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[Hokkaido] 3D2N in Hakodate - Part 02

One cannot miss out on the amazingly fresh seafood when visiting Hokkaido. You will certainly be impressed by the taste, freshness and amazing variety!

The Hakodate Morning Market is conveniently located near the JR Hakodate Station and is open daily from 6am till the afternoon. It offers freshly-caught seafood and take-home souvenirs. This morning market mainly caters to tourists, but i did see a few locals as well during my visit! The food items are priced on a high side too!

Hakodate has a nickname - ‘Squid City’, hence the specialty here naturally is squid! One of the most popular activities you can do in Hakodate’s morning market is to try catching these squids. Upon paying ¥800, we were given a rod with a sharp hook. I am ready for the challenge!

Once the squid was caught, the chef prepared the fresh squid sashimi from your catch! This super-fresh squid was still moving! It was transparent in color and had a firm crisp texture. We dipped the squid sashimi in soy sauce and ginger th…

[Hokkaido] 3D2N in Hakodate - Part 01

My Hokkaido holiday post continues...

We picked up some bento and sushi at the Sapporo Station as our breakfast onboard the Shinkansen train to Hakodate. We utilized our pre-paid passes, and the train journey took about 3.5 to 4 hours.

Hakodate is the largest city in southern Hokkaido, and I was here for 3D2N at Four Pointsby Sheraton. 

The weather in Hakodate was both sunny and snowy. It is one of the best tourist spots in Japan, and the city is relatively small and tourists are easily able to navigate around. 

Baby read about this unique fast food chain that can only be found in Hakodate, so we decide to have this for our late lunch. 'Lucky Pierrot' is not your ordinary fast food chain. They serve themed burgers that are out of this world. I felt that their selling point was that you cannot find any of these restaurants outside of Hakodate, Hokkaido.

We really love the food and we even bought some merchandise back with us too. I surely will re-visit Lucky Pierrot if I ever come b…