Friday, May 10, 2013

UT POP-UP! Singapore

UNIQLO celebrates a decade of UT styling with global POP-UP! The first instalment kicked off in Tokyo, New York, Taiwan and the last recent stop was at London. Finally their next stop is in Singapore.

The UNIQLO Singapore POP-UP! was held along Mohd Sultan Road.
All UNIQLO fans took this rare opportunity to register ourselves to this POP-UP! event and both Baby and I were successfully in RSVP'ing for this event…
Eight local musicians from Noise Singapore were performed during the UT POP-UP! Singapore and the LIVE music ranged from rock-pop, punk, folk and acoustic

The UT POP-UP! Singapore celebrated local art, photography and music through creative collaboration with Noise Singapore.

I was glad to be the first few people in Singapore to witness and also purchase the limited pieces of Lulu Guinness, Keith Haring and some other UT collections prior to store release.

Lately, Baby has become more fashion orientated and all I can say that he is almost on par with me on a level of vanity… He loves taking photos and cam-whoring, and there he goes posing himself again on the stage.

Random expressions from RKM at the event…
Finally, we took a standard couple shot (:
I took this UT statue before leaving the premises, and thanks so much for the invite!! We enjoyed the event every much…

I brought home a goodies bag courtesy from UNIQLO and a brochure featuring the UT LifeWear. I love some tee designs inside the brochure…

T-shirt from Andy Warhol
T-shirt from Disney Project

The t-shirts really look very good and they are so charming that UNIQLO makes me want to get them soon... Hahaha!! UNIQLO always delivers the best designed t-shirts for their consumers.

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