Thursday, May 31, 2012

Re-visit: Forture Seafood Steam Boat Restaurant

Baby and I re-visited this eatery place, located along Bukit Timah road. This is our 3rd visit having our dinner at Forture Seafood Steam Boat Restaurant. Upon reaching the eatery place, I was greeted by some pleasant ratings from Makansutra...

A pretty weird unique spelling, is it supposed to be named Fortune or Forture?

A-char was served to all tables as a start-up appetizer. It tasted pretty sour and was kinda spicy too, but it really perks up one's appetite...

We enjoyed the Home-made Tofu very much. The tofu is really very smooth and soft, and it melted in my mouth! One can simply swallow it down the throat without much chewing. I love the black sauce/gravy loads as it goes really well with plain rice.

Egg Plant with Minced Meat was served in a mini wok.. it tasted way better than the one I had at Dian Xiao Er. The oil content found was lesser here than other eatery places.

Hot-plate Chicken with Marmite, it tasted pretty good as a whole, but I was somewhat disappointed with it as I cannot taste the marmite at all!! The damage was SGD32 and that was an affordable meal!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Cookie Museum for tea / cookies lovers

The Cookie Museum was founded in 2004, and it delivers quality and excellent original hand-made cookies that are lovingly baked with only the finest ingredients. The Cookie Museum has been voted as having Singapore’s Best Cookies.

The Cookie Museum has a wide variety of cookie flavors, all hand-made in this lovely Victorian shop at Esplanade. Apart from the cookies, this place also offer a list of tea infusions.

 The ambience of this place is worth mentioning, I love the quaint Victorian theme, ornament cravings, motif wallpaper and gold-rimmered mirrors decor.

I went with my friends to visit the place, and it is definitely a chic place for perfect afternoon tea gathering sessions. I felt like I was loyalty when I was sitting on the red plush chairs...

We ordered two pots of tea - Camomile and Cranberry. Our teapots can be refilled with hot water, so practically you can drink the tea as much as you like. We had some cookie tasting while enjoying our tea. We tried a few cookies, and they tasted amazing!

Cranberry Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Blueberry Cookies

Cashew Nuts Cookies

Almond Cookies

Almond Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Mango and Macadamia Nuts Cookies

We were introduced to some unconventional flavors inspired by our local dishes like Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa and Hae Bee Hiam. When I sample-d the Laksa-flavored cookies, the cookies really gave out a strong laksa taste and this is my first time eating cookies that leave a lingering spicy feeling in my mouth after-taste.

Hae Bee Hiam tasted great and could be judges as unique Singapore-flavored cookies.

Green Tea and Cranberry Cookies

It was an interesting tea gathering as a whole, I enjoyed having tea and cookies in an interesting concept with an English decor. Be aware that all extraordinary cookies and tea infusions come with a price! Don't be shock to see the price tag!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sedap! Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant

Cumi Bali is a family-run restaurant, and it is located amongst a row of shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road. This eatery place is unpretentious and pretty simple. Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant serves really authentic Indonesia Cuisine.

It’s been over a year since I last visited Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant as Baby is no longer working at Tanjong Pagar area… There were many times we had the intention of re-visiting this eatery place but the town traffic always beats our suggestion away, but in our heart, Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant is still our favorite haunt for Indonesian Fare.

On a random weekend, we decided to go back to Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant to have our dinner…

The Sambal Belacan is a MUST for me, it tasted REALLY spicy and it perks up my appetite, and all I can say is that I LOVE it loads.

Ayam Panggang

The barbecued chicken was well cooked and the breast meat was juicy and not dry at all, lastly the sauce/gravy made it perfect with white rice. This dish really made me go 'WOW' and it is definitely worth a mention!!

Baby’s favorite dish - Tauhu Telor bears an unique way of cooking and the ingredients are mainly egg white and tauhu. It looked like a fluffy omelette. Both Baby and I enjoyed this non-oily dish very much. 

Sup Bantut (Oxtail Soup) - The broth is flavorful and tasted astonishingly good and we savored every bit of the soup.

The damage was SGD32, it was a food gem. If you are looking for a true taste of Indonesian fare, Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant is the place you HAVE to visit.  

Project Black Inspiration - Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Black Label Launch Party

I attended the Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Black Label Launch Party, Project Black Inspiration... The party was held at The Butter Factory (Bump Room). 

Project Black Inspiration gives Johnnie Walker FB fans across Malaysia and Singapore the 1st ever opportunity to provide creative input and to shape the new limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label in collaboration with international designer and sneaker customizer Mark Ong SBTG.

Upon entering the party venue, I was greeted by this cool photo-wall...

The whole photo-wall was made up of photos of the fans in Johnnie Walker's FB page, and it was awesome indeed.

Cam-whoring with Andrew 

Designer : Anthony Ho

We were amazed by the shoe-laces design... I love the black lacey power!!

~ Cutesy Photo-wall ~

~ Beware of our photos galore ~

Designer : Tracy Phillips

~ Posing against the bubbly blue clouds ~

Designer : Paul Foster

Victory bottle design by Paul Foster, who was also the host for this event.

We had fun taking photos against the sports back-drop photo-wall...

All invited guests were given a free t-shirt with their chosen design(s). There were 4 Johnnie Walker related designs to choose from ...

Andrew and I waited patiently for our t-shirt to be ready...

~ Paul Foster, the host of the night ~

This is the winning bottle design by Mark Ong...

 The winning bottle aka Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Black Label was proudly held by Mr Lee Jak Tim, the brand manager of Johnnie Walker.

Designer : Mark Ong

The first ever crowd-sourced Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Black Label, is a collector's item for every true Johnnie Walker fan. Only 3,000 bottles are available for sale in Singapore.

I am proud to be a Johnnie Walker's FB fan as they always bring us surprises and excitement. I enjoyed myself very much at the party, which was truly a wonderful party and I am looking forward for the next Johnnie Walker party in the near future.