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[Gathering] Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration + Steamboat

It is another year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and what better way to celebrate it then to have meey up again with my peers and loved ones to do it traditionally! We arranged for a mini gathering at Henderson Waves Bridge, and the attendees, except for Joanne were the same people who attended last year. I was happy that Jasmine's parents were there us that night. I also brought Coco with me to join in the fun. We made our way to the venue for the gathering. Upon reaching, we met up with one another at a small area at Henderson Waves Bridge to light up our lanterns.
We still spent a good 1 hour-ish with each other mingling with one another and we had a great chatting session, sharing our life in general. Of course, we were more interested in hearing from Meryl, as she is now a flight attendant!

We headed straight to Jasmine's Crib at Teban Gardens to have another round of celebration. Ryden was at home preparing a steamboat dinner for us! It was a pity that Jasmine's par…

Farm tour - Quan Fa Organic Farm

If you love to eat fresh, organic and local vegetables, you can get them from Quan Fa Organic Farm as they provide a free delivery service for purchase that are more than SGD50. Alternatively, if your purchase is under SGD50, you can collect your purchase at the farm on weekends.

I was invited to visit Quan Fa Organic Farm which is located at Murai Farmway(Lim Chu Kang area). It is a family-run business, and also the first certified organic farm in Singapore. The farm relies on field cultivation and uses soil-based organic farming method to grow their crops.

Despite the obvious challenges of farming in Singapore, they insist on their belief to abstain from using pesticides and harmful fertilisers, in order to produce only the freshest food crop that are healthy and bring nutrients to the consumers' bodies.

I was impressed by Quan Fa on their belief in agriculture, and on their discipline to stay firm and positive to bring the only best fresh produce to the consumers. All these…