Sunday, September 30, 2018

PASSIONATELY, PERSONALLY - Purple Sage's New Concepts in CateringService

I had the honor to attend the 'New Concepts in Catering Service' at the Purple Sage Media Launch, all thanks to Meryl who graciously extended her invite to me. Of course, it is thanks to Jacqueline as well for having us to attend this Gala Party. It was held at the Capitol Theatre, and we mingled at the cocktail reception. We had some canapés and specially crafted purple cocktails.

Coincidentally, we met up with CK who was also at the event. We took some random photos at the reception area before heading in for the gala party. 

Purple Sage has been a leading boutique caterer in Singapore since 2002. Purple Sage remains true to its aspirations for catering to any occasions, all year round! They have won many prestigious awards over the years. They were awarded the 'Outstanding Caterer of the Year' at the World Gourmet Summit and 'Established Brands' at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award that affirmed their commitment and capabilities. 

Mr Teo Yeow Siang is the Executive Chef of Purple Sage, who has 15 years of priceless culinary experience from working with top hotels and premium catering companies in Singapore. His crowning glory has lead Singapore to double gold medal wins at the 2016 Culinary Olympics which was held in Germany.

During the showcase event, Purple Sage revealed their new company logo, new strategies on how to bring food service levels up a notch, all new food menus, and more eco-friendly concepts to obtain less wastage for the catering industry!

 During the gala party, Purple Sage introduced their new concept, 'The Secret Garden'. It is a social space designed to allow guests to mingle, get inspired and share their thoughts while the food is prepared. Apart from curating unique menus, there were chefs positioned at each station to enlighten the guests on the different ingredients used in making of the dish, as well as how they are prepared. 

Sakura Chicken, Roulade, Mushroom Ragout, Truffle Crumble, Morel Foam. 

Prime Rib Carving, Herb Potato, Port Wine Jus

Lobster Rice

Pan-seared Scallops with Chilli Crab Sauce, Crispy Mantou

Kuhlbarra Barramundi, Saffron Espuma, Shaved Fennel Slaw

Purple Sage has come up with a solution to reduce food wastage by doing away with chafing dish sets whereby food was prepared in advance for dining. Purple Sage uses disposable ware with crockery made of 'opeh' (leaves of the Betal Nut Palm).

The dishes at the event that I loved the most were thethe Seafood Glutinous Rice with XO sauce wrapped in a delicate Scallop Skin and topped with a sizeable whole Abalone and the Award Winning Dish - Salmon Cauliflower with Yuzu Foam in opeh leaf container. 

Beef Rib Rendang Marmalade, Baked Brioche Bun 

We ended our night with a splendid sweet treat at the dessert bar. Each item was well prepared against a great setting, and looked insta-worthy!

The launch by Purple Sage Group was a huge success, as Chef Siang and his team put in a big effort to showcase many unique features in catering and unusual flavorful dishes at the event. 

We were delighted to be part of this event, as we were one of the first few people to try out the latest winning culinary creations! The purple Margarita tasted lovely, and a big toast to our lasting friendship!

Thanks for having us at the event, and we enjoyed ourselves very much!

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Friday, September 28, 2018

[movie screening] Destination Wedding and Searching

I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to attend the movie preview screening of two upcoming movies,'Destination Wedding' and 'Searching'.

'Destination Wedding' reunites two of Hollywood's most adored stars, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, as socially awkward 'Frank' and 'Lindsay'. The duo meet on their way to a wedding which they were invited to at San Luis Obispo, and two of them discover that they have many things in common. Both of them hate the bride, the groom and the whole wedding. They are both pessimistic individuals, and are negative about their lives!

Personally, I did enjoy the show in the beginning but I found that as the movie progressed, there was way too much long dialogue. The main cast go through long conversations with each other and they have no interaction with other actors in the movie at all! 

