Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prompt and efficient service at Ichiban Boshi

Dinner date after work on a random weekday with Baby. We went to Ichiban Boshi @ Parkway Parade, as it is quite a popular eatery in general across the islandwide in Singapore because the prices are reasonable, portions are generous and service staff are also generally competent and efficient. This is the main reason, I decided to check in this eatery place for our meal.

We took a few sushi dishes from the conveyor belt as our sides to go with our main courses...

Crispy Lobster Salad Roll

Baby's favorite - Tobiko Sushi

Lobster Salad Sushi

 Salmon Belly Mentai Yakima

My favorite - Unagi Shitake

I started with a Tuna Salad which came along with my main course, Menchi Katsu & Croquette Curry... The salad was pretty tasty and I finished the whole bowl all by myself... Hahaha!!

Menchi Katsu & Croquette Curry tasted delicious and the warm rice went very well with the savory Japanese curry. I was pretty much delighted that the Japanese curry was separated.

Baby's main course - Ichiban Gyu Steak Gozen... As per him, the food was decent, nothing much to crow or complain about.

The damage was SGD60-ish and both of us were very satisfied with the meal as a whole. The ambience was pretty cosy for light conversation. We are still in love with the prompt and efficient service rendered to us!

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