[pop up studio] 7Cycle at AXA Tower

Previously, I've had a little experience on the humble stationary exercise bike. Baby would take me to the gym and I would use the cycle for a good 20 minutes. I've always felt that this form of exercise was fairly monotonous, and never realised that it could actually be used as a very high intensity cardio workout!
7Active gave me an invite to try out their 7Cycle program workouts, and boy did I get a tough workout! The place is located at Anamalai Avenue which is a short distance walk from Sixth Avenue MRT Station (Downtown Line).
I had my first ever 7Cycle experience at their pop up studio, which is temporarily located at AXA Tower, and it is available from now till 28th of October 2016
There are 4 different types available at the pop-up studio:-
7Cycle Signature is suitable for all fitness levels and it features a lightweight workout for arms and shoulders.
7Cycle Road is a slightly more physically challenging program as compared to the signature ride, with added emphasis and effort on road-styled cycling time trials, hill climbs and improving one's threshold. This is a ride that can help to burn more fats and helps get fitter and leaner in long run.
7Cycle Bootcamp is a powerful on-off bike strength and conditioning class that will push you out of your comfort zone and awakens you mentally and physically.
7Cycle Bootcamp - Core + Strength is a 35 minutes high intensity training combining cardio intervals with body weights.
Upon stepping into the pop-up studio, I was greeted by 4 rows of workout bikes. Although it is a temporary site and the facilities are not as adequate as compared to the main studio, I still had a real good workout! 

I opted for 7Cycle Road, and Instructor Louise was friendly and patient with us. She taught us on how to use the bike, especially on how to adjust the resistance level in order to make the cycle workout more difficult. 
'MUSIC IS THE SOUL' as the indoor cycling combines loud music beats with a high intensity cardio workout to help us to burn off our unwanted fats. 
Indoor cycling is very cardio-intensive and is way more strenuous as compared to outdoor cycling, as we need to pedal harder and faster against a set resistance level. I couldn't believe how tired and breathless I was after completing the session. I was really in disbelief, as I never thought that a stationary bike would offer such an intensive work-out!   
Despite it being challenging, I still enjoyed myself very much and I knew I had done a very good workout! Thanks Michelle and 7Active for inviting me! 
For people who don't enjoy exercising under a hot sun (or getting bitten by mosquitos...) This will be a suitable alternative for them. You can contact them at hello@7group.sg to book a class, and the charges as below:
Single Class - SGD35
5 Classes - SGD160
10 Classes - SGD300
For more information on 7Active, do visit www.7cycle.sg
Pop-Up Studio
8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower #01-22, Singapore 068811
Main Studio
19 Anamalai Avenue #01-01, Singapore 279987


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