted to one of the desserts from Master Chef Corrado Assenza, the creation was pretty unique and display of the dessert was creative too.

The taste of the Saffron Ragusano Cheese ‘Arancino’ stuffed with Cow’s Milk Fresh Ricotta, basil and Almond Emulsion was special too. I think this dessert is pretty much a YES or No, LIKE or DISLIKE, of course, is a YAY for me!! Hahaha... 

I ended my Cocktail Supper Party with a cup of Latte with a beautiful latte art from Coffex Coffee, and we were glad to bring home a pack of coffee beans for our indulge pleasure at home or in the office... 

Lovely people with awesome gourmets and a special venue to complete the whole 11-day of World Gourmet Summit 2013. Though I was only able to be part of annual culinary festival on the last day, I appreciated everything that was lined up for us during the closing party. I will definitely be looking forward to the World Gourmet Summit 2014. 



cf chai said...

wow! never know chicken rice can be served this way. Interesting post :)


They call it as Chicken Rice Sushi... Hahahaha!!

Kassandra said...

Heyy this may not be related to this post but, where did you purchase your shoutmag magazine? thank you so much!


The Shout Mag can be purchased from Kinokuniya or selected Cheers stores.