'Searching' is a classic suspense movie which takes us on a series of twists and turns. It is told in an extremely unconventional way, and every shot is told from the perspective of a tech device that we use every day to communicate. The entire movie is done through the screen of computer, from texting, googling to facetiming. It was an unique way to tell the story, yet it is easy for viewers to understand what is happening. 
John Cho takes us on an intimate and gripping journey as a widower who raises a 16 years old daughter, Margot Kim (starring Michelle La). He nails his role as a concerned father. 
After David Kim's (starring John Cho) daughter goes missing, Detective Vick (played by Debra Messing) is assigned to the case, but after 37 hours, they are still without a single lead. He decided to search his daughter's laptop, to see if he can find any secrets or clues to ascertain to her sudden disappearance. 
This movie reveals the reality of online personalities. In the movie, David talks to supposed friends of Margot who act and respond differently once she goes missing. While online, they show a huge amount of worry and concern, yet in reality, they are not interested in her at all! In my personal opinion, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen and I think that everyone should watch it! 
Thanks once again for the tickets to the movie preview! 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

[SG events] Singapore Female Festival 2018 + Opening of The Gem MuseumShop

Singapore Female Festival 2018 is arguably the first women’s event that focuses only on a lady’s own well-being, side-stepping her myriad roles and responsibilities.
I attended the Singapore Female Festival 2018 which was held at the Singapore Expo with Tracy and Meryl. 
Both Tracy and I are The Sample Store's influencers, and we were invited by them to check out this event. We received an influencers' goodie bags from The Sample Store upon visiting their booth. 
We met up with Siti whom is also an influencer of The Sample Store, and we took a photo together too! 
We checked out some booths at the event such as BSKIN, Zuii Certified Organics and DAFNI. 
We were also introduced to DAFNI, the first and original hair straightener brush which offers instant smooth and shine in a single brushing stroke! We were given a demo using the 'DAFNI Classic', and my hair was straight in minutes! We were in awe of the results offered by this beauty device. 
There are 3 points to consider on this revolutionary technology ceramic brush - first of all, it is safe on hair as it operates at an optimal temperature of 185C, and remains constant throughout styling from root to tip to maintain stronger and healthier hair. Secondly, it saves time as DAFNI offers hair care that suits a fast-paced lifestyle as straight hair is obtainable in just minutes all thanks to its unique 3D ceramic surface.
Lastly, it is easy to use. All you have to do us simply brush the hair and it will be straight and smooth in minutes. It is hassle free and does not require any sectioning or clipping of the! You need only just brush through as how you normally would by simply combing! 
The BSKIN VITA ADVANCED Line is a signature 5-step programme to help revitalise tired, dull and sagging skin. Its ingredients act synergistically to improve elasticity and keep signs of ageing at bay, while intensely hydrating and refreshing your visage for immediate radiance.

We were given a sample of the INTENSE PAF CONCENTRATE. It is a potent and powerful Vitamin C Serum. This high-performance serum helps to boost collagen production and stimulate cell repair. 
The sample lasted me for about a week, and it protects my skin from free radicals as well as to stimulate cells repair. My skin felt suppler and smoother after application. 
Zuii Certified Organics offers Certified Organic Flora products that contain ingredients to nurture, protect and improve the health of your skin. All Zuii Organic powder products are manufactured using real Certified Organic flower petals of Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile to create a uniquely soft nourishing and healing powder base. 

The popular VENNA RiceSPA is an advanced-formulated scrub & mask that provides healing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and brightening effects to improve skin to a healthy glow made from natural ingredients. VENNA RiceSPA gives a nourishing treat to the skin, but most importantly, it is proven to be effective! 
I was given a quick demo on my hand, and I was surprised by the instant results. It soothes and cleanses my skin well. Do do pamper your skin with VENNA RiceSPA as part of your skincare regime! 

Thanks 'The Sample Store' for having us, and we enjoyed ourselves very much at the Singapore Female Festival 2018!
Congrats on their newly-opened retail shop, The Gem Museum Shop which is located at Bukit Timah Plaza. Both Tracy and I were invited to check out the new store.

We discovered many interesting gem stones which are on display for sales. Below were some of the items that caught my attention! 

We took a group photo before leaving the premises. Thanks for the invite, and it was delightful experience!