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Special sneaks : ‘Din Tao: Leader of the Parade’

Thanks for the invite to the special sneaks of ‘Din Tao: Leader of the Parade’... This movie made it to Taiwan’s No. 1 local film for 2012 since it's opening on January 20 in Taiwan.

Posters of the movie, 'Din Tao: Leader of the Parade'

The film was based on a true story, inspired by Taichung’s Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe, the film depicts the struggles and hardships a group of youth who endures hardships while engaging in the diminishing art of folk drums culture. Amidst the clash of troupe rivalry, one embarks with the anti-hero on the road to recognition from his peers and father.

Ah Tai (starring Alan Kuo) is a rebellious young man who has a dream of becoming a rocker in USA... He quits his school in Taipei and returns to Taichung hometown... Since his childhood, he has never been on good terms with his father, Uncle Da (played by Chen Bor Jeng), who runs a Din Tao troupe. Father and son never make an effort to understand each other, and they always end up quarrelling every time they meet.  

 Ah Tai gets into a quarrel with the din tao's long-time rival troupe, which is a well-known and successful troupe led by Wu Cheng (starring Liao Chun) and his son, Ah Xian (played by Alien Huang)...

Irked by their arrogance, Ah Tai decided to accept the challenge to take charge of his father's troupe and defeat them. Upon taking over, he takes the troupe's demoralized members on a countrywide walk in search of inspiration to restructure the traditional folk art form.

This movie caught me by surprise as I thought that it is maybe just another typical boring Taiwanese movie, but I was wrong... The movie developes fast but at a steady speed, and the conversation among the cast was wonderful and rich in their own lingo which leaves the audience asking for more

No doubt this movie is trying to promote Taiwanese tourism and culture to the viewers, but all I can say it is that is more than that... This film not only raises awarness of the traditional and soon drying culture - 阵头 'din tao', a folk art which is an integral part of temple festivals in Taiwan. It also tell us the importance of family bonding and understanding... A family without proper communication is incomplete and friction with one and another will soon develop...

Appreciating and respecting the traditional cultures is what the movie is trying to put across to the audience


I enjoyed myself throughout the whole show and of course, I had learned something new from the movie, and that is getting a deeper impression of ‘din tao’, the art of folk drums in Taiwan...

  Do watch it, as you will find yourself seeing another side of Taiwan that might impress you...  The premiere date is on 31 May 2012.

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