Special Preview screening of the Blair Witch

I was invited by Clover Films to attend the special preview screening of the 'Blair Witch' which premiered on the 15th of September 2016.

The original Blair Witch Project in 1999 was one of the horror movies which helped to spawn the popularity of the 'POV' and 'Found video' horror genre. It was brilliantly marketed via the Internet and was believed by many audiences that the fake documentary was real.

The Blair Witch follows the story of James (starring James Allen McCune) in search of his sister with his friends, Lisa (played by Callie Hernandez), Peter and Ashley (played by Brandon Scott and Corbin Reid). The gang is generally skeptical of the legend but when they meet up with Lane and Talia who are true believers of the legend, they insist on coming to the woods to track down the legend of the Blair witch. They began to believe the legend after spending the night in the woods as they start to hear unfamiliar noises and stick bundles in the form of symbols started showing up near them.

The remake of this film had similar tones to the original, as it had the same vibes as the original film. Although it follows faithfully to the original film, I personally felt there weren’t much difference between the two. I felt that the original Blair Witch seemed more authentic but the new film keeps thing simple, with much more scarier moments in the woods at night.

If you never have seen the Blair Witch Project, you might find this film surprising and effective. For those who have seen the original Blair Witch, you might find the new edition pretty frustrating even though the story was well crafted and had scarier moments at times, but these woods aren't as terrifying if you've already walked through them before.


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