Thursday, May 31, 2012

Re-visit: Forture Seafood Steam Boat Restaurant

Baby and I re-visited this eatery place, located along Bukit Timah road. This is our 3rd visit having our dinner at Forture Seafood Steam Boat Restaurant. Upon reaching the eatery place, I was greeted by some pleasant ratings from Makansutra...

A pretty weird unique spelling, is it supposed to be named Fortune or Forture?

A-char was served to all tables as a start-up appetizer. It tasted pretty sour and was kinda spicy too, but it really perks up one's appetite...

We enjoyed the Home-made Tofu very much. The tofu is really very smooth and soft, and it melted in my mouth! One can simply swallow it down the throat without much chewing. I love the black sauce/gravy loads as it goes really well with plain rice.

Egg Plant with Minced Meat was served in a mini wok.. it tasted way better than the one I had at Dian Xiao Er. The oil content found was lesser here than other eatery places.

Hot-plate Chicken with Marmite, it tasted pretty good as a whole, but I was somewhat disappointed with it as I cannot taste the marmite at all!! The damage was SGD32 and that was an affordable meal!!

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